Gainsight vs. ChurnZero

Your team deserves the best technology and practices that will make your customers wildly successful.


Start Fast and Scale

More Productivity, Less Burnout

Avoid Surprise Churn

Stay Connected To Your Executive Sponsors

You're Just Weeks From Going Live

A Clear Winner? We Think So!

Customers can start simple and see value in as little as four weeks, and scale to complex use cases as their needs grow.

ChurnZero customers struggle to get started due to unreliable integrations that create data silos. Lack of self-service report building functionality, lack of expert support and pre-built best practices means roll-outs will stall, and adoption hits a wall.

Get 7 Hours More Productivity, Reduce Burnout

A Clear Winner? We Think So!

CSMs save 7 hours a week with self-service reporting, configurable UIs, auto-logged calls, auto-generated snapshots, and more.

ChurnZero provides poor configurations and integrations, lacks self-serve reporting causing hours of wasted time logging meeting notes, going back and forth between other tools.

Don’t be Blindsided by Churn

A Clear Winner? We Think So!

Minimize churn blind spots with multiple health scores at account and relationship levels and unlimited measure groups.

With ChurnZero companies are always more at risk for surprise churn due to basic health scoring leading to an incomplete understanding of customer health.

Don’t Lose Touch With Executive Sponsors

A Clear Winner? We Think So!

Automatically track LinkedIn updates from executives that influence health scores and activate CTAs when stakeholders change roles.

Or spend hours on LinkedIn trying to keep track of your stakeholders.

We didn’t just build the category. We keep defining it.

Hear from customers who love working with the leader.

Gainsight is Fast to Deploy

"We have had an outstanding experience partnering with Gainsight during our implementation and went live in just three weeks (including SFDC data, Timeline, and C360)! Our Strategic Engagement Manager and Solutions Architect have been fantastic partners, and it has felt like they have been working exclusively 
with us."

Director of Customer Success,

Gainsight Is 
Easy To Use

"Part of what you want is not just the tool, but the thought leadership. If Gainsight is talking to every other SaaS company about how they do Customer Success, we want them to tell us what we’re doing well, but more importantly, what we aren’t doing well."

SVP Customer Success,


"Gainsight allows us to scale our Customer Success business unit to meet the growth trajectory of our industry. It is a power tool that creates unexpected insights into the needs of our customers. We are constantly uncovering new value from the solution."

Director of Customer Success,

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