Gainsight for Voice of the Customer Datasheet Image

Gainsight for Voice of the Customer Datasheet

Learn how Gainsight can help you listen to, act on, and analyze customer feedback. Your customers are talking to you. Are you listening? Gainsight’s industry-leading technology empowers you to close the loop on customer feedback. First, we enable you to reach out at scale at the right time with the right touch. Second, we transform that feedback into meaningful and effective action based on best-in-class data analytics. Third, we close the loop by reporting on and optimizing your VoC process with dashboards, A/B testing, and more. This datasheet drills down on the capabilities of the best VoC toolset in the category. In it, you’ll learn: How Gainsight for VoC scales your survey and email outreach. How the tool triggers playbooks and CTAs across functions. How to close the loop with unmatched reporting analytics. And much more.

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Lessons Learned From Segmenting Customers in EMEA

Russ Drury is the Director of Customer Success at Workfront, a cloud-based project management software company. He leads the Customer Experience organisation in EMEA, heading up the Professional Services implementation team, Customer Success team, and training. He is responsible for guiding customers in their Workfront journey and on to long term success through onboarding, implementation, adoption, and value realisation. All companies treat their customers differently, regardless of whether they officially have a Customer Success organisation. It’s just a fact. Whether you’re buying a car, jewelry, or software… the more you spend, the better you get treated. Segmentation is the structure and strategy that supports how you deliver value to your customers. You segment your customers because, economically and financially, you have to treat your customers differently. We’d all like to give every customer the white glove treatment but it’s simply not financially prudent, and we all have to live within some financial constraints. Since it’s driven by financial realities, it’s important to understand that segmentation is done exclusively for the benefit of the vendor, not the customer. Trust me, no customers want to be segmented into anything but your top tier—but typically no more than 10% end up in that […]

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Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta Named as a Top 50 SaaS CEO of 2017

Mehta Recognized by The SaaS Report as #12 Out of the Top 50 SaaS CEOs of 2017 REDWOOD CITY, CA, August 10, 2017 — Gainsight™, the Customer Success company, announced today that its Chief Executive Officer, Nick Mehta, has been recognized as one of the Top 50 SaaS CEOs of 2017 by The SaaS Report. Mehta has been leading Gainsight since February 2013 and the company has raised over $152M of funding to accelerate the growth of the Customer Success industry. As businesses across the globe are undergoing digital transformation or are moving to the subscription business model, Customer Success has become a key imperative to protecting recurring revenue and driving growth through renewals, expansion revenue and advocacy. Also recognized on the list are CEOs from leading Gainsight customers, such as Box, Cornerstone On Demand, DocuSign, Hubspot, and many others. The SaaS Report created the list to highlight leaders of Software-as-a-Service companies who have driven revenue growth while creating elite cultures that foster creativity and passion. The report utilized multiple sources from financial reports, press releases, ratings from Glassdoor, LinkedIn information, and other relevant sources. “It’s an incredible honor to be recognized by The SaaS Report, let alone on […]

3 min read August 10, 2017
The CEO’s Guide to Under-budgeting for Customer Success and Destroying Shareholder Value in the Process Image

The CEO’s Guide to Under-budgeting for Customer Success and Destroying Shareholder Value in the Process

As CEOs, our job is to maximize the upside while protecting the downside. Depending on the phase of our business, the mix between fear and greed can ebb and flow. The good news is that Customer Success is becoming an important part of the strategy in all seasons of business, good or bad. That being said, because Customer Success is one of the newest disciplines in business, I’ve seen companies consistently make mistakes in planning that come back to bite them. And, as Albert Einstein also famously (but apocryphally) said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” This post is all about avoiding those errors for 2018. I’ll share the top ones I’ve seen and welcome your input as well. Fail #1: Underfund Customer Success Have you ever shown up for a family dinner late, only to see your relatives smiling and full, their plates clean and only scraps left for you? Sometimes that’s what it can feel like in terms of getting budget as a Customer Success leader. While prominent thought leaders like McKinsey, Bain, Gartner, Forrester, and Geoffrey Moore have all talked about the ROI of Customer Success, and while we at Gainsight […]

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Customer Success Showcase: How IBM Exponentially Increased Customer Adoption with Gainsight Image

Customer Success Showcase: How IBM Exponentially Increased Customer Adoption with Gainsight

If you’re tackling Customer Success in a large enterprise, you likely have some enterprise-sized challenges to address. Does this sound familiar? You’re leveraging multiple CRM systems. You have numerous different products and equally numerous business units. You’ve got different stakeholders and each of them wants things done their own way. And above everything, you need to drive results in this complex environment. Join Sanders Slavens, VP of Professional Services, Customer Success and Product Support at IBM Collaboration Solutions, to learn how IBM increased customer adoption of one of their cloud products over 10x in a year. Find out how IBM Collaboration Solutions brought together data from multiple CRM systems into Gainsight to drive exponential business outcomes for both IBM and its customers.

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How to Budget for Customer Success

It’s budget season, and chances are you’re losing sleep over next year’s Customer Success spend. Have you allocated the right amount for headcount? Technology? Enablement? How will your Finance team respond? Are you even in the right ballpark? Budgeting is one of the most stressful periods on any leader’s calendar—the stakes are just so high. What you need is an extremely practical, hands-on guide through the process from two experts who know the process as well as anyone—Gainsight’s CCO and CFO, Allison Pickens and Igor Beckerman. Join us for the most tactical budgeting webinar in the history of Customer Success.

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Five Insights from Five Years of Pulse Conference Data Image

Five Insights from Five Years of Pulse Conference Data

Over the last couple years as a growth equity investor, I had examined the budding Customer Success industry and heard about the vibrant Pulse community. But I’ll admit: I was quite skeptical. How much fun could a business software industry conference really be? But less than a month before starting as “Summer Chief of Staff” to Gainsight’s CEO, Nick Mehta, I found myself at Pulse. After all, what better way to get my feet wet at Gainsight than to attend the biggest Customer Success event on the planet? I arrived on day three of Pulse 2017 and grabbed one of the last remaining seats, excited to watch Byron Deeter and Kristina Shen from Bessemer Venture Partners deliver some cloud wisdom. Much to my surprise, I was about to get a different kind of “wisdom.” Before Byron and Kristina could get started, Nick Mehta and Anthony Kennada shocked (and awakened) the 9 a.m. crowd. Enter Vanilla Ice jamming to his classic “Ice Ice Baby!” People come from all across the world for Pulse—to learn more about Customer Success, hear from industry experts, network and share best practices with peers, and even have fun. These are just some of the reasons why Pulse has become the industry-leading […]

8 min read August 7, 2017
The CEO’s Guide to Measuring Your Customers Image

The CEO’s Guide to Measuring Your Customers

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” -Peter Drucker “It’s all about the Benjamins, baby.” -Puff Daddy Whether you take your leadership lessons from Drucker or Diddy, you know that a huge part of the CEO’s job is to help your colleagues understand the “scoreboard” for measuring success. Over the years, we, as leaders, have developed methods to quantify most aspects of business: Finance: GAAP (or IFRS) accounting rules Sales: Bookings methodologies Marketing: “Marketing Qualified Leads” Personal Ego: Twitter followers… And so on. And yet, with all of these statistics we still can’t measure what is usually the greatest “hidden” asset in our business—our customer base. How are we doing with clients? Are we delivering value for them? Are they likely to stay with us? Are they fans of us? If you’ve studied the field, the Net Promoter Score was created to partially address these questions. But with the trend toward Digital Transformation, companies are awash in data about their clients that they could be using to measure client health. Customer Health Scoring is the concept that you can integrate together various “signals” about your clients in order to quantify your customer base. In this post, I will: […]

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Tiering, Prioritising, and Segmenting Your Customers Image

Tiering, Prioritising, and Segmenting Your Customers

At some point, every company learns an important lesson: All customers are not created equal. Segmenting your customers becomes a financial necessity, especially in a recurring revenue business. Join Dan Steinman, GM of Gainsight EMEA, and Russ Drury, Director of Customer Success at Workfront, discuss the nuances of tiering and prioritising your customer base with a segmentation strategy. Dan and Russ will explain why segmentation is so important, what variables matter when segmenting, what your first steps are after you’ve developed a segmentation plan, and how segmentation will affect your team structure. In this webinar, you’ll learn different tiering approaches and how to prioritise your customer engagement across segments.

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5 tips for getting the budget you want from your C-Suite Image

5 tips for getting the budget you want from your C-Suite

Over the years I have worked with CROs, CCOs, and CMOs, partnering with the CFO to best figure out what our go-to-market budget will be so we can improve next year. And each year we work with the various leaders of Sales, Field Marketing, Support, Customer Success, Demand Gen, SDR, etc., to strategize on where to allocate dollars and time over the next year. It’s a complex dance. Unless you work at a mythical company with unlimited budget, you have to make trade-offs. Understanding your C-suite’s thought processes will be the key to whether your team comes out on the right side of those hard choices. Below are the top five things your executive team has at the top of their minds when they review your budget—and how to use them to get the funds you need next year. 1. The Big Goals In the next fiscal year, every company wants to grow more, retain more, spend less. But which one is really going to move the needle for your company next year? Planning cycles in the startup world tend to be all about, “How do we grow revenue?” But I have been at companies where that was the goal […]

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The Scientific Method to an Effective Voice of the Customer Program

I was thinking about our latest product package, Gainsight for Voice of the Customer (VoC), and naturally, my thoughts immediately turned to quantum mechanics. And my question was this: Is there a quantum superposition for a customer in which they can be both healthy and at-risk simultaneously until observed by a CSM? In other words, could a customer be both renewed and churned at the same time? Introducing Gainsight for VoC Let me back up a bit and explain Gainsight for VoC. We’ve always thought about our software (and Customer Success in general) as a transformative tool to comprehensively reshape companies at every level and across every function around their customers. We still believe that, but we frequently hear from potential customers who don’t feel they’re ready to take that kind of quantum leap right away. Plus, more than half of our customer base already use our VoC toolset, which was why we decided to unbundle as a way to get started with Gainsight. The thing is, many companies are looking to take a concrete, tactical step right now to understand their customers’ behavior and sentiment, and take semi- or fully-automated action to influence them, all the while analyzing the […]

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