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All the Feels – Unveiling the Future of Customer Success and Journey Management at Pulse Everywhere

By Christine Friscic

One of the reasons I LOVE tech conferences, especially as a Product Marketer, is the ability to get a first-hand look at the new innovations and features that are often being launched and demoed from the keynote stage. Here at Gainsight, I guess you can say I’m pretty much living the Product Marketer’s dream, having such a vibrant and active community and a stage like Pulse to showcase our own new features and capabilities each and every year, as well as our amazing team who builds them. And this year’s Pulse Everywhere is no different.

Today, Gainsight introduced some of the most exciting and cutting-edge solutions we’ve ever brought to market. Solutions that will elevate customer success as an overall priority for your entire business; optimize how you deliver value and outcomes for your customers; and simplify how customer success and product teams collaborate and execute in their day-to-day.

In fact, it’s that last point that you’ll probably hear us talking about the most – SIMPLIFY. Leonardo Da Vinci probably said it best nearly 500 years ago when he stated that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” We couldn’t agree more. But taking that thought a step further, we also don’t believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the sophistication your business needs in order to achieve simplicity.

There can be a “best of both worlds.”

And that’s precisely what we’re laser-focused on delivering. Last year, we leveraged the Pulse keynote stage to launch our beautiful (and simple) Horizon Design System. And this year, our entire theme is around simplicity. We’re making it easier than ever for your customers to realize value across every single stage of the customer journey, from onboarding and adoption to renewals and expansion. And in turn, making it easier for you to realize the impact on your Net Dollar Retention (NDR).

So, let’s get down to business. Here are the solutions and top takeaways announced during today’s Pulse Everywhere 2021 Product Keynote:

The Customer Journey Doesn’t Start Post-Sale

From the customers’ vantage point, their journey doesn’t simply start when you assign a Customer Success Manager to their account. It starts the moment they first interact with your company – visiting your website, attending an event, or responding to a cold outreach from one of your business development reps.

At Gainsight, we know that delivering value to your customers begins way, way before they become an actual customer. Such as when your sales team is capturing information, pain points, goals, and requirements early on in the sales sales cycle. This information can be vital in helping you shape your relationship with the customer from day one. And ensuring a seamless handoff between Sales and Customer Success is critical for driving long-term success.

Gainsight for Onboarding gives teams exactly that: a simple (there’s that word again!) and intuitive way for your team to capture the desired outcomes your customers express during the pre-sales process, and then transform them into tangible action plans within Gainsight that can be executed and tracked post-sales, all but guaranteeing verified outcomes – aka, Customer Success.

Customers can even follow along on their own, tracking milestones and progress and collaborating with your team throughout the process.

Understanding the Customer & Their Unique Journey is Key to Powering Adoption and Delivering a Superior Experience

A customer’s desired outcomes aren’t the only data points that are relevant to driving success along their journey. Your team must understand all facets of the customers they support – their interaction history with your company, their product preferences and favorite features, and much, much more. This makes it critical to aggregate the data you have across your various solutions and unify it to create a centralized view of your customer.

The challenge is that many companies struggle with messy and inconsistent data, making it complex (if not impossible) to leverage when trying to get a complete and meaningful picture of their customers. We’ve heard it time and time again, which is why we’re so excited to announce our new Customer Data Unification (CDU) solution.

Dirty data doesn’t have to be a roadblock anymore. CDU uses fuzzy matching and fall-through matching rules to support the modeling and management of golden records within Gainsight, allowing you to easily take messy, disparate data from various sources (CRM, ERP, data lakes, etc), unify it and put it to good use via Gainsights’ Customer 360 (360).

What’s 360, you ask? Well, a typical Customer 360 makes it easy to take all of the data related to a customer account and surface it in a single, centralized view that everyone working on that account can access. But Gainsight’s 360 isn’t what I’d call “typical.” And today, we announced that we’re making it even better and more useful with the addition of Customer Journey Mapping, allowing your team to track an account’s key milestones and changes directly from the 360 view, delivering an easy-to-read visual that allows CSMs, Execs, or anyone interacting with that account to quickly get acquainted.

In today’s virtual world where days filled with video calls are becoming the norm, it can be hard for Customer Success Managers and other customer-facing roles to spend as much time as they would like preparing for their customer calls. That’s why we’re taking customer visibility one step further and giving you access to your customer’s 360 view directly in Zoom.

Collaborating with Your Customers in Today’s Digital-First World

The new Gainsight Zoom App allows you to see all of the most important information about your customers without ever leaving Zoom. By extending the in-depth visibility that 360 provides directly into Zoom, Gainsight is making it easier for customer-facing teams to have more meaningful interactions with customers and creating a better experience for your customers. This new integration also helps boost the productivity and efficiency of your team, introducing the ability to log notes and create Timeline updates from the Zoom app.

And, speaking of improved visibility and efficiency in customer calls, let’s not forget another very exciting announcement from today’s keynote: the new Gainsight and integration.

By using Gainsight and together, you no longer have to worry about whether you’ve captured all of the key points and context in your Timeline updates – our platform will now do that for you! Combined with our AI-powered Topic Explorer and sentiment analysis, you can automatically capture notes from customer calls and easily understand the sentiment around key topics that are important to your business (i.e. specific product features, lifecycle stages, activities). Armed with these insights around sentiment and key topics, your team can take the right steps to power a better customer experience.

When thinking about your customers and the experience they have with your product and business, you also have to focus on the human element of the customer: the people within each account. They are using your product, interacting with your team, and ultimately influencing whether that account renews and grows, or whether they churn. To build meaningful relationships with people, you need the right information about them.

Introducing Gainsight’s Person 360: a holistic view of key stakeholders or contacts at your customer accounts. Similar to our Customer 360 and Relationship 360 views, the Person 360 pulls in everything you need to know about this dimension of the customer: the person. It includes everything from their recent survey responses, timeline updates where they’re mentioned, support tickets they’ve submitted, product usage, health, key topics, and more.

Stakeholder engagement is an important component of Customer Success; by engaging the right stakeholders you can drive adoption of your products, improve health and sentiment, and create superior experiences that will ensure your product is an integral part of their success. As a result, you can increase the stickiness of your product, as well as your overall retention.

Planning and Optimization Leads to Greater Retention & Growth

As you focus on bringing the customer journey and delivering value to the forefront of your business, your teams will be able to improve adoption of your products and the experience they deliver to your customers. This provides a solid foundation for driving meaningful improvements in your company’s overall retention. But, retention isn’t the end game for Customer Success.

Teams that are optimizing what they’re doing in terms of their Customer Success strategy will find that CS opens the door for driving revenue growth in your customer base via advocacy and expansion. With the right tools, your team can tap into those opportunities for expansion and operationalize them to power a new level of growth for the business.

Gainsight for Account Planning gives your teams those tools. Leverage the rich customer insights our platform provides, such as health, usage, sentiment and more, alongside AI-driven scoring to identify which of your accounts are ripe for growth. Then, drill into each account to explore a map of potential expansion opportunities and easily populate an expansion plan to guide sales and Customer Success teams on the tasks needed to close the opportunity. Gainsight’s Account Planning solution allows you to easily tap into expansion potential within your customer base, execute expansion workflows at scale, and drive the growth of your business.

And that really brings us full circle through the customer’s journey. The new capabilities that Gainsight announced today, will help leading businesses bring the customer journey to the forefront and drive value for customers at every stage.

But, that’s not all. As the market leader and creator of the CS category, we’re constantly thinking about ways that we can help our customers continuously improve and mature their customer success strategy. The key to this is in optimization – understanding what’s working well (and doubling down on that!) while identifying which areas can be improved. So, we built Net Retention Optimizer – dedicated analytics that help identify the key drivers of business objectives such as Net Retention Rate (NRR) and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

For example, Net Retention Optimizer takes all of the data you have within Gainsight and can help identify that one of the drivers for high NPS is a high percentage of weekly active users within your product. As a result, your teams can focus on increasing that percentage as a way to drive NPS up.

By leveraging Net Retention Optimizer, you can identify ways to further optimize your strategy and more easily demonstrate the impact that customer success has on the business. By tying Customer Success directly to business impact, savvy CS leaders will be able to elevate the importance of CS across the company and as a result, set it up for long-term success and growth.

Interested in learning more, or seeing these new capabilities in action? Schedule a demo today.

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