2 Fast 2 Innovative: Recap of the Day 2 Pulse Everywhere Keynote Session Image

2 Fast 2 Innovative: Recap of the Day 2 Pulse Everywhere Keynote Session

By Martta Eicher Rabago

Can you recall the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown? If so, you realize how important your television and your streaming services were.

They were our lifelines and connections to the outside world. It was our source of news, entertainment, and communication pathways. Did you get addicted to a show that you just had to finish watching, but you had to wait for the next episode or season? Well, the wait is over. Welcome to Episode 2 of Pulse Everywhere!

It was a bright and windy day in San Francisco, the kind that is brimming with great expectations. And what we heard exceeded those expectations! August Hall was again full of attendees (socially distanced, of course) waiting in anticipation to hear what’s in store for Gainsight at the Product Innovation Keynote. Gainsight product leadership took to the stage to unveil new Gainsight innovations that will supercharge the way you deliver outcomes along the customer journey. They also took a look back on the inventions Gainsight introduced to the world such as healthscores, Journey Orchestrator, and many of the other pillars of customer success solutions as we know them today.

Learn more about all the new product announcements in this blog post.

The Pulse Community is Changing the Game

Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, opened the show with greetings and a message about innovation. He then introduced Megs Suratkal, Global Vice President of Customer Experience & Customer Success at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, who happened to join remotely from Boston. After that interview, Nick unveiled our GameChanger Awards announcement video. These awards are given out to Gainsight users who are doing exceptional and innovative work in their CS orgs. Here’s a high-level look at this year’s winners:


If you want to get the inside scoop on how the winners were selected, check out our 2021 GameChanger Awards announcement blog.

What’s Next: Gainsight Product Edition

Karl Rumelhart, Chief Product Officer at Gainsight, began the next phase of our keynote presentation on the subject of invention. He shared an extraordinary story of Netflix and how they first invented the DVD subscription service and streaming subscription services.

Karl then turned the analogy to Gaisight and all the products and services we have invented — each invention to solve a customer’s problem. For instance, Gainsight invented Success Plans to provide a clean way to drive customer outcomes. Gainsight brought CS productivity directly into the product to solve the problem of multiple customers and product management. With each invention, the audience realized how Gainsight continues to reduce time to value, improve the user experience, and create an onboarding process that is simple and effortless.

According to Karl, ”We have an Admin NPS of 52, an onboarding NPS of 85, and we have reduced time to value by 35 percent in just 12 months.” He shared that there is still more work to be done, but the impact of Gainsight on customer success as a whole is clearer than ever.

Maksim Ovsyannikov, SVP of Product at Gainsight, hosted remotely from Paris, bringing an international flair. Well, it wasn’t quite Paris, but it had a Parisian theme based on the Netflix series, “Emily in Paris.”

Maksim began by focusing on Gainsight’s conversations with its customers and how they influenced the new angle on the customer journey. One newly innovated and changed tool that emerged as a part of the customer journey was Zoom. Gainsight now has an integrated the app’s launch within the Zoom platform. With all the talk about the improvement of Zoom, Maksim brought on (virtually) Oded Gal, Chief Product Officer at Zoom, to explain the new Zoom integration on Gainsight’s platform.

Next, Maksim shared Gainsight’s new integration with Gong. Eran Aloni, Chief Customer Officer at Gong, joined Maksim to share the excitement, because the combined power of Gong in Gainsight is beyond magical. Eran and Maksim explained how Gong and Gainsight will be able to analyze upcoming renewals, new revenue pipeline, and deals that your team is working on. Plus, the two systems will be able to identify both risks and opportunities to help drive better retention.

Denise Stokowski, Group VP of Platform Products at Gainsight, took over the baguette baton to discuss the ever-important element of adoption. Just as Emily Cooper needed to learn how to communicate with her new French coworkers, we need to adapt as we converse with every distinct customer. Denise shared incredible improvements to the Gainsight PX engagement editing experience that will make it even simpler for Gainsight PX users to create targeted, adoption-driving engagements for their own products.

Denise also introduced our new Person 360—think of it like a profile for every individual user that will be your one-stop shop for information on that person’s journey. Gainsight’s Person 360 will provide insight into each individual’s network, if they’ve used Gainsight in a previous role, and other information so you can better understand and connect with customers.

Lastly, Gainsight’s Minh Phan, Senior Director of Product Management, gave us a demo on the newly reimagined Customer 360 with Journey Map and the Account and Expansion Planning feature, built in the brilliant Horizon Experience. In the journey map, you’ll see how a customer traverses through your onboarding experience. Not only does this set your customers up for good health and retention, but also expansion. If things become questionable, there are account plans that are available and easily placed into the account.

Finally, Karl Rumelhart returned to the stage to end the keynote presentation, focusing on Gainsight’s Net Retention Optimizer. With NRR as the undercurrent to a lot of customer success programs today, Net Retention Optimizer makes it even easier to identify opportunities for growth within your customers.

Join Us for the Season Finale of Pulse Everywhere

That wraps up an amazing Day 2. We hope you were able to watch some of these highlights in action. Join us tomorrow for Day 3 to experience even more insight-filled sessions.


Special thanks to Michael Pegram Photography for the photos from the event.

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