No More Growing pains

The Only Customer Education Product That Grows With You

With Gainsight Customer Education, you’re not just investing in a learning product; you’re forging a partnership built for the future.

Why Choose Gainsight CE

As the only learning product that scales with you as you grow – we don’t add complexity. We help you deliver a comprehensive learning experience across your customer lifecycle.

Adaptive Pricing

All Gainsight Customer Education plans have a fixed price for unlimited users, admins, and content, so you can grow your customer base without worrying about rising costs. 

Flexible and Reliable Infrastructure

As your business and customer base grows, Gainsight ensures you’re equipped with high-performing systems and seamless learning experiences. Broaden your software ecosystem and use Gainsight’s flexible APIs and third-party integrations to create more cohesive learning journeys

Simplified Learner and Content Management

Expansion means more customers, more learners, and increased content needs. Gainsight arms you with the tools to manage it all effortlessly. Keep administrative workload manageable by diving into analytics, simplified content creation tools, and bulk learner management—all designed for your growing business.

More Than An Academy

Gainsight is the Only Platform Built for Comprehensive Learning

  • One-stop Destination: Dive into Gainsight for everything related to your customers, including health scores, product usage, and community and learning engagement.
  • Education in Workflows: Embed courses in user workflows to amplify the learning experience and product value.
  • Personalized Learning: Use Gainsight data to deliver courses based on product usage and challenges.
  • Proactive Education: Tap into analytics to recommend relevant courses to improve customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: See the entire customer journey, including learning activity, product usage, and satisfaction.
  • Health Scores Enhancement: Enrich customer health scores with learning and product insights to identify and retain at-risk customers.

Exclusive Offer for CE Members

Unlock a Personalized CE Strategy Consultation with Steve Cornwell

Heads up, community! Gainsight CE has a special treat for you. Create a more effective CE program with a complimentary CE strategy consultation led by the founder and former-CEO of Northpass, Steve Cornwell.

As Gainsight’s SVP of CE Strategy, Steve is excited to:

  • Dive deep into your current customer education program.
  • Uncover actionable best practices to supercharge customer education, driving growth and retention.
  • Craft custom solutions to address your unique challenges and goals.

To seize this valuable opportunity with Steve, request a personalized demo of Gainsight CE below. Our team will guide you through the platform’s capabilities and demonstrate how it can transform your customer education efforts.

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