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How to Make Your Admins Into All-Stars With Gainsight PX

Every week, I remind myself that a customer is not a company—they’re individuals. We tend to view customers as teams and organizations, personas and segments, but a customer’s actions come from their personal, human experiences. A customer is a person. Usually, the only practical way to send messages to customers is through a 1-to-many communication. A mass email blast that’s targeted through an abstraction like their segment or their company. I’ve found, though, that Gainsight PX allows me to bring my customer marketing all the way down to the level of the person, and more importantly, their human experience. We wanted to be more proactive in our Gainsight Admin enablement. A lot is on their shoulders and our goal was to make them feel more confident and motivated to solve their organization’s problem. But like I said, every customer is an individual person and no two people are the same. In this article, I’ll share how we used Gainsight PX (our product experience platform) to provide personalized support to our admins at scale and increase their adoption of our products. What my high school soccer team taught me about our admins It all starts with soccer. In high school, I was on a truly […]

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What Can a Basset Hound Teach You About Your Users? Image

What Can a Basset Hound Teach You About Your Users?

Meet Hank—a 6-year old basset hound who loves to play fetch, howl for no reason, and get all the belly scratches. Hank is also a treasure trove of understanding about product analytics and feature usage. Don’t worry, this article is more than just cute pictures and GIFs of Hank (although I’d argue that might still qualify as a good way to spend your time). There’s valuable insight into product analytics in the paragraphs to follow. Your users won’t tell you what’s on their mind Let me set up the analogy a bit further. If you’re in the business of creating products or helping your customers be successful, caring for Hank is quite a similar task. There are a lot of consequences if you don’t create products and features that your customers like. They won’t use them, or they won’t be successful with them. In the end, they’ll probably stop using those unfavorable features altogether. Worst-case scenario—they’ll go to your competitors to find a better solution. Your users are like Hank and your product is like one of his many dog toys. If Hank doesn’t like a toy, he’s not going to play with it. Simple as that. Same goes with Hank […]

8 min readAugust 2, 2019

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The Essential Guide to Recurring Revenue

Introduction There are all kinds of ways to make money in business. You can sell a good or a service for cash straight up. You can rent your assets for a limited time and a lower price. There’s investment, banking, Each one of those arrangements has upsides and downsides for both parties. When you sell your goods or services, you can make a great margin—more than you could if you were renting it. But it’s a one-time transaction. You don’t get your goods back to resell. You don’t get your time back. You can make a lot of money on the deal but maybe not as much as you could over a longer period of time. But if you were to rent your asset, you’re also out that asset for the duration of the period you’re renting it. You’re responsible for the wear and tear. You get a smaller return in the short term than a sale, but maybe you can make more over the life of the asset. And we haven’t talked at all about the other party in these transactions. Buying something outright is great because that product is yours. It might cost more up front, but you […]

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How We Use a Paywall to Increase Free Trial Conversions

So your free trial period is up… what happens next? Earlier this quarter we introduced the option to evaluate our Gainsight PX offering by starting a 15-day free trial. A huge driver for our free trial was feedback from our prospects and customers. They preferred to evaluate software by trying it themselves before buying it. This is on point with industry trends—free trial experiences are the second most effective way to gain customer trust—so we set out to deliver the best experience possible. We had to invest in two key areas on the Product side to make this happen: Restrict access to the full Gainsight PX experience once the 15-day trial period was over. Guide prospects through a simple workflow that would convert them from a free trial user to a paying customer. To restrict access upon trial completion, we turned to the idea of a paywall (or pay gate). This functionality would be presented to our users directly in the product. Paywalls are used to block access to a premium offering until an appropriate action has been taken—in this case, the paywall would disappear after paying for the premium offering. In this article, I’ll share an example of how […]

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Finding Friction in Your User Journey & How to Fix It Image

Finding Friction in Your User Journey & How to Fix It

Slow load times. Form after form after form. Buttons that don’t work. Is your blood boiling just thinking about them? The same could be happening to your users right now. We’ve all had our share of frustrating user experiences, but they don’t have to happen in your product. Join Agata Bugaj, Senior Director of Product Management at FullStory, as she shares tactics to find and solve points of friction in your product. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to: Identify points of friction in your product. Increase engagement and adoption Balance new feature work with frustration fixes And much more!

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The Essential Guide to Product Analytics Image

The Essential Guide to Product Analytics

Introduction As a part of the product function, a huge weight lies on your shoulders. You’re tasked with creating the very thing that your business is marketing, selling, and relying on to give them a competitive advantage. On top of that, you’re responsible for driving adoption and usage, but you’re distanced from your users. And how exactly are your product investments impacting the business? Bridging these gaps requires data—an abundant but under-utilized resource. With the right data and product analytics tools at your disposal, you can make educated decisions, influence stakeholders, and enhance your team’s credibility within the company. This article will provide you with a solid understanding of what product analytics is, the importance of understanding data, and how to use your product insights in ways that will directly impact your company’s goals. Chapter 1 Product Analytics 101 For Sales or Marketing, analytics is part of their day-to-day and critical to their success. For product teams, this needs to be the norm too. Product analytics is no longer an auxiliary part of product management, it’s a necessity. We live in an age of “more” and today’s product teams are evolving to keep up. A study by New Voice Media […]

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Stop Using the Wrong Product Metrics: Unlocking Business Value [Part 2] Image

Stop Using the Wrong Product Metrics: Unlocking Business Value [Part 2]

This article is Part 2 in a two-part series that will help your product team find the right metrics to improve and demonstrate business impact. Read Part 1 (Stop Using the Wrong Product Metrics: Valuable Metrics Framework) here. In my previous article, I discussed why product metrics sometimes don’t deliver business value, and I discussed best practices for driving business value as a product manager through a flexible framework of product metrics. To recap, the framework has the following eight components: Determine the key drivers of the business Select the single driver you want to focus on Define a qualitative north star objective Define a north star metric Decompose the north star metric into qualitative problem areas Define product metrics that capture each problem area Solve a problem area and measure progress Iteratively knock out problem areas To bring the framework to life, I’d love to walk you through a real-world example of metrics that I established, how my approach created unique business value, and how I proved the value of my product to my stakeholders. So, let’s dive in! 1) Determine Key Business Drivers One of the companies I worked with had three primary business drivers: Revenues of the existing […]

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My 3 Favorite Customer Cloud Features

When I was a kid imagining the future of 2019, it looked a lot different than the present we live in today. I mean, I thought for sure we’d have fusion reactors, space elevators, replicants, basically everything from Minority Report. It’s been half a century since we landed on the moon and we still don’t have a moonbase. Is the future just way less futuristic than we were hoping for? Did innovation somehow slow down? Maybe we’re just less inventive than previous generations. Except we know that’s not true. In my lifetime I’ve seen astonishing leaps in science and technology; it’s just that most of the really impressive stuff is happening behind the scenes. The major leaps forward might not look like flying cars or teleportation beams (working on those, though), but in the field of computer science, we’re truly living in a golden age. So why doesn’t it always feel like that? When you compare flipping the switch on a revolutionary quantum computer to launching a lunar mission, it just can’t measure up in terms of the public spectacle. But even when a computer science achievement captures the imagination of the planet, like Deep Blue or AlphaMind or Watson, […]

8 min readAugust 16, 2019
Measuring the Success of Your Product Initiatives With Gainsight PX Image

Measuring the Success of Your Product Initiatives With Gainsight PX

Chances are you’ve heard the saying, “‘Everyone wants change, just not for them.” If we’re being honest, we can all agree that the one constant in life is change—yet managing change can be difficult. Will the new thing be better than the old thing? What will I have to relearn or rethink with the new thing? Even if all the parties involved know that the change is overwhelmingly for the better, it can still be tough to manage the process. More #changeManagement #OrgDev #OrgChange comics – — Torben Rick (@torbenrick) September 18, 2017 Change as seen from a product management operations lens Change management is one of the core responsibilities of an operations function in business, whether it be IT Operations, Sales Operations, or in my personal case, Product Operations. The product operations function at Gainsight enables the product management team with the tools and processes they need to succeed. We also work cross-functionally with other departments to remove barriers and enable effective communication. One of our big internal initiatives is our platform evolution, Gainsight NXT. This evolution represents a multi-year effort to upgrade our application and bring more flexibility, speed, and control to our user community. We’re really […]

5 min readAugust 9, 2019
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How to Create Targeted In-App Messages with Gainsight PX

Companies are constantly releasing new products and features. But making end users aware of these new options is a big challenge for marketing, sales, and customer success teams. For those of us in B2B SaaS, we often interact with solution admins, internal champions, or decision-makers, not our end users. To reach end users, we rely on emails, press releases, and events. These channels let us reach a broad audience quickly but more often than not, end users receive the information when it’s best for us to share it with them, not when it’s most relevant to them. Our Challenge: Raising Awareness of the New Gainsight Mobile Application At Gainsight, we experienced this challenge firsthand. We know CSMs are on the go and need a customer success solution that they can access anytime, anywhere, so we created the Gainsight Mobile Application. It seemed like the hard work was done once we built the app, but it was just beginning. We needed to inform our customers of the value they would get from the app so they could download and start using it. We announced the mobile app at Pulse 2019 and followed up with an integrated campaign to drive adoption. The first touch in […]

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Perfecting Your Handoffs From Sales to Customer Onboarding to Customer Success Image

Perfecting Your Handoffs From Sales to Customer Onboarding to Customer Success

80 percent of companies think they are delivering “superior experiences.” Just eight percent of customers agree. Where’s the disconnect? If each team thinks they’re doing a great job ensuring the customer experience is superior, the disconnect is most likely in the handoffs. You work in a company with many different roles, teams, departments, metrics, and objectives. But from the customer’s perspective, you’re all just one company. So how do you fix the weak joints that connect strong teams? That’s where this ebook comes in. Gainsight and Taskray present the four keys to perfecting your handoffs and creating indelible experiences and successful outcomes for your customers. Get proven tactics and best-practice strategy for improving each handoff across the customer lifecycle—from Marketing to Sales to Onboarding to CS to Account Management to Renewals and beyond. This ebook also includes a gold-standard journey mapping template and a communications checklist for handoff-related outreach. Download it today and share with your cross-functional teams!