The New Technology for Blending Data

Data Spaces is a new technology that for the first time enables the blending of data across multiple objects. This tool simultaneously extends the power and simplifies the use of Gainsight’s Reporting and Rules Engine. Data Spaces allows Business Operations teams to spend less time manipulating data and more time optimizing processes to drive outstanding customer outcomes.

With Data Spaces, Gainsight provides a new method to blend your existing fields and objects into the combinations you need for meaningful reporting and automation. Use Data Spaces to:

  • Combine Opportunity Product and Opportunity objects with the Gainsight Health Scorecard to determine which which products influence customer health
  • Finally create complete reporting on Survey Questions, Answers and Respondents - and pre-filter it by Survey for detailed analysis
  • Blend data from multiple objects to create an Advocacy and Reference Activity subject to fully capture a customer’s activities on your behalf

data spaces

Add a Tool to your Admin’s Arsenal

Give your Admin a new tool to effectively and efficiently manage your company’s data. Replace cumbersome workarounds to join and relate objects in both Salesforce and Gainsight with Data Spaces.

Save time configuring new Reports and Rules within Gainsight by leveraging predefined Data Spaces to quickly produce the right result from the right data.

Data Spaces

Become a Team of Data Wizards

Create new Data Spaces directly within Gainsight’s Admin UI on your Salesforce and Gainsight objects. Share the predefined Data Space with end-users through Gainsight’s reporting tool so they can easily explore your data and create specific reports. Use Data Spaces to create:

  • Predefined datasets of the most relevant subjects for reporting (i.e., Survey Results, Customer Advocacy Activity, Team Workload & Productivity)
  • A representation of your team’s managerial hierarchy and aggregations of KPIs at each managerial level

Data spaces

For how we use Gainsight at my company, we call it “The Tool of Truth”. It holds all information about customers and accounts that we rely on it for almost everything.

Damon Wong

Customer Success