Falcon.io Revamps Customer Success Approach with Gainsight

"I can finally engineer for Customer Success—and not just rely on soft skills or good situational awareness and instincts about when we should do what and how we should handle customers."
- ANNA TIGHE, Director, Customer Success

In 2016, Falcon.io conducted a customer lifecycle and churn audit to review its Customer Success Manager (CSM) practices and to understand the causes of churn. The conclusion was clear—to ensure their customers were successful, they needed clearer internal ownership of certain parts of the customer journey. This would create a more consistent experience for clients and prevent employees from being blindsided.

Falcon.io offers an integrated SaaS platform for social media listening, engaging, publishing, and managing customer data. Falcon.io also offers social analytics (Measure), a mini-site/landing page creator (Build), and underlying intricate layers of governance (Settings). Their diverse and global client portfolio includes Carlsberg, Tiger, The Finish Line, IWC Watches, Toyota, Coca-Cola, and more.

"After the sale, we did not have a clear picture on the proactive story of our customer journey. What happens after implementation? How is adoption rolling up? We needed predictability and visibility across the customer lifecycle."
- ANNA TIGHE, Director, Customer Success

CHALLENGE: Taking Control of Customer Relationships

Falcon.io needed to rethink its Customer Success strategy. The gray areas between their Account Managers and CSMs resulted in lost productivity, dropped balls, and doubled effort. Falcon.io decided to shift primary ownership of the customer relationship from their Account Managers to their CSMs. This change also meant Falcon.io needed a platform where Account Managers would have complete transparency into CSM activities.

Falcon.io had a large amount of data, but their existing tools weren’t powerful or flexible enough to centralize it. Falcon.io needed to find a sophisticated solution to put their data to use and meet their growing needs. In order to combat churn, they needed to become more proactive.

SOLUTION: Visibility & Scaling Customer Success

"The health scorecard is massive. I can finally engineer for Customer Success and not just rely on soft skills or good situational awareness and instincts about when we should do what and how we should handle customers. Our adoption health score gives us exposure to usage risks that need our attention."
- ANNA TIGHE, Director, Customer Success

CSMs Own the Customer Lifecycle
Falcon.io launched a whole suite of Playbooks for the entire first year of the customer lifecycle. The steps being taken by CSMs are visible to Account Managers, providing them with the visibility they desired.

Scaling Customer Success
Falcon.io uses Gainsight data to segment its growing global customer base and prioritize customer touches—an approach it can scale over time.

Implementing Best Practices
Falcon.io uses Gainsight Success Plans to conduct Executive Business Reviews that engage mid-stage customers and guide them towards advanced engagements with its products. In an industry with high employee turnover, Sponsor Tracking helps assess risk and take action. Falcon.io also rolled out a ‘Year 2 Playbook’ that is catered to a more mature customer and helps to ensure a positive experience beyond a customer’s first year.

Engineering for Customer Success
Falcon.io’s CSMs rely heavily on the robust data displayed on customer scorecards, which show a single health score based on behavior. This score is both data-driven and subjective—scorecards track sentiment changes over time and Falcon.io CSMs contribute by adding updates after every touch.

IMPACT: Scaling Quality of Service Across Geographies

Falcon.io is able to deliver a standardized level of service, regardless of location, because every CSM draws from a single source of truth—open support tickets, feature requests, health scorecards, emails, meeting notes, and more.

"Visibility into customer health and open support tickets translates into higher quality of conversations with our customers. There’s nothing more frustrating than doing a generic monthly catch up call without alluding to the burning support issue that’s dragging on."
- DINO KUCKOVIC, Customer Experience Manager

CSMs Save Time & Grow Portfolio of Accounts
Gainsight contributes to the individual intelligence of each customer in a CSM’s portfolio, helping them have personal, high-quality engagements with customers. With this improved efficiency, CSMs are able to take on more accounts and grow their portfolio.

Within 90 days of implementing Gainsight, Falcon.io increased their coverage of customers by 30%. In addition, each CSM increased their portfolio of customers by 50%.

Optimization of Account Managers to Pursue Expansion
Gainsight has enabled a shift in customer lifecycle ownership from Account Managers to the hands of the CSMs, and Playbooks make that shift very clear. This change has allowed Account Managers to focus their efforts on pursuing renewals and expansion.

"Just by going about my daily routine of looking at the heartbeat of an account—I’m able to identify upsell opportunities that result in growth of the company."
- DINO KUCKOVIC, Customer Experience Manager