Account Management

Create a better experience for your customers and drive revenue expansion across your base.

Prepare for Meetings with the Data You Need

Get a single source of truth on customer data and health in the Customer360 and Gainsight Salesforce Opportunity and Account widgets.

  • Review health trends, adoption history, survey responses, and support cases
  • See which packages a customer has already purchased and enabled
  • Access customer information directly on the Salesforce Opportunity and Account page

Manage Renewals Effectively

Use Cockpit to run an efficient renewals process that supports cross-functional collaboration and ensures no renewal slips through the cracks.

  • Automatically assign a Call To Action 90 days before renewal
  • Leverage playbook tasks to drive consistency & collaboration
  • Track progress on every renewal in one place

Identify White Space and Drive Expansion

Operationalize your expansion strategy to uncover upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

  • Get notified about expansion opportunities based on triggers like utilization, stage, product adoption, support engagement, survey responses, advocacy, and more
  • Develop a Success Plan to deliver value and plan for expansion
  • See which packages and features a customer has not purchased or enabled

Demonstrate Your Value to Customers

Use Gainsight to help prove value to your customers and make a compelling case for expansion.

  • Quickly generate slides to summarize the relationship and share progress with Success Snapshots
  • Send automatic emails on user adoption and engagement through CoPilot
  • Capture customer goals and track progress to demonstrate ROI with Success Plans

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