Unify all stakeholders with a shared view of the customer

Shared360 enables your customer-facing teams, partners, and vendors to coordinate and prioritize their actions around a unified understanding of customer health. This 360-degree view consolidates multiple sources of data such as your CRM, support system, financial system, survey tool or custom database to provide a one-stop data shop for your customer-facing teams.

Anyone who needs to can see a 360-degree view of the customer via a simple web page for easy access outside Gainsight or your CRM. Organizations can empower every stakeholder with the data, workflow, and collaboration tools needed to align and work together as an ecosystem towards optimal customer outcomes.

  • Share important customer or partner information such as customer health, open risk or opportunity alerts, survey responses or account metrics with internal teammates.
  • Share a view of channel customers to your external partners to enable them to mitigate any risks, align on strategic goals, and capitalize on expansion opportunities.
  • Quickly brief your executive team on important customer metrics and goal progress ahead of meetings with strategic customers.
shared 360

Configure granular settings for secure access

Don’t sacrifice information security for the sake of easy access across teams, partners, and executives. With Shared360, you can choose to add an optional One Time Password (OTP) or set a link expiration for additional security.

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