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What the Newest Review Data Means for SaaS Companies

Just how accurate are online review aggregators, anyway? If you pull up Google or Yelp for a restaurant, say, you’ll get an aggregate of stars from one to five, the number of reviews counted, and any number of written reviews and qualitative feedback. Dig deeper, and you may find responses from the restaurant, a policy for filtering out bogus responses (usually through a combination of software and human intervention), an easy way for you to leave your own review, and maybe an explanation of the methodology. But you won’t find any kind of “accuracy” guarantee. That’s because, when you get right down to it, we’re talking about something inherently subjective, right? Somebody hates the fries at your favorite restaurant. You get accidentally overcharged the one time you visit their favorite restaurant. You each one-star the other’s favorite while five-starring your own. Which is the accurate rating? One-star, five-star, or three-star (the mean)? If anything, the aggregate seems like the least accurate, since it isn’t representative of anyone’s actual experience. And in the wake of fake review fiascos like Amazon and trolling attacks like Rotten Tomatoes, it’s better to just make up your own mind. So why should you care about SaaS reviews? […]

5 min readMarch 12, 2019
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5 Habits of Customer-Focused Product Teams

Thursday, March 28 | 11:00 a.m. PT (2:00 p.m. ET) Building customer-centric products isn’t a trend, it’s a necessity. When Northwestern Mutual acquired Learnvest, it wasn’t to mold them into their ways of thinking—actually, it was the opposite. They wanted Learnvest’s innovative and customer-centric practices to improve their legacy company. Kimberly Tzeng, senior product manager at Learnvest, was tasked with spearheading the revamping efforts of Northwestern Mutual’s website. She knew it would take more than just data to build a product that suited the needs of stakeholders and users alike. To build a successful product, they needed to be in tune with their customer’s needs. Join us on Thursday, March 28 at 11 a.m. PT (2:00 p.m. ET) to hear the five habits her team uses to deliver a customer-focused product experience.

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An Improved Prescriptive Framework for Cross-Functional Customer Success

The most terrible response can be silence. In 2016, the Swedish Academy announced that it was awarding the year’s Nobel Prize in literature to Bob Dylan. The world turned expectantly (and reasonably) to the musician for a statement, and for that satisfying feeling you get from hearing a person warmly express their gratitude. Instead, he gave us a solid reminder of just how eccentric he is: he said nothing (at least not immediately). Think, though, of the message that it sent of his opinion of the Nobel Prize. Think of how easy it is to ignore an idea, that Bob Dylan was able to ignore the whole world. In May 2018, we released the Periodic Table of Customer Success Elements. It’s a prescriptive framework for how companies should be thinking about customer success cross-functionally. If you’re not familiar with the Elements, you can read all about the “why” behind them here. We were hoping not to hear silence, and they have reverberated throughout our organization and our conversations with our customers. The feedback, though, hasn’t just been thanks and success stories—it’s been better: it’s been requests to change the Elements. And that’s what we’ve done. We’re proud to announce we’ve […]

4 min readMarch 12, 2019
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Top 10 Churn Causes and How to Stop Them

Churn. It’s when your customers leave you. It’s the worst enemy of any subscription business, and it may even be strangling your growth. What’s worse, it is likely happening right now, right under your nose. The natural tendency of customers is to drift away from their vendors. In other words, if a customer isn’t signing, they’re churning. There are 10 main reasons customers churn, but with the proper strategy in place, you can mitigate and potentially even reverse each one. You’ll learn what those strategies are in this super-short, eight-minute webinar. Find out what to do: When you have a stalled implementation. When a key stakeholder leaves the customer. When you have low product adoption. And more!

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Product Leaders: Are You Doing This Enough?

There’s a best practice that sets apart the most successful products from the rest and it’s simpler than you think. Back in February, I attended SaaStr 2019 in San Jose. If you stopped by the Expo Hall, you might have seen me with the rest of the Gainsight crew at our booth. This year was especially fun because not only was I there to learn, I was there to spread the word about our product experience platform, Gainsight PX.  Gainsight and Gainsight PX booth at SaaStr 2019 While at SaaStr, I noticed a common theme—and it’s something I’m really excited about: If you want to build a better product, you need to actively seek out what your users find valuable. This is nothing new. And I’ll be honest, it seems like common sense, but according to Pragmatic Marketing’s 18th Annual Product Management and Marketing Survey, product team members spend twice as much time with development as with the market. And when respondents were asked if they could say one thing to their CEO without fear of retribution, one stated, “[We need to] spend 20% more time thinking about what is right for the customer and 20% less time only talking about the revenue.” […]

6 min readApril 19, 2019
How Drift and Segment Used the Power of Product to Grow Their Business Image

How Drift and Segment Used the Power of Product to Grow Their Business

Are you using your product as a growth lever? Customer expectations are at an all-time high and vendor trust at an all-time low. To address the disconnect, product-led go-to-market strategies and product growth teams have emerged within enterprise SaaS companies. Learn from product-led growth gurus, Guillaume Cabane, VP of Growth at Drift and former VP Growth at Segment, and Travis Kaufman, VP of Product Growth at Gainsight. They’ll share firsthand the strategies they used to acquire customers quickly and increase lifetime value. In this webinar, you’ll learn: How to deliver a consistent experience throughout the funnel. Growth techniques that result in long-lasting customers. The tools you need to make it happen. And much more!

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Customer Revenue Optimization Benchmark Study 2019

A dramatic shift is underway. After a sustained period of historic growth over the last few years, successful companies are re‐examining their priorities and looking for new ways to drive top‐line revenue in 2019. Companies who optimize their business to adapt to the changes in the marketplace will emerge as winners. Customer Revenue Optimization is being adopted across all industries as companies seek to get ahead, improve execution and thrive. Organizations are evolving their business processes and strategies to align their organizations to deliver value to customers in every interaction. The result is a renewed focus on the customer experience and an increase in the value of relationships. This report gives you a window into the thinking and priorities of businesses and executives for 2019 with an emphasis on sales and marketing leadership and execution. It highlights the gaps in their current approaches to revenue execution and points to the opportunities for growth in the coming year.

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Who Owns Product Experience?

Are the right people driving product experience in your company? The Age of the Customer has increased the importance of delivering exceptional customer experiences and outcomes. With the onus falling upon the entire company to produce a great customer experience, more and more functional departments are claiming ownership. Marketing, customer success, support, product—each team plays a critical role. However, each department has a different motivation stemming from its own functional responsibilities and resources. While we do adhere to the belief that delivering exceptional experiences is a company-wide initiative, who takes lead when it comes to product experience? It’s no argument that core product functionality, UX, and design are created and owned by product, engineering, and design teams. But if you want to master product experience, you must go beyond functionality and include all the other types of interactions that happen during a user’s experience with your product. I’m talking about touchpoints like training, onboarding, and adoption. This is where the challenge comes to light. Driving Product Experience is a Team Effort You may be thinking, “Product experience should be owned by product teams—after all, it’s in their name.” But it’s not as simple as that. As mentioned above, product experience […]

6 min readFebruary 20, 2019
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Driving Growth: The Power of the Post-Sale Customer Journey

Need to grow your business? Focus on making your current customers more successful. Join Anthony Kennada, Gainsight CMO, and Heidi Bullock, Engagio CMO, to learn how to develop a winning post-sale customer experience to keep your customers happy and coming back for more. We’ll discuss how Customer Success and Marketing teams can work together by owning parts of customer journey to deliver value, increase retention, and generate revenue. Additionally, we will outline how to structure your organization for success, leverage technology to understand customer health and engagement, and deepen relationships with the right programs and processes. Attend to learn how to: Think beyond acquisition and focus on the post-sale customer journey Put long-term customer strategies in place for growth Gain insights into customer behavior and health through technology And much more!

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4 Ways Product Teams Can Make Customers More Successful

We all know how it works…a fledgling SaaS company releases a minimally viable product and starts bringing on customers. Early customers help shape the direction of the product and before you know it, a Customer Success team is created. The CSMs start doing Executive Business Reviews (EBRs) and the product road map is the crutch used to schedule the meeting. But after a while, the customer (or more likely, their executives) start to skip EBRs as they would rather talk about how others are using your product than features that are months out or are not relevant to them. That’s not to say the road map isn’t valuable. Certainly, prior to the renewal is an opportunity to dive into it. Or if you know a customer can take advantage of a feature, absolutely talk about it. But as Allison Pickens writes, if your CSM team is just filling in product gaps, it’s probably not driving growth. Over the past few years, we’ve started to see thought leadership on the unique relationship between Product Management and Customer Success. Most recently, it culminated with Gainsight’s rollout of the PX Product Experience Platform. As customer success becomes more and more established, the relationship between […]

6 min readFebruary 13, 2019
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The Best Way to Boost Your Customer Success Career

So it’s starting to look like a pretty ingenious career move to get into the customer success profession. On LinkedIn’s latest jobs report—the most promising jobs of 2019—Customer Success Manager clocked in at number six. And that’s all part of a larger, worldwide trend toward customer success as a new frontier of business—and gainful employment. It’s got an 80% year-over-year growth rate in the U.S., it’s the sixth fastest growing job in India and number one overall in Australia. And with a median base salary of $88,500 and a Career Advancement Score of 9 out of 10, it’s looking more and more like you hit the jackpot if you’re already in the field. But what if 9 out of 10 isn’t good enough for you? What if instead of a rocket ship you’d rather have the Millenium Falcon? Gainsight Admin Certification is our top tactic to fast-track your career growth. And yeah, that’s a sales pitch, but we’ve got some pretty solid reasoning behind it. Why you should get certified as a Gainsight Admin A new report from Forrester found that 80% of companies surveyed have invested in customer success technology. As more businesses double down on CS as a growth strategy, they’re […]

4 min readFebruary 12, 2019