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Pulse for Product Day 2: Winners, Horizon, and More PX! Image

Pulse for Product Day 2: Winners, Horizon, and More PX!

By Zoë Lefeuvre

Welcome back to Day 2 of Pulse for Product. While we don’t have an MTV nominated music video to share today, but we do have some winners—our GameChanger Product VIP Awards. The GameChanger community launched to allow our customer success and product network to inspire each other and soar to new heights. Our GameChanger Product VIP Award categories are linked to the four stages of our Product-Led strategy—onboarding, adoption, retention, and growth. We wanted to recognize and celebrate our customers leveraging Gainsight PX to change the game of product experience for their company, customers, and teammates. Let’s dive into the winners.

Onboarding Champion

WINNER: Al Bsharah, Seismic

Customer onboarding is the process users go through from the start of their journey to become a customer and beyond. It encompasses various interactions and engagements with your brand created to enhance the customer experience and influence the ongoing relationship your customer has with your brand and product.

Adoption Champion

WINNER: Will Patterson, Securly

Product adoption is the process of users becoming aware of a product, understanding its value, and beginning to use it. Actual product adoption comes when the value of your product is so great that it outweighs costs.

Retention Champion

WINNERS: Brandon Hartness and Julie Johnson of Adobe

A well-designed customer retention program will increase customer value and encourage them to re-purchase and evangelize a product or service. 

Growth Champion

WINNER: Kristi Faltorusso, IntelliShift

Product-led growth places your software at the center of the buying journey and customer experience, letting the product do the selling for you through features, performance, and value.

After we announced the winners, Nick introduced our product team: Karl Rumelhart, Chief Product Officer, Maksim Ovsyannikov, SVP, Products, Ciara Peter, VP, Product Design Angelo Matheou, Senior PM, PX. The big unveiling of the day was to reveal Horizon Experience 4U and Gainsight PX, Roadmap Reflections. Product leaders worth their weight know the value of delivering not just a product that is useful, but one that can also be simple, intuitive, and beautiful.

Those are the three pillars of our Horizon Experience, and we are excited to share that we are making this design system available to the world. We hope this will make it easier for product teams to use our inventory of components and use cases to drive better time to value and improve adoption. 

“In just the last ten years, we’ve shifted from a world where only the buyer matters to one where the user is in control. What does that mean to us product people? We have to shift from just thinking about features to [thinking about] the end-to-end goal for the user,” said Ciara Peter, VP, Product Design. 

In addition to our exciting announcements, we had speakers from Google, Gong, Email on Acid, and more. You have questions, and we have answers!

  • How do I stand out in a sea of notifications?
  • Help, my company is huge; how do I start shifting to a PLG strategy?
  • Should I build based on intuition or data?
  • CUJs (critical user journeys) can often be seasonal, so how do I know when there might be a problem with my product growth?
  • HEART is not just a button on social media apps! How should I use HEART (Happiness, engagement, adoption, retention, and task success) to measure success?
  • Products have buyers, and they have users—two different groups to make happy. How does one determine how to juggle both?
  • I want my product to have a 21% jump in NPS; what can I learn from Email on Acid to get there?

You can get the answers to those questions in our Day 2 sessions. If you missed it, you can catch the replay on-demand here

We are thrilled for those of you that joined us on Day 2 and hope you come back for Day 3,  where we will dig into specific strategies for career growth and thinking about your product tech stack.

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