Proactively track key customer champions with Sponsor Tracking

One leading indicator of customer churn is the loss of a key customer contact. With Gainsight’s Sponsor Tracking, you can automatically monitor advocate departures by title, company or location via social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.

Flag changes for executive departures
Automatically monitor advocate departure, get notified with a call to action. Take suitable action with a prescribed playbook to mitigate this risk.
  • Monitor role, title, location and organization of your executive sponsor or key user
  • Get notified with a Call to Action on executive departure directly from the Cockpit.
  • Individuals without a 3rd degree or closer connection can also monitored.

Capitalize on opportunities and monitor gaps
Reach out to your erstwhile champion/sponsor in their new role or organization for introductions. Display aggregated information on Sponsor Tracking across customers.
  • Connect with your outgoing sponsor for potential opportunity to sell your solution in her new role
  • Track changes and report across thousands of accounts and individual roles.
  • Easily identify gaps of sponsors in key accounts, and take action to close these gaps.

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