Track customer health consistently and effectively with Health Scores

Health Scoring is one of the integral components of Customer management. Gainsight offers a flexible solution for tracking customer health across a variety of dimensions. Health scores integrate with Gainsight’s workflow for you to take actions on the customers that are at-risk.

Build the perfect customer health score
Gainsight offers the ability to create a variety of scorecard measures to drive the customer health scores.
  • Measure product usage, support engagement, company health and combine objective and subjective health scores
  • Rules Based Scoring can be used to measure a signal based on certain patterns in your data, for example, If a customer has zero logins in the past two weeks, set their Engagement Score to 'Red'.
  • View health trends over time to dig deeper into customer health issues

Generate data science driven scores
In addition to a flexible, configurable scorecard, Gainsight also offers the ability to generate out of the box, data science driven health scores. This takes the guesswork out of defining your customer health scoring methodology.
  • Auto generated scores based on underlying usage data, support ticket data or billing trends
  • Gainsight also offers predictive scoring, this is appropriate if you are looking for a custom algorithm built for your business, that generate health scores to determine probability of churn or upsell

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