The Gainsight Horizon Experience: Simple, Intuitive, and Beautiful Image

The Gainsight Horizon Experience: Simple, Intuitive, and Beautiful

We are extremely excited to have announced the Gainsight Horizon Experience at Pulse Everywhere. Our goal is to deliver a product experience that is simple, intuitive, and beautiful, without sacrificing any of the power you need and expect from Gainsight. These values – simple, intuitive, and beautiful are not just buzzwords. They drive every idea, component, and screen we deliver – so much so that I guarantee every member of the design team is having dreams (or nightmares) about them these days 😉 Let’s take a closer look at what these mean and how you can apply them to your own work. Simple “Feedback is a gift” Ah yes, the old mantra we know and love; and is especially prevalent when working on a design. We source feedback on new concepts, designs in progress, and have already delivered work through various sources including in-app feedback, usability testing, and the usage data we capture in Gainsight PX. A lot of our survey feedback indicated that our users struggled to find things across Gainsight. They mentioned a lot of trial and error, navigating through many pages, and ultimately getting lost in our product. When we began the reimagination of Cockpit, we took […]

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Pulse Everywhere: Themes And Takeaways From Day 1

Today we wrapped the first day of Pulse Everywhere, our reimagined Pulse. We could have never imagined that when we started Pulse in 2013 with 300 attendees that it would grow to the size of our virtual conference today with over 21,000 registered attendees. This year we watched Pulse come full circle. Last year, at Moscone Center, we hung ‘Welcome Home’ signs to greet all of you. Today, thousands of you welcomed us into your home and we are so excited to learn and grow with our Pulse community.  So much happened on day 1! Nick Mehta, our CEO, kicked off with the key themes you will hear across all the tracks from leaders at Splunk, Adobe, IBM, and more! We want to ensure you leave Pulse Everywhere with three feelings: 1) inspired 2) informed and 3) invigorated. The 6 key messages that you will hear weaved throughout Pulse Everywhere are the main questions we know to be top of mind for Customer Success and Product Leaders everywhere. Churn is top of mind, especially in these uncertain times Efficiency and how to do more with less Visibility to gain a common view of the customer How to find pockets of […]

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Pulse Everywhere: The Biggest Product Announcements Ever From Gainsight

Product innovation – it is something that is most certainly at the tip of the tongue of every product executive. Most strive for it, build roadmaps around it, and even sell it to prospective buyers.  There are different paths towards product innovation. Interestingly, when you are a leader in a particular space, like Gainsight is in Customer Success technology, the right path consists of multiple important pillars, all connected and working together. This year’s Pulse, our annual conference, now Pulse Everywhere in 2020 due to the current pandemic, is our incredible chance to share with the world our continued path towards the most meaningful innovation in our industry.  For us, the pillars are always very clear. One, we love our customers and dedicate a large percentage of our roadmap towards helping them achieve more with Gainsight. We listen to the voice of the customer and it translates to many of our new products. Two, we also have a vision to expand our offering and to make it even more competitive not just for the “now,” but also for the future. Vision and voice of the customer have made us the leader among customer success software vendors. And this year we […]

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Pulse Everywhere: 21,000 People Together At My Home

Look around you. What do you see? I see a guest bedroom. I see a desk crammed in the corner. I see a webcam. I see a screen that’s gotten pretty old. And occasionally, I see a kid come running in. That’s it. There are no colleagues around to brainstorm whenever I have an idea. No high-fives to give when the company hits a milestone. No office chatter about last night’s game or the funny things people’s kids say. While we do some of this virtually, we all know it’s not the same. As human beings, we need social connections. So it’s ok if you, like me, feel a little bit lonely. Pulse 2019: Welcome Home Let’s rewind a year to May 2019. Okay – maybe that feels like a century ago. That month, Gainsight proudly held our seventh annual Pulse conference. For the first time, we were at the legendary Moscone Center in San Francisco. Above the lobby, we greeted our guests with a “Welcome Home” sign. The message was that for Customer Success and Product Experience professionals, work can feel kind of lonely in the office. At Pulse, we feel like we fit in. We’re finally with people […]

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Risk Management in the Age of COVID-19

During these difficult times, you need an actionable game plan to swarm your book of business to ensure the right level of support at the right times. We are pleased to be joined by Gainsight customer, Debbie Ashton, Founder & SVP, Strategic Customer Experience at FinancialForce alongside our CEO, Nick Mehta and Kellie Capote, Vice President, Customer Success to discuss how FinancialForce is using newly developed Gainsight COVID-19 workflows to help our customers navigate these new risks.  Watch as we discuss how to create dashboards to help your CSMs segment their customer base based on COVID-19 exposure, track concessions and negotiations, and review health indicators all within Gainsight. This level of account insight is allowing organizations to gain access to the same information fast allowing for quick pivots during these unstable times. In this webinar you will learn: FinancialForce’s approach to COVID-19 workflows Defining risk categories Customer risk indicators Simple activity tracking And much more.

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5 Ways To Cut Software Costs And Integrate Your Customer Experience

There are typically 3 phases of the business cycle: Do more Do less Do more with less The last few months have probably felt like a roller coaster for you, going from #1 at the beginning of the year to #2 during the start of the COVID-19 crisis. Now, most organizations are settling into the reality that digital businesses will continue to grow, but due to uncertainty, most need to be more conservative on spending. Given that retaining customers is more important than ever, your Customer Success teams are likely in situation #3 – doing more with the same or less. We’ve written about process solutions to “do more with less”. But how can you do more with less software spend? In our client base, prior to the crisis, we had noticed a renaissance of focus on Customer Success and Customer Experience. That came with a boom in spending on a plethora of systems as well. The downside of this fragmented approach is: Cost: Overlapping tools mean extra software costs and more operational load to manage disparate tools and to connect them together. Customer Experience: Disconnected systems mean that employees often don’t have the full picture of the client and […]

7 min readMay 7, 2020
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3 Reasons To Invest In Customer Success Technology Now

While we face the challenges of the new normal ushered in as a result of this pandemic—record job losses, global shelter-in-place policies, and a fractured health system—business leaders are doing everything they can to combat churn. In an economic downturn, new logos will be few and far between.  The effects are increased pressure on customer retention, upsells, and expansion. When the risk to your book of business is changing in real-time, where is the first place you look for solutions? Data! However, the type of data you need to make game-time decisions cannot be pieced together from a spreadsheet or even three. This realization has caused many of our customers to declare “Thank God we have Gainsight right now!” [*actual customer quote]. Perhaps you have investigated Customer Success technology in the past but decided the timing was not right. Maybe you opted to cobble together a few internal solutions and more than a few spreadsheets to meet your needs temporarily and now face the inevitable issues with scale and efficiency. Whatever decision you made about a CS technology in the past is no longer valid in this new economy. Everyone in the C-suite from the CCO to the CEO and […]

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10 In-App Engagements to Boost User Experience

In-app engagements are an extremely effective method of increasing user engagement and retention. Studies show that products with in-app engagements see a 3x boost in engagement and a 4x increase in conversions. Watch this webinar to see how your team can easily use in-app engagements in various formats–as guides, surveys, and notifications. We’ll show you how to set up messages and segment to your heart’s content so that your in-app engagements boost user experience, drive adoption, and lead to product growth. In this webinar, you’ll learn: How to make timely and targeted in-app messages 10 practical applications of in-app engagements When to ask for feedback to gauge user sentiment And much more.

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5 Tips To Stay Energized For Pulse Everywhere

We are so excited to connect with the Pulse community during Pulse Everywhere! Instead of simply bringing our presentations to a webinar across two days, we took this as an opportunity to change the game! For the past few months, our marketing team has conceptualized an experience that brings all the best of Pulse to the homes of the more than 14,000 people who are currently registered. This includes a virtual sponsor hall, live streams of puppies, digital networking, a gamified experience with prizes for completing actions within the platform, and more. For those of us fortunate enough to be employed, that has meant that many jobs are now remote and we are spending endless amounts of time in front of our computers. For me, that has meant workouts, meditation, endless cross-collaboration meetings, social happy hours, and family connections all taking place on Zoom or some derivative.  Luckily, I have been following some of the tips from our CIO, Karl Mosgofian on how to combat Zoom fatigue and using appearance optimization to avoid makeup.  While Pulse Everywhere is accessible from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop and we made each day specifically 4 hours (shorter than past live events) to really […]

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Customer Success and Product Experience – Better Together, Now More Than Ever

Last week we were treated to a lively conversation with Eric de Jager, President at Harbor Products Group, and our very own Tyler McNally, VP of Customer Experience who really proved how vital it is for Product Leaders and Customer Success leaders to partner during these uncertain times. Remote work, a rapidly shifting product roadmap, and a demand to support existing customers have led to a tighter integration to improve retention. Uncertain and unprecedented times like these warrant tech companies to step up and alter our priorities, which means that our customers are probably doing the same.. Retention is the highest priority now and preventing churn is existential as evidenced by a survey our CEO conducted of late-stage private cloud companies and publicly-traded SaaS companies. Since ‘retention’ is of paramount importance, great product experience is even more crucial. However, Customer Success alone cannot drive exceptional product experience and thus tighter alignment with Product Management becomes important. During this webinar we focused on three ways to drive this alignment: Product Analytics and Customer Context  While the product teams analyze usage data, the CS teams bring a unique value to this data by adding the customer-specific context. Data alone can be misleading […]

6 min readMay 3, 2020
4 Reasons Why Every Data-Driven Product Leader Should Attend Pulse Everywhere Image

4 Reasons Why Every Data-Driven Product Leader Should Attend Pulse Everywhere

If you haven’t already heard, Gainsight is hosting Pulse Everywhere coming up on May 13th and 14th, which will be one of the largest virtual gatherings of Product leaders currently happening. If you’re not yet registered, check out the agenda and sign up. And, if you need more convincing, here are four reasons why you should attend:  1. Hear the latest on product-led growth from Product leaders at Adobe, Seismic, RingDNA, and moreWe have a great lineup of data-driven Product leaders who will share tactical experience on how they use data analytics and targeted engagement to drive adoption, ensure the success of new feature launches, manage multiple products at scale, and more. If you’re as analytical and data-obsessed as you are creative, you’ll walk away with a lot of best practices that you can start applying immediately to your own product.  The best part is that because the event is virtual, you can easily log in to just the sessions that are most relevant to you. Take a look at the agenda and see if there is anything interesting that catches your eye:  Driving Multi-Product Adoption at Scale Julie Johnson, Senior Manager, Product Adoption, Adobe Managing Uncertainty: How to Focus […]

4 min readMay 1, 2020