Deltek’s Customer Success Organization Saves Time & Money Using Gainsight

Founded in 1983, Deltek is the leading global provider of enterprise software and information solutions for project-based businesses. More than 30,000 organizations and millions of users in over 80 countries around the world rely on Deltek for superior levels of project intelligence, management and collaboration.

Deltek’s Customer Success Organization has grown rapidly and evolved in line with Deltek’s growth trajectory to ensure the success of companies using the provider’s sophisticated, high-end software. However, without a purpose-built Customer Success platform, Deltek’s CSMs struggled to gain the forward-looking views and full customer visibility they needed.

Gainsight enables Deltek to:

  • Easily track all CSM activities
  • Gain better views into customer health and renewals
  • Scale its Customer Success team

Read the case study to learn more about how Gainsight enables Deltek’s Customer Success team to drive incredible business value.