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How to Create a Unified Customer Journey From Prospect to Renewal

For companies that rely on recurring revenue, finding, retaining, and growing your customers are typically top of mind. In fact, companies that relentlessly monitor their customer retention rate and engage with their customer through their journey have more visibility into the health of their overall business. In this webinar, Michael Redbord, General Manager of Service Hub at Hubspot, Jen Spencer, VP of Sales and Marketing at Smartbug, and Kellie Capote, Director of Enterprise Client Outcomes at Gainsight will share how you can be better equipped to create a unified customer journey, prevent churn and ultimately grow your customers by aligning on customer success, and engaging your customers throughout the customer journey. In this webinar you’ll learn: Trends around customer success. Why customer-centricity is a key growth driver. The key components around the customer journey. How to engage customers through the customer journey.

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Customer Success: The Revenue Team’s Secret Weapon

In the early days of customer success, the movement was all about stopping churn. In a subscription business model, you can’t have your customers leaving every month or year—you need a way to put a stopper on it. Enter Customer Success Management. Meanwhile, the Sales function was iterating on the same playbooks it always had: growing revenue through new logos. But it’s since become clear that in order to win in the new economy, you need to be optimizing for revenue growth both through new logos as well as within your customer base. That means both Sales and Customer Success need new missions—and new strategies. Gainsight has teamed up with Altify to bring a new vision of revenue growth driven by strategies and playbooks you’ll learn about in this webinar. Join Bob Slaby, Chief Customer Officer at Altify, and Bryan Hamblin, Chief Sales Officer at Gainsight to gain insights and actionable tactics for how you can begin to transform customer success into customer growth at your company.

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Is Customer Feedback Really Making It to Your Product Roadmap?

As a customer success professional, you talk to your customers every day and gather a ton of feedback straight from the frontlines. This is real-time, super-rich data. It comes directly from the people who use your product—it’s gold! But … what happens to it? What’s really happening to product feedback? I dug into this burning question with customer success (CS) leaders at Pulse 2019. Pulse is an amazing forum for learning and sharing CS and product management best practices—we knew it was the ideal place for onsite, in-person research. Speaking with CS professionals at Pulse 2019. The purpose of this Eigenworks study, done in partnership with Gainsight, is to discover better ways to communicate customer feedback between product and customer success teams. So I conducted 14 conversations with customer success professionals, one by one, at a table in the busy Pulse exposition hall. I asked interviewees to play out this scenario: “A customer comes to you with some constructive, thoughtful feedback for how your product can be improved. What happens? Take me through the process.” The conversations were energetic—some people even called them therapeutic! It didn’t take long before a clear theme emerged. I heard things like: “Right now it seems like […]

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Making the Switch to Gainsight

How to Migrate From Another Customer Success Tool. As you focus on driving the growth of your business, you need to be confident that you’ve got the right technology in place to help you scale your operations as you grow – and this includes your customer success platform. In this ebook you’ll learn: Why Moving to Gainsight is a Smart Choice What to Consider as You Plan Your Move Commonly Asked Questions for Migrating How to Get Ramped Up and Running Quickly

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What Customer Success Can Learn From Marketing

“Why should my Customer Success (CS) teams think marketing?” That’s a question I often hear from CS leaders. My short answer is that CS must evolve with the customer experience, and the experience is more digital and personal than ever before. Marketing wrote the book on digital and personalized engagement (with prospects), so “thinking marketing” for CS leaders is an approach for scalable personal engagement. But there’s a much deeper rationale I’d like to share. A few years back (or more recently for some companies), CS was predominantly support-driven. However, CS has evolved, and now adoption and onboarding are in play alongside the pillars of satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. For some companies, CS kind of ends there. For others, CS is taking on more revenue-related activities, like upsell and expansion, or marketing-related activities like advocacy—be it reviews, event speakers, advisory councils, success stories, and more.   This domain is still forming, and whatever works for SaaS companies may not fit other markets. B2B might work differently than B2C. Responsibilities will shift and so will KPIs. However, across the board I see three elements of sustainable success: Engagement, Growth, and Advocacy. To win in all three I believe Marketing, Sales, and CS need to build meaningful bridges of streamlined customer data flow and actions. Let me explain […]

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Top Challenges That Keep XaaS Product Managers Up at Night

The subscription model is now synonymous with modern business. Whether you’re buying groceries or software, there’s a subscription-based option. These everything-as-a-service (XaaS) offerings have had a profound impact on product management organizations leaving everyone asking, “How are other product management teams tackling these challenges?” If you’ve already read TSIA’s report, The State of XaaS Product Management 2019, you’ll know that you’re not alone. There are shared challenges that product teams are facing today. In this webinar, Laura Fay, VP of XaaS Product Management Research & Advisory at TSIA, will share best practices to address the top challenges product management leaders face in a recurring revenue world. Join us as we build on the findings in TSIA’s report. You’ll learn: The current state of XaaS product management Segmentation strategies for scaling your subscription offer The right analytics to capture the total customer experience And much more!

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How To Unlock Millions Of Dollars In Expansion Using Customer Data Image

How To Unlock Millions Of Dollars In Expansion Using Customer Data

If you’re a Revenue leader, chances are you care about two pretty straightforward things: 1) acquiring new customers and 2) selling more to existing ones. But when it comes to the latter, very few Sales execs are completely confident they aren’t leaving money on the table somehow. Whether they missed an upsell opportunity with a customer they didn’t know was at capacity or they discover a rep didn’t push a certain product because they didn’t realize a customer could benefit from it, every organization is missing out on revenue. The problem is that this lost revenue can be sizeable. Gartner estimates that 80% of a company’s future revenue will come from 20% of its existing customers. And the more mature an organization is, the more it can count on and—indeed should be—milking money from its existing customer base. Here’s the good news. You likely have everything you need to capture this expansion: you have customers. The first step is driving the positive customer outcomes needed to keep customers coming back for more. But the second is to leverage your rich customer data to help you uncover the not-so-obvious opportunities for upsell, cross-sell, and new line of business expansion your team has […]

7 min readAugust 19, 2019
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5 Key Operational Differences Between Renewals And New Logos

Revenue leaders who own both renewals as well as new business recognize that managing renewals is a completely different beast. From forecasting to managing KPIs, the renewals motion requires a fundamentally different approach. But what exactly makes managing a renewals business unique? We outline five key differences: 1. You Have Access to Rich Customer Data That Enables Better Forecasting… When it comes to forecasting a renewals business, you have a secret weapon that you don’t have when hunting for new business: the ability to mine and analyze rich historical customer data to figure out what’s likely to happen next.   You have probably been (or otherwise you should be!) collecting data on cohorts of your customers over time, meaning insights about their usage, sentiment, engagement, support tickets and—most importantly—whether they have renewed, churned, or downsold. Perhaps customers who have usage that looks a certain way have pretty much always renewed, or ones that have poor sentiment and engagement from specific stakeholders are at greater risk of churn. If you’re not using these kinds of analytics to inform your forecast for renewals, you’re probably leaving money on the table. 2. …Which Can Also Reveal Strong Upsell Candidates In addition to helping […]

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The Essential Guide to Product Analytics Image

The Essential Guide to Product Analytics

A comprehensive guide for Product leaders. As a part of the product function, a huge weight lies on your shoulders. You’re tasked with creating the very thing that your business is marketing, selling, and relying on to give them a competitive advantage. On top of that, you’re responsible for driving adoption and usage, but you’re distanced from your users. And how exactly are your product investments impacting the business? Bridging these gaps requires data—an abundant but under-utilized resource. With the right data and product analytics tools at your disposal, you can make educated decisions, influence stakeholders, and enhance your team’s credibility within the company. This article will provide you with a solid understanding of what product analytics is, the importance of understanding data, and how to use your product insights in ways that will directly impact your company’s goals.

The Beginner’s Guide to Product-Led Growth Metrics Image

The Beginner’s Guide to Product-Led Growth Metrics

Since the beginning of business, we’ve been on a journey to accurately evaluate and predict customer needs. For people in Product, delivering products your customers love is just one of the challenges. You then have to optimize users’ ROI, increase adoption, and accurately discover your customer journey bottlenecks. Which features bring the majority of revenue? How should customer-facing teams predict retention and revenue rates based on users’ behavior? How do we measure the effectiveness of onboarding? Are there better ways for us to be doing these things? These are just some of the questions SaaS organizations find themselves asking. Data has always been the driving force behind SaaS growth. No matter their velocity, organizations rapidly capitalize on sales, marketing, and business data analytics to derive the necessary results in regards to revenue. The rising importance to deliver stellar product experiences, however, forces organizations to adopt a viable monitoring process. There’s a growing need to follow user progression in-app—it reveals actions and patterns that can affect everything from your product roadmap to revenue goals. More now than ever, we need to capitalization on product data to effectively monitor customer health, adoption levels, and user behavior. Product Data: The Single Source of Truth While user behavior […]

7 min readAugust 19, 2019
2 Common Customer Relationship Challenges Your Usage Data Can Solve Image

2 Common Customer Relationship Challenges Your Usage Data Can Solve

As a member of our Customer Success Operations team, our Client Outcomes Managers (COMs) are my #1 customer and it’s important to me to drive consistent outcomes for them (the same way they drive outcomes for their customers). So, I really take it to heart when I can’t deliver on the team’s desired outcomes or necessary processes to drive outcomes for their customers. With Gainsight CS, we’ve been able to drive strong processes around health scoring, Calls to Action (CTAs) when customer’s usage was low, and scalable Journey Orchestrator programs. However, we were lacking deep analytics on how our customer’s were using Gainsight. Through Google Analytics and a homegrown system, we were able to piece together some of the story—but we were missing the big picture. I can imagine many of you reading this have been in a similar situation and likely heard many of the same questions from your own teams: How often is a key user (admin, persona, etc.) logging into the system and what actions are they performing? It’s great to see this customer using a top feature, but I want to understand how they are using it? My customer just created a new use case for a feature, […]

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