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The official Customer Success virtual workshop
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What is PulseCheck?

About PulseCheck 2016

Going deep at conferences is tough. That's why we created PulseCheck, to explore the practical components of Customer Success in a LIVE online workshop on the eight hottest topics from Pulse Conference 2016.

PulseCheck is the largest live streaming event in the Customer Success community, delivered right to your screen -- free of charge. We’ll cut out everything but the most actionable real-world applications for you and your entire customer-facing team. What’s left are eight 40-minute sessions from some of the most elite minds in Customer Success.

If the annual Pulse Conference in Oakland is the beating heart of the Customer Success movement, PulseCheck is the cerebral cortex.

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PulseCheck is an annual summer tradition for Customer Success teams around the globe. Many companies book out the entire day and organize streaming parties to experience these workshops together virtually from their offices. Gainsight will cater FREE breakfast and lunch to companies with the most team registrations prior to PulseCheck.

Want to enter your team for a chance to win? Here’s how you can get ready:

  • Step 1: Book a conference room for you and your team.
  • Step 2: Reschedule internal meetings for the day. (Customer calls always take priority, of course.)
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#PulseCheck2016 was like Crossfit for my brain. Thanks @GainsightHQ & speakers. Let's bring more #CustomerSuccess.
Ellie Wu @EllieWuSF
Great way to start the week watching #PulseCheck2016 ! Love taking in new best practices and growing my knowledge.
Becca Harrison @bharrison_tw
Love seeing successful women sharing their expertise - well done on the choice of speakers @GainsightHQ!!!
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9:10 AM
How we make Customer Success a company-wide priority

Ever feel like you’re not on the same page as Marketing or Sales or Product or Finance? Alignment doesn’t happen automatically -- especially when it comes to Customer Success. Here are some fast, effective, and actionable strategies to help boost your cross-functional collaboration and make Customer Success the heart of your business.

Nick Mehta
Allison Pickens
Matt Lindeman (Guidespark)

Adoption is a critical metric for judging how sticky your product is and how likely your customer is to renew and expand. But adoption does not always equal value, and driving value for your customers is the number one goal of a winning company. Customer Success is a major part, but Sales and Services play a huge role as well. This session explores Gainsight’s V3D model for driving value across functions.

Julia Guyadeen

Until you segment your customers, you can forget about scaling. As your customer base grows, you simply won’t be able to handle them all with individual touch. Finding the sweet spot for your customer tiers will be one of the most important decisions your company makes. This session will detail how Gainsight and DoubleDutch strategically segmented their clients and how you can too.

Nick Mehta
Annie Tsai (DoubleDutch)

At Gainsight, we practice what we preach. We always say that Customer Success should be the heart of every company. That was the impetus behind our recent reorganization of our company from Customer Success outwards. We’ll take you inside our new organizational structure to showcase how we work internally and why we chose to do it this way.

Allison Pickens

There’s an important distinction between selling a product and selling an outcome. To be successful, your company needs to truly engage with your customers on what their needs are and then deliver positive outcomes that help them meet their goals. In this model, you need buy-in from Sales, Services, and Success. This session will explore how Gainsight and Cisco measure their clients’ goals both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Barr Moses
Ed Daly (Cisco)

It’s really easy to know when your Sales team is failing: are they meeting quota? End of story. But measuring the effectiveness of your customer facing team can be more challenging. There are a million factors and multiple departments in your company that interact with and influence customers. Is there a system of metrics whereby you can judge your Customer Success team across segments and the customer lifecycle? How do you hold your team accountable in an objective way? Or, if you’re a CSM, how do you demonstrate your value to the company? This session will showcase some hard metrics to prove both individual and team performance to leadership.

Kelly DeHart
Sonam Dabholkar

Has your product team ever engineered a brilliant new game-changing feature that never really gets adopted by end users? It’s pretty common in companies where Product isn’t aligned with Customer Success. When you can bring your customers into the product planning process from the beginning, you can ensure every new feature is driving success for the customer and the company. Here’s how Gainsight and Box approach this topic.

Gaurav Kotak
Mara Lising (Box)

What if you could get the most effective advertising at almost no cost to you? Every marketing team dreams of positive, organic word-of-mouth, but it’s just not predictable, right? Wrong. Operationalizing great reviews and references isn’t just “nice-to-have,” it’s an important feature of Customer Success. This session will explore how Gainsight and Apttus operationalize advocacy.

Nathan St. Martin
Maria Pergolino (Apttus)

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