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3 Critical Steps for Aligning Sales to Customer Success

Jennifer Yorke is the Managing Director, EMEA Client Success at Bazaarvoice. Bazaarvoice helps brands and retailers find and reach consumers, and win them with the content they trust. She has a passion for scaling high growth tech businesses, with a focus on international markets and the post-sales environment. Jennifer is a mentor at startup incubator Seedcamp and previously held customer success roles at Box, HootSuite, and HubSpot in London. In traditional software sales, it was possible to build a successful company without being overly concerned with what you “threw over the fence.” Customers would often sink millions of £/$/€ and multiple years of effort into a software purchase and implementation and, as a result, were basically stuck making things work. In fact, we often joked that, after all that money and effort, if someone complained when we rolled it out, we simply fired that person. Not so with software as a service (SaaS). In the SaaS world, our customers have choices (and power) like they’ve never had before. Switching costs tend to be much lower and, because of the subscription model, we give them the option to say “no” long before we’ve achieved our hoped-for lifetime value. All of this […]

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Customer Success = Customer Outcomes + Customer Experience

Winning businesses have been paying attention to the customer’s experience for decades now. CX is a fundamental part of building a brand, winning repeat buyers, and engaging happy customers in your Sales & Marketing strategy. But CX is only one half of the equation. Happy customers with bad outcomes give you none of those benefits. In this exclusive webinar, Tiffani Bova (Global Customer Growth & Innovation Specialist, Salesforce) and Allison Pickens (Chief Customer Officer, Gainsight) will go in-depth on why there’s a clear distinction between customer experience and customer outcomes, and why both of them should roll up to an overarching Customer Success Strategy at your company. You’ll learn: Who owns the customer experience/outcome in a best practices post-sales organization How to consistently leverage great experiences and outcomes into increased upsell, cross-sell, and retention How to align with Sales & Marketing from early pipeline stages through closed-won, onboarding, and renewal How to dovetail the Buyer’s Journey to the Customer Journey to drive predictable growth And much, much more

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Digital Marketing Platform Company Drives 20% Increase in Retention Using Gainsight for Channel Partner Success Image

Digital Marketing Platform Company Drives 20% Increase in Retention Using Gainsight for Channel Partner Success

“Partners can do a much better job at retaining customers if they have 360-degree view of their clients and know what to focus on. Gainsight has helped us to organize and share all that data with our partners.” A leading digital marketing automation platform is experiencing rapid growth through a robust network of over 1,000 partners. To serve their customers and partners, their Customer Success function is divided into CSMs who serve direct customers and Partner Success Managers (PSMs) who help partners manage their portfolio. While this market leader uses Gainsight to drive outcomes for both segments, this study will focus on PSMs. The customer base managed through PSMs represents about half of their total customer base. As a digital marketing solution, their partners are mostly digital marketing agencies and consultants who will sell the platform as part of a marketing strategy. Challenge Selling through partners was a key way for Gainsight’s client to scale, but it presented a new set of challenges for their customers acquired through the channel. Those customers did not have the same access to best practices, information, structured implementation, and a defined journey that was provided to direct customers. The disparity in the customer experience […]

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Continuum Saves $5 Million in ARR Using Gainsight for Partner Success

“Before Gainsight, by the time we found out about a partner risk it was already too late. Now we can take a proactive approach to manage risk. It has saved us over $5 million in ARR since we implemented.” Continuum is an IT management platform that sells 100% through channel partners. Continuum’s partners are Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who provide IT & Security solutions to small and medium businesses around the world. The end-customers span a broad variety of business and industries, ranging from restaurants to boutique shops, doctors offices, libraries, and more. In this model, partners are the key lever for growing the business. Since contracts are not part of Continuum’s partner relationships, it’s critical to proactively manage the partner relationship and consistently deliver stellar results. By improving partner time-to-value, partner knowledge and training, and fostering partner success, Continuum is able to help their partners deliver Continuum products and solutions to the end-client more quickly. Download the case study to read the rest now.

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The Essential Guide to Channel Partner Success Image

The Essential Guide to Channel Partner Success

There’s more to Customer Success than delivering customer outcomes. The discipline embraces the idea that success for customers means success for everyone including manufacturers, service providers, partners, and other stakeholders. Times are changing—subscription services are giving customers more power over where their money goes. If they want to keep up, Channel parties need to adopt a customer-centric mindset to drive success throughout the Channel.

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Gainsight Partner Pyramid Image

Gainsight Partner Pyramid

Successful business relationships are a joint effort. But, when you’re working with a variety of Channel Partners, you’ll find that this is easier said than done. Every business has individual goals and with that, their own definition of what ‘success’ means to them. This infographic gives you a look at the motivations and expectations that come with three types of partner relationships: strategic, value added, and velocity. You can use these insights to create your own Partner Success Program and drive success for all constituents, from Vendors to Partners to Customers. In this datasheet you’ll learn: How to model your Partner Success Program Three types of Partner relationships Strategies and considerations distinct to each Partner segment How each Partner type views their offerings and your partnership How each Partner type approaches customers

The Essential Guide to High Touch Customer Success Management Image

The Essential Guide to High Touch Customer Success Management

Just because High Touch CSM involves more human capital, face-to-face interaction, on-the-fly decision making, and higher-level strategy doesn't mean that process is less important. It's exactly the opposite. Adhering to operational best practices and tactical processes is even more crucial for ensuring the success of your largest footprint customers.

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New York in a Customer Success State of Mind

“One can’t paint New York as it is, but rather as it is felt.” – Georgia O’Keeffe As a child growing up in Los Angeles, I’ll admit that I may have developed a bit of a superiority complex about California—even having convinced myself that LA was the greatest city in the world. I mean, can you blame me? The entertainment industry in Hollywood, the beaches of Malibu, even the weather helped me solidify my case that there’s nowhere in the world quite like Southern California. For the record, I’m also the guy who teared up watching La La Land. However I’ve always had a genuine curiosity, or even romanticism, for that other city on the other coast. It would sneak up on me when watching an episode of ‘Friends’ or ‘Saturday Night Live,’ or listening to the latest Jay-Z album. Those in the know would rave about New York City as being the true center of the world—and after a few weekend visits and work trips in my twenties, I finally appreciated what others had observed all along. But visiting New York and actually living in New York are two completely different experiences. You can imagine my reaction when my […]

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Why I’m So Excited about Sally in Slack

If you’re a Chief Customer Officer like me, chances are your week looks something like mine: 1-hour commute from San Francisco to the Peninsula down the 101 30-minute meetings back-to-back from 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. every day. See if I can check email on my phone while walking between conference rooms Catch a ride to the airport and try to be productive on the way Wait at the gate while my flight is delayed, and run into problems getting strong wifi Spend the next day jetting around New York City, trying to be productive in cabs What makes this crazy lifestyle possible? My phone. When I can’t do work on my phone, that work simply won’t get done. That’s why we launched Sally in Slack. I’ve been the #1 user of Sally within Gainsight since we launched it internally a couple of months ago. And I’m excited to tell you why I’m so excited about it. Sally is the Gainsight chatbot—available via Slack mobile app!—that: Preps me for an onsite client meeting Tells me who is the CSM for an at-risk account Gives me the health score for a client that our Chief Revenue Officer mentions during a meeting […]

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Customers and Contacts Templates

It doesn’t matter whether you run Salesforce or another leading CRM system, the process is simple. All you need is an initial load of Customers and Contacts. We can deploy Gainsight independently of your core Salesforce environment with the same list of Customers and Contacts. No matter your CRM setup, you can start delivering superior customer outcomes immediately with Gainsight. Download these simple templates you can use to gather the data you need. Once you have this data, you can push it into Gainsight and get started. Then, once your company is ready, you can setup the integrations needed to keep Gainsight and your CRM system in sync.

How to Unleash the Hidden Value of a Best Practices Voice of the Customer Program Image

How to Unleash the Hidden Value of a Best Practices Voice of the Customer Program

Your customer base is a constant feedback generating engine. That information is pure gold to any type of business, but especially recurring revenue companies. Unfortunately, it’s lost in the ether when you don’t have a systematic way to capture that feedback, transform it into insights, actualize those insights, and realize the value from the customer. We call that infinite feedback loop the Voice of the Customer (VoC). In this webinar, you’ll learn several actionable tips and tricks to spin up a world-class VoC program, as well as what common pitfalls to avoid along the way. Join Waypoint Group Founder and Principal Steve Bernstein, Continuum’s Senior Manager of Partner Success Programs, Nicole Hunter Hart, and Gainsight’s Director of Product Marketing Ganesh Subramanian as they explore what makes VoC so valuable and how you can drive that value in your organization.

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