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Change the Game in 5 Minutes: How Doug Hooton Deals With Disruption

Welcome to our Change the Game in 5 minutes Series. Today, I’m chatting with Doug Hooton, Vice President of Customer Success at OneCause, a SaaS solution that helps nonprofit organizations engage donors and raise more money for their missions. There are many reasons why I want to talk with Doug, starting with the fact that he’s one of the longest-serving customer success leaders I know—he’s been doing it since long before it was called customer success! Doug has firsthand experience leading a company through a transition. OneCause, formerly BidPal, revolutionized charitable fundraising with the launch of their mobile bidding solution in 2008, helping nonprofits replace manual giving and raise more revenue through technology. More than a decade later, OneCause has gone from market pioneer to industry leader, transforming its business into a SaaS scale-up offering multiple fundraising solutions for its customers. OneCause encompasses a wide variety of fundraising solutions today, including online giving, peer-to-peer and virtual challenges, mobile bidding and auctions, and text2give donations. Doug knows what it takes to respond to industry disruption—and how to emerge better positioned for success than ever. Nick: Doug, it’s great to be talking with you today. Before I ask you about your experiences […]

8 min readJune 18, 2020
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Change the Game in 5 Minutes: Lorna Henri Tackles Technical CS At Scale

Welcome to our Change the Game in 5 minutes Series. Today I’m chatting with Lorna Henri, a customer success trailblazer and Global Vice President of CS, TAM, and Support at Mapbox. I wanted to talk with Lorna about hiring rockstar CSM and TAMs who are personable enough to build relationships and technical enough to know the product inside and out. After all, isn’t that every CS leader’s dream? Nick: Hi Lorna! I can’t wait to pick your brain about creating CS success. But let’s kick things off with this question: In an alternate universe, what would be your chosen career?  Lorna: Good question! I’d be a teacher. Teaching offers a great combination of constantly learning and interacting with people from different backgrounds. For me, the intersection of those two areas is really satisfying. Nick: I think that might explain how you ended up in customer success! Now, let’s dig in. Why did you need to change the game?  Lorna: Mapbox had grown to a certain level and was starting to attract and sell to larger and larger customers. The core user of Mapbox is often a highly technical developer, and Mapbox has phenomenal documentation. That all leads to a lot […]

7 min readJune 17, 2020

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The World Needs Human-first CEOs, Not War-time CEOs

One of my favorite business books of all time is The Hard Thing About Hard Things. It’s a compendium of stories from current venture capitalist and former CEO Ben Horowitz about his time running companies. What’s so compelling about the book, even six years after its publication, is that it’s built around the principle that there are no easy answers or quick fixes in leadership. I remember feeling “seen” after reading the book in a way I hadn’t before. Indeed, I re-read his chapter “Nobody Cares” on a regular basis. Upon reflection though, there is one section where I’d like a minor rewrite. Horowitz famously shared his model (also in this blog post) of “Peacetime CEO / Wartime CEO.” To quote from the book: Peacetime CEO knows that proper protocol leads to winning. Wartime CEO violates protocol in order to win.  Peacetime CEO focuses on the big picture and empowers her people to make detailed decisions. Wartime CEO cares about a speck of dust on a gnat’s ass if it interferes with the prime directive.  Peacetime CEO builds scalable, high volume recruiting machines. Wartime CEO does that, but also builds HR organizations that can execute layoffs.  Peacetime CEO spends time […]

11 min readJune 17, 2020
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Seven Important Questions Every Product Manager Should Ask

As a Product Manager, you want to have an impact and make data-driven decisions as you plan your roadmap and determine priorities. You also want to get a sense of how end-users are adopting your product. To help, we asked some of our Product Managers at Gainsight to answer seven common questions and share examples from their experiences. 1. How can I determine the performance of my product every day—at a glance and in one place? Anyone in a PM or executive role wants to see detailed views of the overall user base such as the accounts that are using the product. You also want different filter options to get an idea of performance for different durations. Product Managers at Gainsight use Gainsight PX to understand these details for our various product lines and more. 2. How does Gainsight make product design decisions? Design decisions actually come from research based on everyday customers’ use and feedback. Gainsight Product Manager, Aditya Marla, worked with his design partner to spearhead several new updates to our platform with the goal of making things simpler yet more powerful. One of the initiatives was a redesign of the Cockpit. It began out of a desire […]

8 min readJune 15, 2020
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Gainsight Introduces Two New Productivity Integrations to Streamline CSM Workflows

The In-Home Office Are you working remotely? Do you have barking dogs? We’ve heard a few in the background. Maybe your kids are interrupting a customer video call trying to become the next act on America’s Got Talent. Nothing like a little humility when you’re trying to support and retain your customers, right?  Welcome to customer success in the time of COVID-19. With so many working remotely, it is becoming increasingly difficult to master the everyday tasks of being a CSM without the ability to be “personally involved” with customers. And it doesn’t seem like the work from home situation may change anytime soon. CS teams are under increasing pressure to support a larger book of business in this economic downturn. So, how can you use everyday tools to create better practices, promote efficiency and productivity? Don’t forget to enhance your customer experience, create retention, all while incorporating more customers too.  Gainsight New Email and Calendar Integrations The best practices start with doing more with what you have. Begin with the basics like the things you utilize every day. We have found that our customers are relying on Gainsight even more than before COVID-19 arrived. So, we wanted to help […]

4 min readJune 10, 2020
Security Industry Insights: 5 Things We Learned From Security Executives At Our Virtual Campfire Image

Security Industry Insights: 5 Things We Learned From Security Executives At Our Virtual Campfire

A few weeks ago, Gainsight hosted an intimate virtual gathering of over a dozen Security executives, featuring two industry titans, Enrique Salem, Partner at Bain Capital Ventures, and Corey Thomas, CEO and Chairman of Rapid7, to discuss, “How Security Companies are Driving Growth from their Customer Base in a Downturn.” We took away from the conversation 5 key lessons that can help Security companies thrive during this time: 1. The Boardroom is paying increasing attention to security and compliance For customer-facing professionals in the Security industry, no longer is your audience just the CIO, Chief Security Officer or a team of security professionals. There are other important stakeholders including your Board’s audit committee.  According to Enrique Salem, the boardroom is paying much closer attention to what’s happening from a security and compliance perspective. They too need to understand your solution’s value and, more importantly, how it will help their businesses thrive.  This requires that your Customer-facing teams have thoughtful and persuasive conversations about how your solutions enable their business to be secure and SUCCESSFUL. It will not suffice to just talk about the latest feature or specific prevention-technology, for example. Alignment on mutually agreed success plans with customers can help […]

6 min readJune 9, 2020
Path to Becoming a CPO Image

Path to Becoming a CPO

Hear from product executive from Hubspot, Autodesk, and more for a candid discussion of their journey in product management, and get their insights on how to uplevel your career as a product professional.

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Through The Lens of PX: How Gainsight’s Customers Double Down on Customer Success During COVID-19 Image

Through The Lens of PX: How Gainsight’s Customers Double Down on Customer Success During COVID-19

Customer Success is more important than ever during this crisis. As new sales slow down due to uncertainties in budgets and spending, retaining customers is the easiest and more effective way to keep the cash flow going. At Gainsight, we have two really interesting data sources to get a real-time view of how Customer Success teams are hard at work to deliver outcomes and retain clients: Through our Product Experience (PX) technology, which is inserted into the live application code of hundreds of leading SaaS vendors, we can watch global cloud adoption in real-time as the impact of COVID-19 hits We use PX in our own Customer Success platform to track our customers’ usage of the CS product. Through this, we can witness how CSMs are reacting to COVID-19. PX Data Shows SaaS Usage Is Growing Rapidly Our internal radars went off for us operationally when we noticed how much our clients’ usage of their own applications is growing. With PX, we have our javascript code embedded in SaaS applications and thus get to witness every user’s clicks and actions, anonymously, across a healthy set of cloud applications.  We observed some interesting data points about our customers’ products and their […]

6 min readJune 4, 2020
Going Back to Offense: 6 Things We Learned from Our Second COVID-19 SaaS Retention Survey Image

Going Back to Offense: 6 Things We Learned from Our Second COVID-19 SaaS Retention Survey

March 2020. Feels like decades ago, huh? We were learning to work from home, optimizing our Zoom backgrounds, and buckling in for “a few weeks” of quarantine. Little did we know. And from a SaaS leadership perspective, in March, we wondered what will the year look like financially? Truth be told, we are all still wondering, but the image is coming into greater focus. In mid-March, we sent out a survey to the CXOs of public and late-stage private SaaS companies asking about their expectations for customer retention. We received an incredibly high response rate, signaling the importance of this topic. We know a lot has changed in two months, so we decided to re-survey the same base and review how they are thinking about their clients and retention in the coming months. Here’s what we learned: 1. Churn Rates Are Going Up But Not As Much As People Thought Although respondents initially thought their Gross Renewal Rates (GRR) would decrease by 3-6% in enterprise segments and 17+% in SMB segments, all respondents now predict slightly less churn than they initially thought. We observe that most companies have by now triaged their installed base and quantified the COVID-19 risk. In […]

3 min readJune 4, 2020
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The Customer Success Economy – Now Available!

The Customer Success Economy builds on the success of Gainsight’s first volume, Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenue, released in 2016. Just four years later, it’s become required reading for thousands of recurring revenue businesses around the world. And Customer Success has evolved into a philosophy and practice that is infused into every part of an organization. In this new book, Mehta and Pickens share how Customer Success is practiced at organizations across various industries. Download the first chapter for FREE today!

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Customer Strategy Assessment

Every organization – regardless of size, industry or type of product – experiences challenges when developing and optimizing their customer strategy. Whether you are just building the foundation of your customer success team or are looking for ways to scale and drive growth, there are obstacles that require the full support of your organization to tackle. At Gainsight, we have spent many years observing these obstacles firsthand, and working with our customers to help address them. The result of this work can be summarized within our Customer Pain Framework, which consists of the following six areas: Expansion, Customer Experience, Retention, Efficiency, Adoption & Visibility. In order to help you better assess your current state relative to each of these areas, we have created the Customer Strategy Assessment. The survey sets out to do the following: Help you prioritize which of the pains is most critical for your organization to tackle first Provide you with benchmark comparisons for where you fall relative to peer organizations Serve as the basis for our team to deliver a prescriptive set of solutions that will have the biggest impact possible on your company’s performance We invite you to complete the assessment and look forward to working […]

2 min readMay 28, 2020