The #1-Rated Customer Success Solution

Gainsight helps you drive customer success throughout the entire customer journey at scale.



Customer Success is a Team Sport

Whether they are internal peers or external partners, coordinate your team’s actions to give customers the outcomes and experience they expect.


Easily Collaborate Across Teams

Improve collaboration and ensure that it’s easy for the team to share customer updates. Capture notes, emails and to-do’s in one place with helpful formatting capabilities and integrated task workflows.


Share Customer Insights Across Stakeholders

Easily share customer insights so everyone involved in an account can understand the customer’s health and desired outcomes and coordinate actions accordingly.


Ask Sally For Answers

Sally is your personal, AI-powered assistant that enables your team to get customer insights by asking her simple questions just as you would if she was a real person. Sally is available in Slack, and is coming soon to email.


Power Collaboration Across Your Systems

Keep teams aligned on delivering exceptional customer experiences with Gainsight widgets that live in their primary systems, including Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Zendesk.