Moving Upmarket, DoubleDutch Automates Lifecycle for 60% of Customers Using Gainsight

"When you’re scaling an enterprise platform, you need the right tools to stay customer-centric. Our ROI from Gainsight is huge, illustrated by our major efficiency and customer experience gains."
- Mike Mattos, VP of Account Management at DoubleDutch

If you've ever been in a board meeting, chances are pretty good you've heard some variation of the question, "What can we do to shift upmarket?"

Refocusing on larger deals with higher ARR and longer terms is a tried-and-true pathway to growth. One or two massive enterprise deals can equal another series of funding. But how can your company make that shift without abandoning a major part of your revenue base?

DoubleDutch is the leading provider of Live Engagement Marketing technology, and is best known to enterprises for their custom-built apps for conferences, trade shows, and events. The company was founded in 2011 in San Francisco, and has quickly grown into a worldwide, category-defining organization. It has a Customer Experience team comprised of a dozen CSMs and Professional Services agents, as well as encompassing the Support team. In 2016, DoubleDutch endeavored to make the shift to enterprise-level clients, and Gainsight became the linchpin of that strategy.

"Before Gainsight, we were doing it all with manual touch. But once we poked around in Gainsight and CoPilot, we realized we could very quickly get a self-service tier of the ground.”
– Cy Perry, Director of Experience Operations at DoubleDutch

CHALLENGE: Automate lower-touch customers

When you decide to refocus on enterprise clients, there are three common choices:

  1. Transition your Sales, Marketing, and Post-sales organizations away from mid-market and SMB clients, and allow those customers to adjust or churn out.
  2. Hire a team to pick up the slack wherever clients are falling through the cracks.
  3. Leverage technology to automate touch for self-sufficient customers.

DoubleDutch pursued #3, needing a solution to track the overall health and activity in each account, standardize project management during onboarding, and reach out to the customer base automatically at scale. Ideally, the team wanted an all-in-one solution to meet these needs and reduce spend on a fragmented stack.

"The biggest success was how quickly we got adoption from the team. Within two weeks we had the vast majority of the Customer Success team using Gainsight. They very quickly saw the value there. It was saving them time and giving us more visibility into what they were doing."
– Cy Perry, Director of Experience Operations at DoubleDutch

SOLUTION: Centralize information and build a self-service tier with Gainsight

DoubleDutch’s Gainsight use has broadened over time. Initially, it was used by Account Managers to operationalize renewals and provide transparency into customer health. Gainsight was then expanded to give the Customer Experience organization a centralized view of each customer, capture renewal info, manage issues within deployment and implementation, and leverage support ticket data. They found success using CoPilot to automate certain customer touch points, which led to bottoms-up support to use Gainsight more.

They expanded their CoPilot program to roll out an entirely self-service customer segment. This would allow for a reallocation of resources to higher touch customers.

Also, seeking a project management tool that emphasized repeatability and required less administrative effort, DoubleDutch began using Success Plans to guide customer onboarding. This replaced a dedicated project management platform they had previously been using.

RESULTS: DoubleDutch automates lifecycle for 60% of customers

"Prior to six months ago, all of our clients required at least 10 hours of project management from us. With Gainsight, 60 percent of our customers are fully automated.This has really enabled us to make this shift to enterprise."
– Cy Perry, Director of Experience Operations at DoubleDutch

How DoubleDutch moved upmarket with CoPilot

Gainsight's greatest value to DoubleDutch and the highest ROI tool for the company is CoPilot. It's made the shift to enterprise possible because there hasn't been a need to sacrifice low-touch clients. At the new self-service tier, clients can get the full value out of DoubleDutch without needing personal one-to-one touch. Previously, every customer required at least 10 hours of project management effort. Now, the lifecycle is completely automated for 60% of the total customer base. That includes triggered email outreaches based on whether customers have added media and content to their app at a specific stage of the project. It also includes cadenced emails for NPS at 10 days after the event and another touch point every six months.

DoubleDutch's automated emails have a remarkably high open rate ranging from 40% to 80%, and the team is using the data tracked by CoPilot to raise the averages even higher. DoubleDutch is also beginning to automate upsell outreach and is excited to see what impact may come from those campaigns.

"With Gainsight, we're seeing which customers we’re actively engaged with and which ones we need to add some things to improve."
– Cy Perry, Director of Experience Operations at DoubleDutch

How DoubleDutch leverages Success Plans for project management

Prior to Gainsight, DoubleDutch used a dedicated project management tool. However, it was built for a high level of customization as opposed to the streamlined, standardized tool they needed. They also needed an easier way to bring the project information into Salesforce.

DoubleDutch chose to replace a dedicated project management tool with Gainsight’s Success Plans. The Success Plans serve as a repeatable series of CTAs guiding them through each client’s deployment. Implementation has been streamlined, using the same eight or nine steps for every project. Reporting can be accessed right inside Gainsight without the need to open a separate platform. That ends up saving substantial time across departments during a very collaborative process.