Ad Tech

Gainsight enables ad-tech providers to manage and strengthen relationships with brands and agencies, leading to increased retention, client satisfaction, and revenue growth.

Reduce Campaign Budget Leakage:

Ad-tech providers use Gainsight to identify and address performance-related risks, including campaign under-pacing and pauses, pixel drops, missed KPIs, campaign spend, and support requests. Gainsight provides Account Management teams with:

  • Automated notifications based on risky customer behavior
  • Playbooks to drive consistency and standardization
  • Usage measurement and automated surveys to track health

Increase Share of Wallet:

Ad-tech providers use Gainsight to increase their share of customer spend through proactive up-sell opportunity identification, particularly through channels where spend is lagging, by leveraging:

  • Notifications about potential growth opportunities (e.g. campaign over-pacing)
  • Automated emails triggered on customer behavior (e.g. end date approaching)
  • Customer-specific reports that track campaign performance (e.g. campaign CTR)

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Gainsight enables ad-tech providers to increase team productivity by reducing time spent preparing for client meetings and internal knowledge transfers. Gainsight provides:

  • A unified view of previously disparate customer data
  • A single source of truth for customer health
  • Collaboration tools to share knowledge and take action

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