Prepare for customer meetings and collaborate anywhere - with the Gainsight Mobile App

Gainsight’s cross-platform mobile app allows you to access your key customer information right from your phone. Know if you need to take action, collaborate with your team, and prepare for customer meetings in minutes with the Gainsight mobile app.

Stay on top of your tasks

Get instant access to Gainsight Cockpit so you can prepare for your day.

  • Get alerts about potential customer risks or expansion opportunities
  • Quickly add comments, update task status and collaborate with team members
  • Set up reminders to get notified on key customer events such as an upcoming renewal

Mobile App
Mobile App

Prepare for meetings on the go

Don’t be caught off-guard for planned or impromptu meetings. Prepare for customer calls in minutes by looking at customer health and engagement data.

  • Quickly access contract information
  • See current health score and notes
  • Edit health score and add notes after your meeting
  • Monitor product adoption and support case trends
  • Track engagement around key lifecycle events
  • Access and act on NPS survey results
  • Get a timeline view of the customer’s journey
  • View milestones, alerts, and events
  • Log a new milestone after a meeting

Mobile App

For how we use Gainsight at my company, we call it “The Tool of Truth”. It holds all information about customers and accounts that we rely on it for almost everything.

Damon Wong

Customer Success