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How to Prepare Your Product for Use in Isolation

In the SaaS industry, it’s always been our job to provide flexibility and accessibility through our products. Remote work isn’t new. The products we create have fueled telecommuting ever since the inception of software-as-a-service. However, we’ve entered a time where work-from-home is more prevalent than ever and the global environment we work in is like nothing we’ve ever experienced. Maybe you’ve noticed an influx of users with the shift to remote workforces. Or maybe you’re doing all you can to ensure your existing customers will continue to use your products. Whether you’re focusing on adoption or retention, your product needs to be able to provide value when your customer-facing teams cannot. We can’t rely on our customer-facing teams to do the heavy lifting. Products need to step up and become more functional in an isolated environment if we want to succeed in the long-term. Product experiences in an isolated environment Let me begin by clarifying what I mean when I say that products should function in isolation. Here is a personal example. When my son was born one month ago, I went through all of the fun paperwork to get his birth certificate, social security number, insurance, etc.. To be […]

6 min readApril 20, 2020
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Customer Success and Afternoon Tea: Virtual Edition

Wednesday, April 22 | 2:00 p.m. GMT+1 (9:00 a.m. ET) In a career where face-to-face interactions are essential, we have recently found ourselves in a situation of uncertainty. We are now required to shift to a virtual platform to engage with customers. In these days of social distancing, our role as customer success professionals has been challenged by the need to be creative in the ways we work with our clients. Please join Adam Joseph, Gainsight’s Director of EMEA Customer Success, Ryan Toben, GM of Gainsight EMEA, and Rachel Bush, one of our amazing CSMs over afternoon tea, coffee and biscuits. We will share how CS professionals are adjusting with the current times and let the audience (you!) share best practices, tips, and innovative ideas you’ve used over the last several weeks during this transition to a virtual customer success world. In this webinar, you’ll learn: How to thrive in a remote CS team Remote communication strategies with customers Work-from-home hacks

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Product Teams: Help Your Company Navigate COVID-19 With This One Simple Process Image

Product Teams: Help Your Company Navigate COVID-19 With This One Simple Process

Unless you are in one of a few select industries — video conferencing, distance learning, security or certain healthcare companies etc. — COVID-19 is likely to put a big dent in your growth.  Much worse, companies are at high risk of losing the customers they already have.  The number one imperative for every company right now is retaining their customers.   There are lots of critically important things that product teams can do to help with retention during this period, including: Provide detailed adoption data to spot trends and identify at-risk customers Deliver messages or surveys in-app to keep your customers informed or gather key information to support them better Make sure that your technical  operations are top-notch so that you deliver for your customers at this crucial time While these things are essential, the most powerful tool product teams have is prioritizing the work of engineering teams.  How can we marshal our engineering capacity to the fight for customer retention and through that for our company’s survival?  Obviously, a strong roadmap that adds valuable features and improves quality will help with retention.  But that is over the long term—COVID and COVID-related churn is a problem right now.  What can we do […]

7 min readApril 16, 2020
Healthcare Edition: How to Solve 3 Unique Communication Challenges in HealthIT Image

Healthcare Edition: How to Solve 3 Unique Communication Challenges in HealthIT

In most SaaS industries, vendors strictly communicate with decision-makers, key stakeholders, and administrators. It’s quite different in HealthIT! Because users must use our platforms to do their jobs, we often have the authority to communicate directly with end-users, especially when serving Small and Group practices. Communicating with thousands of users is simple, but how about communicating with hundreds of thousands of users? If you are a growing HealthIT platform, you might be struggling to scale how you communicate with your decision-makers, administrators, and users. Here are three communication challenges that are unique to HealthIT: Multiple users within a healthcare practice may share a “non-professional” inbox, for example, any email address ending in This can make it hard to send the right email message, to the right persona, at the right time, as well as keep certain messages confidential. Trying to onboard a new user via email? Forget about it! Users within healthcare practices can play multiple roles in your application. A single user may simultaneously be the Practice Administrator, Billing Manager, and system administrator for your tool. As a result, you may need them to complete multiple sets of tasks during onboarding. You may need to send ongoing email communications for […]

4 min readApril 15, 2020
Changing the Wheels on a Moving Car: 4 Keys to Managing CSM Transitions Image

Changing the Wheels on a Moving Car: 4 Keys to Managing CSM Transitions

There is an old joke: A car mechanic was performing routine service for his trusted client, a cardiac surgeon, while the surgeon waited in the lounge. At the end of it, while settling the bill, the mechanic turned to the cardiac surgeon and said “I don’t know why you are paid so much more than me, doc. Both of us change valves on an engine”. The surgeon smiled and replied “True. But have you ever tried changing the valves on a running engine”. That is exactly the complexity that comes with changing a CSM on a running book of business (BoB). To apply Maxwell’s maxim ‘Change is inevitable, growth is optional’ to the Customer Success world, there is no reason why an account should suffer from lack of attention or a growth crisis even as the CSMs transition in and out, which they inevitably will. In fact, a true CSM solution makes this change as seamless as possible. Transitions will happen due to a multitude of reasons. Employee attrition. Employee growth. Internal reorganizations. As we think about the new world we are in, some of these are inevitable. Sometimes, the timing can be partially controlled, but for many reasons it can be […]

8 min readApril 13, 2020
Why This Global Disruption Is A Catalyst To Product-Led Growth Image

Why This Global Disruption Is A Catalyst To Product-Led Growth

5 Ways to calibrate your product & GTM strategy with Product-led growth It feels like someone pulled the plug on the world’s economy and we’re on the verge of a downturn. As humans, during times of uncertainty, our mindset is quickly changing towards short-term goals and sustainability. The market instantly becomes volatile and companies are focusing on the fundamental business metrics. The new normal Global disruptions force humans and businesses into an evolution cycle and into a new reality to which we have to adapt. Some companies will require pivoting and transform overnight, some will require business reprioritization and for some, it’s an opportunity to invest and be ahead of the curve as we realize the “new normal”. Globalization and digital transformation The GTM models will change forever in this new normal. Businesses will have to rely on global resources, digital customer communication, and leverage different sources of supply. Local businesses will shift towards globalization, where design, production, and delivery are distributed. It means digital transformation and digital experience is an essential part of the new normal. The demand for subscription services is on the rise At Gainsight PX we were able to measure usage across subscriptions and noticed a significant […]

5 min readApril 13, 2020
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Compare Top Customer Success Vendors with G2

If you’re evaluating customer success software, this is an invaluable resource. Why is that? G2 Grid Reports are based on thousands of verified reviews from actual users, so you can compare dozens of vendors based on real feedback. Get access to ratings and reviews for 30+ vendors across dozens of dimensions, including Satisfaction Ratings, Feature Comparisons, Segment Served, and much more. What will you learn? Highest rated features Likeliness to recommend Product Roadmap sentiment Market presence stats And more!

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5 Ways Gainsight Uses Gainsight to Drive Expansion Sales

As a Sales Leader, I am deeply focused on how to maintain & maximize revenue during the currently unfolding & rapidly changing COVID landscape. I find myself racked with questions around how to think about re-forecasting the business, which product lines would be most impactful to customers in this environment, what special promotions might we offer, and ways we can alter prospecting efforts, to drive maximum yield. It seems to be a foregone conclusion that new business sales will slow to some degree in the immediate term, as prospects come to grips with what this means for their business (directly or indirectly), and delay or halt new buying decisions. For that reason, maintaining revenue in our installed base, and looking for ways to maximize revenue via cross-sell / upsell in the right scenarios is critical. Leaders who can easily access key customer data to help them understand (1) a comprehensive picture of customer health and (2) whitespace opportunity, will have a leg up in this new environment. To that end, I am excited to share with you the key ways I leverage Gainsight, in order to do just that. 1. Maximize Customer Retention Retaining customers that are already in the […]

1 sharesApril 8, 2020
3 Things CROs Do to Double Down on Expansion During a Downturn Image

3 Things CROs Do to Double Down on Expansion During a Downturn

If you’re like every sales team right now, COVID-19 has done a number on your new logo pipeline and blown up your forecast. Uncertainty has caused prospects to tighten their budgets for new investments or indefinitely delay sales meetings and purchase decisions.  And, with the uncertainty set to continue, sales teams are strapping in for the long-haul. That’s why many CROs we’ve spoken to recently have quickly shifted their strategy towards doubling down on selling to their installed base of customers. That is, they’re focused on selling additional products and services to those already seeing value from their product.  It’s no secret that your existing customers are one of your greatest potential sources of growth, but for the next several quarters, they are likely to be your sales lifeline. Here are some things we’re seeing the most creative Sales leaders in our customer base do to find and close every opportunity for expansion: 1. Using their customers’ usage and deployment data to surface upsell opportunities Whether you operate a consumption-based business (e.g., you sell a certain number of tokens) or you sell licenses that get deployed over time, you likely have customers that are at capacity (are approaching usage or […]

4 min readApril 8, 2020
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Ask an Expert: The Tools and Tricks Every Remote Product Team Needs

This blog post is written by guest author, Steve Johnson, CEO and founder of Under10 Consulting and former VP and Founding Instructor at Pragmatic Institute. Steve is an author, speaker, and product coach. In my first product management job, I was based in Virginia and my developers were in California. Although it was a long flight—I could leave D.C. on Monday morning and be in the LA office by lunchtime. Of course, I couldn’t make that trip every week, so I had to adopt remote methods from the very beginning of my product management career. In those days, traveling was a major part of the job—traveling to California for monthly meetings with my product team; traveling to clients for sales calls or customer discovery; traveling to our corporate offices for sit-downs with other teams such as marketing, support, and finance. Plus, trips for our quarterly product reviews with leadership. How much of this can be done today remotely? All of it. As my personal story shows, product managers and marketers have been working with remote teams for years. Many (perhaps most) product managers aren’t co-located with either their product or their marketing teams. Of course, the current COVID-19 crisis is […]

5 min readApril 8, 2020
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Product Experience + Customer Success: Better Together, Now More Than Ever

When the future is unknown, how do you make the right decisions for your product? In this current economic and working climate, it’s critical that product managers lean into the resources and data from customer success to inform their roadmap and give them rapid data to drive business decisions and engineering resources. Join Eric de Jager (Independent Consultant to JMI and President of Harbor Products Group) and Tyler McNally (VP of Customer Experience at Gainsight) as they discuss collaboration best practices so product and customer success teams can walk in lockstep towards success. In this webinar, you’ll learn: How to combine product analytics with customer data Communication strategies in a remote world How to create a customer-focused product roadmap

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