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The Official Chief Customer Officer Welcome Kit

One of the best parts of my job as CEO of Gainsight is seeing individuals with responsibility aligned to customer needs moving up in their own personal careers. And one of the hottest trends in enterprise businesses is to appoint one person with end-to-end operational responsibility for Customer Success and Customer Experience. While the title may vary from company to company, the concept of a “Chief Customer Officer (CCO)” is becoming very popular. Whether you are an experienced CCO, sought out the big job, or got it handed to you, you probably don’t want to reinvent the wheel as you attempt to help your company become more customer-centric and grow faster in the process. As I talk to new or experienced CCOs, I often get the same list of questions. So I tried to document a set of resources that can help you get started or sharpen your team: Follow on LinkedIn Nick Mehta That’s yours truly. I share a lot of big picture stuff about the direction of the industry, along with occasional ramblings about football, physics, and philosophy. You can also follow my writings at or me on Twitter @nrmehta. Allison Pickens Allison is Gainsight’s CCO. She’s a prototypical CCO in […]

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4 Reasons You’ll Miss Your Number Without Customer Success Image

4 Reasons You’ll Miss Your Number Without Customer Success

If I had a genie, one of the things I would wish for (after more wishes and a Steelers Super Bowl win) is an extra month between the end of our current fiscal year and the start of our next.* It feels like every year, you go from the stress of closing strong to the new stress of starting from zero again. And if you’re like me, you stare at the $0 bookings amount on the first day of the new fiscal year and say, “How the heck am I going to make my number?” If you’ve been around as long as I have, you might feel nostalgic for the “old days” before SaaS. Making the number was still hard then (and dramatic) but the playbook was pretty simple: Hire reps Ramp reps Push reps If things fail, blame Marketing! But all jokes aside, as bizarre as the licensed software world was in some respects, the model was well-understood and could translate from company to company. And even though we are 15 years into the SaaS/cloud transition, most companies still run sales with an on-premise/license software mindset. Every bookings goal is about more “rep capacity.” But modern CEOs and sales […]

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What’s in it for the Advocate? The Customer Marketing Dilemma Image

What’s in it for the Advocate? The Customer Marketing Dilemma

When I started drafting this, I was flying back from Pulse Europe where I delivered a couple of sessions on Customer Marketing (Advocacy). This is a very popular topic in the Customer Success ecosystem right now, as many Customer Success programs are working to figure out the right ways to calculate their ROI and track how they’re adding value for their businesses. In the Helix Model of Revenue Growth, the ability of Customer Success to contribute to new logo growth is a key pillar of the value of Customer Success, and Customer Marketing is the lever to help make and track that impact. There’s a very fundamental question I always get when speaking about Customer Marketing. Why would a customer want to advocate? What’s in it for them? In both of the sessions that I delivered at Pulse Europe, I received variations of this question. I see LOTS of practitioners and executives get stuck here. Most often, I think “what’s in it for them?” questions stem from experiences in which a vendor struggled because they: didn’t effectively position the value advocacy brings to the customer and not just to the vendor → see the “What’s in it for the customer?” section. didn’t make […]

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7 Customer Success Trends to Watch in 2018

2017 represented the year where Customer Success grew up and out. We saw new job roles and cross-functional strategies emerge. Companies invested more in Customer Success functions and new industries adopted customer-centric disciplines. Throughout the year, successful outcomes were delivered to millions of software users worldwide. Walt Disney once said, “Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future.” Seeing how rapidly the field is growing, this couldn’t be truer about Customer Success. Here are seven trends you’ll be focusing on in 2018. 1. Customer Success will become a company-wide effort In 2017, Customer Success shed its reputation as a siloed, customer-facing department and gained recognition as a business-wide discipline. As these cross-functional strategies continue to develop, this mindset will spread and organization-wide adoption of Customer Success will increase—from Sales to Marketing to Product and beyond. Convergence of Customer Success with sales costs, service portfolios, and service organization structures was a theme in 2017. In 2018 the theme of convergence will stay in the spotlight as companies experience the benefits of operating cross-functionally with the customer at the forefront. 2. Teammate success will take center stage To keep up with the rapid growth of Customer Success, […]

5 min readDecember 28, 2017
The Essential Guide to Professional Services Success Image

The Essential Guide to Professional Services Success

Time moves quickly in the business world. With subscription products on the rise and recurring-revenue business models becoming the darling of CEOs and Wall Street alike, Professional Services organizations are finding themselves in the midst of a revolution. If they want to keep up, Professional Services teams will need to redefine their definition of success, embrace new technologies, and put the customer’s needs at the forefront of every new operation. Only then will they be able to drive outcomes that deliver value to client and company alike.

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15 Last-Minute Gifts to Send Your Favorite CSM Image

15 Last-Minute Gifts to Send Your Favorite CSM

When you’re paired with a great Customer Success Manager, you hold on tight and hope they never leave your side. They’re your connection between the product you’ve bought and the outcomes you were promised—and they’re doing their darndest to deliver on them. They know your goals and business challenges. Your strengths and weaknesses. They’re there for the best of times, like when you hit that ROI goal, and the worst of times (we’ll leave those between you and your CSM). So, with the holidays upon us, how do you express to them how grateful you are that they have sacrificed sleep and health to make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment? We’ve compiled a list of gifts that are sure to put a smile on your favorite CSM’s face—and hopefully forgive that one time you called them at 3:00 a.m. 1. The Coffee Saver Raise your hand if you’ve started your day with a warm cup of coffee and returned to your desk to find it ice cold. This usb-powered coffee warmer will give your CSM a steady supply of warm coffee so they can spend less time reheating their coffee and more time using that caffeine buzz […]

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How to improve product feature adoption and manage risks

So you’ve designed, built, and shipped your product. Job’s over from a development perspective, right? Not so fast! Product Management (PM) teams aren’t successful until customers are adopting and using. Leading PM organizations are leveraging Customer Success principles and processes to: Manage product risk Measure and improve feature usage and adoption Guide the roadmap Engage in meaningful product discussions And more Review the slides from our webinar with Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta and VP Product Management & Security Denise Stokowski to learn how you can dramatically improve your core metrics in PM using Customer Success best practices and technology.

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Product Release
Make Customer Success a Team Sport with Gainsight’s Fall Release Image

Make Customer Success a Team Sport with Gainsight’s Fall Release

Customer Success is a team sport and Gainsight’s Fall Release makes it easy to share customer insights across functions so everyone involved in an account can rally around the success of that customer in a coordinated and collaborative way. This release introduces enhancements to: Gainsight Sharing: Align the stakeholders of your customer, partner, or vendor on a single source of truth by sharing a dynamic view of the 360 and Dashboards Sally the AI Bot: Quickly and easily get AI-powered customer intelligence by talking with Sally in your favorite channels Share Insight Across Company Lines To deliver a seamless customer experience, every team member who interacts with a customer should understand their health, usage, and objectives—regardless if that team member is internal or external to your company. Gainsight Sharing makes it easy to share these insights across traditional company lines. This release introduces new capabilities to enhance the insights that can be shared, the method by which they are shared, and control over who can access them. With the Fall Release, you can now share more features on the 360 as well as Gainsight Dashboards. In addition to the existing 360 features that let you share key summary information and […]

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How the Best Customer Success Pros Set the Tone for Next Year Image

How the Best Customer Success Pros Set the Tone for Next Year

Conferences are hard. Let me say that differently. Conferences are hard to do really well (it’s not actually that difficult to do a lame one). There are so many details. And the bigger they get, the more details there are. With our expectation of at least 1,000 Customer Success professionals gathering for two days in London at the end of November, Pulse Europe has definitely reached that “big” stage. Adding to the challenge (which we love and embrace) are the expectations set by the previous seven Pulses. There’s a good reason that Pulse has become the must-attend Customer Success event of the year both in the U.S. and in Europe. Every single Pulse has brought a unique combination of the elements the community wants, and this third edition of Pulse Europe will be no different: Education Networking Fun For those of you reading this who have never been to Pulse, I should make sure you know this: Pulse is an industry conference designed to stimulate the discussion about Customer Success as a philosophy, an organization, and a discipline. This is not a Gainsight sales conference nor is it a Gainsight customer conference. You won’t have to look far to find a […]

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Challenging Your Customers Can Backfire: Why A Provocative Approach Falls Short in Two Critical Conversations Image

Challenging Your Customers Can Backfire: Why A Provocative Approach Falls Short in Two Critical Conversations

Challenging prospects is a proven method to get them to do something different. But what about when it’s time to convince your customers to renew with you or even get them to pay more? For these “why stay” and “why pay” moments, challenging your customers will actually backfire—and there’s research to prove it. There’s a right way to drive revenue growth from your customer base. Join Tim Riesterer, co-author of “The Three Value Conversations,” and Allison Pickens, Chief Customer Officer at Gainsight, and learn how to convince your customers to stick with you and pay more while simultaneously improving the relationship. Learn how to: Create your own “why stay” story using a tested and proven framework to dramatically increase your renewal and retention rates. Construct price increase messaging that will drive more revenue and preserve customer relationships. Leverage data-driven insights into customer health and risk to dramatically improve your expansion metrics. Improve alignment between all customer-facing teams to surface and capitalize on upsell opportunities. Convert your most successful customers into three actionable leads for revenue growth.

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