About CCO Forum

The CCO Forum has been crafted for a select member list, limited to CCOs and SVPs of Customer Success. The goal of the group is to facilitate an ongoing private conversation around Customer Success best practices and learnings from the field.

The Notable Faces Currently On #ccoForum

A Level of Conversation That’s Relevant to You

Being picky isn’t always a bad thing. In this case, our selective process means that you’ll have super relevant conversations with other experienced Customer Success executives. They’ll have valuable perspectives to offer on the challenges you’re facing or give you a heads up on the ones that are right around the corner.

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You’re in charge of the customer

It’s up to you to make sure that your product/service is delivering outcomes to your customers. You head the strategy behind the operations necessary to create an ideal experience across the entire customer journey and oversee the teams carrying this out.

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You’re well-connected with your company’s other executives

One of your job duties is to make sure that your leadership team and board have visibility into customer trends and health. Ultimately, proving the effectiveness of the team’s strategies falls on your shoulders.


The Perks of Being a CCO Forum Member

  • Opportunities to network with other Customer Success executives
  • Invitations to exclusive Gainsight events and Pulse tracks
  • First look into the newest Customer Success trends
  • Easy access to Gainsight’s thought leaders and subject matter experts
  • Fill out the form to apply for entry into the CCO Forum. All entries will be subject to a review process and we will notify you if you’re approved to join the community. This is done to preserve the relevance of conversations within the forum. Best of luck!

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