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Turn Customer Success into a durable growth engine for your business.

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Customer 360 & Health

Eliminate retention and expansion blind spots

  • Get more granular and accurate retention and expansion forecasts with robust healthscores and a 360º view of every customer
  • Take quick action on sponsor changes and other key risk factors with automated playbooks and workflows
  • Provide your leadership with a single pane of glass with powerful dashboards that  leverage all of your customer data

Journey Orchestration

Scale efficiently by combining human and digital touch

  • Give your customers the attention they deserve with engaging journeys that offer the perfect blend of human and digital
touch points
  • Save your team hours of work, every week, with automated customer interactions that reach the right person at the right time
  • Take the “reactive” out of your teams’ vocabulary by automating those repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on what
matters most

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We’ve simplified the journey. Now it’s easier and more clear than ever to embed customer success into the growth engine of your business — from start-up to scale-up and beyond.

Revenue Optimization

Turn customer success into a revenue machine

  • Show revenue growth impact with customer success qualified leads (CSQLs) and utilize robust workflows to identify expansion opportunities and streamline account planning
  • Predict renewals and expansions with better insights and AI-powered health scoring
  • Focus on the right opportunities at the right time by prioritizing renewals that need action

Success Planning & Playbooks

Provide a clear path to your customer's success

  • Create strategic and prescriptive action plans to showcase achieved customer goals
  • Capture, track activity, and share progress on your customers’ key goals using Objective CTAs
  • Identify the best actions for every customer risk or opportunity with AI-powered playbooks and best-practices

Customer Feedback

Focus your priorities to deliver on customer feedback and accelerate value and retention

  • NLP supplies actionable insights and trends to understand what matters most based on VOC
  • Precisely measure and understand customer health with a multi-dimensional feedback loop tracking sentiment, risk signals, NPS, engagement, and feature usage
  • Product management tool integrations ensure customer feedback is the driving force behind your roadmap strategy

Through-Partner Customer Success

Let your Partners Help Drive Success

  • Integrate channel and ecosystem partners into your customer success strategies through direct Gainsight access with flexible user permissions to exchange customer insights
  • Get deeper insights and data inputs into customer health scores with contributions from partners
  • Drive adoption of products and services in diverse markets where your partners have reach

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