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Pulse 2013 Revisited: Key Takeaways

The Customer Success movement kicked off at Pulse 2013 and continues to grow stronger every day. In this webinar, discover the most crucial learnings from our inaugural conference; dive into the key takeaways that should be applied in any organization with a recurring-revenue business model. Join Dan Steinman, Gainsight’s Chief Customer Officer, as he reflects on the inaugural Pulse 2013 conference and shares the key takeaways for Customer Success. Customer Success or Sales – which is more important? How can we defend ourselves against churn? How can I turn customer data into action?

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VCs Want You to Take Customer Success Seriously

http://vimeo.com/68816774 The recent Pulse conference, which took place on May 30, 2013, was designed to provide multiple lenses into the world of Customer Success.  This included a panel of CEOs offering their insights, along with a view from the CIO and also one from the CFO.  But one of the most interesting, and anticipated, sessions was the VC panel.  For anyone involved in technology anywhere in the world, it matters what Sand Hill Road thinks and, on this day, one of the discoveries was that the subject of Customer Success was as near and dear to Sand Hill’s hearts as it was to the audience’s. Aaref Hilaly from Sequoia, Ping Li from Accel, Roger Lee from Battery, and Byron Deeter from Bessemer were the panelists and shared their thoughts on a variety of customer success-related subjects including churn, retention, valuations, and what is discussed behind the doors at board meetings. A number of very interesting statistics were shared as part of the conversation.  For example, there was consensus agreement on what constitutes world-class with regard to retention.  With enterprise customers, 95% seems to be the magic number and on the SMB side, 85% is considered very good.  In both cases, the $$ retention, which includes both renewals […]

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Structuring a Customer Success Organization

As you build a Customer Success practice, there will be many ways to structure and compensate your customer-facing organization. This webinar addresses the most pressing questions for those examining the organizational framework. Join Dan Steinman, Gainsight’s Chief Customer Officer, and Catherine Blackmore, former VP of Customer Success at Badgeville, for a discussion on structuring a Customer Success organization. Why watch? What ways can I structure my CSM organization? How does the organizational hierarchy change over time? How do I incentivize to ensure Customer Success?

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Building a Customer Success Team

Businesses in the Subscription Economy are beginning to realize just how much they depend on customer retention and success. This webinar addresses the most pressing questions for those building or growing their Customer Success organization. Join Dan Steinman, Gainsight’s Chief Customer Officer, and Nello Franco, Talend’s SVP of Customer Success, for an enlightening discussion on building a Customer Success team. Why watch? How do I justify an investment in Customer Success? How do I build a sustainable CSM organization? How do I prove the ROI to my CEO?

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Data Science & The Future of Customer Success

Everybody seems to be talking about big data, data science and predictive analytics these days, but what does it really mean? This webinar dives into how Marketo is using data science to drive success for its customers and discusses how to turn analytics into action. Join Dan Steinman, Marketo’s Mike Stocker, and David Gerster, Groupon’s former Head of Data Science, as they discuss data science’s future with Customer Success. Why watch? How does data science apply to Customer Success? Once we crunch the numbers, what do I do with the data? Can I identify the early indicators of churn or growth in my customers?

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Scorecards: Quantifying Customer Success

Continuing our efforts to further innovate and improve our product, we introduced a new Scorecards feature last year. Far too many companies base customer health on subjective information, but with the technology we have available today, there is no reason to continue operating on assumptions. Join Steve Buccola, Gainsight’s Sr. Dir. Products, and Paul Piazza, Gainsight’s Dir. of Customer Success, for an exciting discussion on a better and more effective way of measuring the health of your customers. Why watch? How do I score the health of my customers? Should health scores be automated or manual? What measurements will have the greatest impact on revenue?

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Implementing a Vibrant Online Community

By implementing the following suggestions, you should be able to create a vibrant community that keeps the customers happy, provides a superior support system to the customers and builds trust between the customers and the vendor. As a result of having a vibrant community, you will be able to understand more about your customers: who is happy; who needs attention; identify up-sell opportunities; get valuable feedback for innovation for products and services; and an opportunity to find new customers, including referrals from happy customers. 3 Types of Online Communities Velvet Rope Private Community In my opinion, an online community should exist for existing customers only and not prospects, consultants, and others (with ulterior motives). Since customers like to network and meet each other to discuss things they have in common, Velvet Rope Private Communities work well with existing customers. Such a pristine environment where the customer is protected from the outside world and not polluted by people trying to sell them something is a great place where only like-minded people can talk, network with each other, share ideas, ask questions, and help each other. This is an “all about the customer” place that works well as a support system because customers can […]

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What Does Your CEO Think About Customer Success? CEOs From Box, Zuora, Xactly and Gainsight Weigh In Image

What Does Your CEO Think About Customer Success? CEOs From Box, Zuora, Xactly and Gainsight Weigh In

Some are born great Some achieve greatness And some have greatness thrust upon ’em – Wm. Shakespeare, Twelfth Night I’ve been preaching now for at least a couple of years that Customer Success is only in its infancy and, as an expertise, the explosion and proliferation of roles in this area will happen over the next five years and beyond.  If you have chosen Customer Success as your career because you saw this coming, congratulations.  If you find yourself in this role because you’ve worked hard and proven you can be trusted with significant responsibilities (like customers), well done.  If you have simply been minding your own business and a Customer Success role has just fallen in your lap, you might want to buy a lotto ticket, too. However you got there, you are part of a select group of people who will be teaching much of the rest of the world some extremely valuable skills over the next few years.  Think about it this way – what if you had decided in 2001 that this Salesforce.com thing was not just a fad but was going to be one of the key pieces of infrastructure in hundreds of thousands of businesses over the […]

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Marketing Automation + Customer Engagement Management Drives SaaS Revenue

SaaS success requires acquiring new customers, growing their account revenue, and retaining these customers – nailing these three areas leads to strong growth in a SaaS company’s reoccurring revenue. SaaS companies must drive both the number of customers and their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Maximizing Revenue for SaaS Companies is more than Customer Acquisition.  Marketing Automation together with Content Marketing and Sales Force Automation (SFA) drives new customer acquisition.  Customer Engagement Management provides the tools which drive the increase in Customer Lifetime Value. These goals can be realized by: Marketing Automation dramatically increases the ability to cost effectively close new customers; Customer Engagement Management dramatically increase trial conversions, customer success, customer satisfaction, customer referenceability, revenue per customer, and customer retention. Customer Services together with Customer Engagement  Management drive Up-Sales, Cross-Sales, and Customer Retention using related techniques. These components effectively become part of the Customer Relationship Management system also including Sales Force Automation and Customer Service providing a complete view of the customer. Marketing Automation: Driving the purchase through prospect interaction tracking and automation Marketing Automation software use is exploding as it efficiently drives new revenue through a personalized approach giving each prospect (or customer) the right message to the right […]

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Highlights From Pulse 2013

The Customer Success movement was officially launched last Thursday as we welcomed nearly 300 CSM executives to San Francisco for the inaugural Pulse 2013 conference.  You could feel the energy in the room throughout the day, as speakers from over 30 leading technology companies shared their perspectives on how a fundamental shift is occurring in the way businesses drive value to their customers. The event started with our announcement of wearable Customer Success technology with the introduction of Gainsight Glass.   We had way too much fun working on that video.  To give you a better idea about the highlights from our inaugural conference, we’ve included below a post from Pulse attendee and former Senior VP of Customer Success at Lyris, Nello Franco.  You can view his original post and learn more about Nello on his blog. — The “Three R’s” Nick Mehta, Gainsight CEO opened by introducing some key fundamental objectives of Customer Success – and they’re all measurable.  I’ve referred to them as the “Three R’s”: Retention, Renewals, and References. Geoffrey Moore and the “Four Gear Framework” Geoffrey Moore, Author of “Crossing the Chasm” and “Inside the Tornado”, presented an alternative framework to the traditional Technology Adoption Lifecycle, explaining that […]

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3 Things You Can Learn About Customer Success From Kitchen Nightmares Image

3 Things You Can Learn About Customer Success From Kitchen Nightmares

If you’re at all connected with pop culture, or are on some sort of social network, you’ve probably seen the recent meltdown by the owners of Amy’s Baking Company on the nationally broadcast reality show, Kitchen Nightmares. For those of you that haven’t, check it out here. If you don’t have time to watch the entire video, the first 10-15 minutes are quite eye opening. I don’t watch this show on a regular basis, but I was captivated by this particular episode. Having been involved in customer service—with a passion toward customer success throughout my career—I was spellbound by the complete lack of customer focus that the owners of this business exhibited.  They essentially did everything you shouldn’t do when it comes to customer service. Within the first two minutes of the opening credits, we’re shown the company’s namesake: “The customer is not always right.”  Yikes. While this may be true in reality, it seemed to be the flawed basis on which they run their business. Throughout the show, the owners demonstrated an outright animosity toward their customers, employees, and a complete inability to take even the most benign criticism. To make matters worse, all this happened before Chef Ramsey even walked […]

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