Model and Manage Success of Real-World Customer Relationships

As enterprises increasingly focus on Customer Success, they discover customers frequently have multiple deployments, multiple products, or multiple engagements. That means enterprise teams need to simultaneously deliver outcomes across many complex commercial relationships. Unlike simplistic approaches to modeling customers, Gainsight Relationships is a configurable framework that empowers enterprises to accurately model and efficiently manage outcomes in this multi-variable world.

With Relationships you can leverage a flexible, standard data model that will enable your team to:

  • Drill-down into the divisions within one customer
  • Analyze and manage at the most important level
  • Roll-up information from Relationships to the Customer

Drill-down into the divisions within one customer

Model the granularity that you need to successfully manage all entities within a customer

  • Create a centralized source of truth about the Relationship with a Relationship 360 (R360) page
  • Quickly access all R360 pages from the overall customer page
Relationship 360 pages are easily accessible from the overall Customer 360

Extend Gainsight technology to the most important level

Extend Gainsight’s most powerful technologies to the Relationship level

  • Track the movements of the Sponsors for each of your product lines within your customer and proactively identify potential risks and opportunities
  • Drive Surveys for each business unit, gathering feedback specific to your product or services within each
  • Design automated email outreaches via CoPilot to target your different client engagements at all the right points in their varying lifecycles
  • Generate pre-built PowerPoint presentations with Success Snapshots to quickly present Relationship-specific information
Monitor the health of individual Relationships with its own Health Scorecard

Roll-up information from Relationships to the Customer

Handle difficult roll-ups of information from Relationships to the Customer level for accurate and holistic reporting

  • Integrate external data to either/both the Relationship or Customer level
  • Perform complex aggregations from the Relationship to the Customer
  • Accurately reflect aggregate numbers in reporting and dashboards
View aggregated reports and dashboards across Relationships and Customers

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