Fountain Gains a Foundation for Continued Meteoric Growth With the Combined Power of Gainsight and Gainsight PX

Founded in 2014, Fountain’s software helps companies who hire hourly workers to scale and keep their applicant funnels full of candidates. This helps to address challenges around high-volume, high-velocity, and high-turnover recruiting, powering the new service economy’s needs in sourcing, screening, hiring and onboarding workers. Since the company’s inception, companies across 50 countries – including Uber Eats, Safeway, Lime and Shipt – have used Fountain to save millions of work-hours, communicate with more than 15+ million applicants, and make more than 2.5 million hires.

Fountain’s Customer Success team is a diverse group of passionate customer advocates whose previous experiences include Dropbox, Apple and App Annie. The team’s Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are charged with onboarding, retaining and growing relationships with enterprise customers. This includes developing success plans and mapping out step-by-step plans to help customers achieve their desired outcomes, as well as helping customers evolve their recruiting strategies, processes, and workflows.

At the core of it all is providing training and insights on how customers can optimize their usage of Fountain. Ultimately, the goal is to deliver outstanding experiences that drive product adoption, measurable outcomes, strong renewals, upsells, and references.

Challenge: Upleveling Customer Success

Max Woolf’s role as Head of Global Customer Success and Support is to lead Fountain’s customer success program in developing a vision for leveraging product insights in their conversations with customers.

Fountain’s Customer Success Operations manager had already been tasked with finding a replacement for the tool the team had been using to understand product usage. The tool’s UI was lacking, and no one liked its tagging and usage tracking features. Problems with the tool had also caused issues that irritated Fountain’s users and lowered the company’s NPS.

The team began a search for a 360-degree customer success platform. The goal was to provide CSMs with a tool that would elevate their consultative role in serving their clients, facilitate effective Quarterly Business Reviews and showcase Fountain’s role in supporting client goals. But the team also wanted insight to help in prioritizing activities in order to prevent unexpected churn.

“It’s easy enough to zero in on big accounts that are regularly using your solution. The danger is when you overlook the accounts that aren’t using it and you experience surprise churns”
Team member

Solution: Taking Advantage of a Powerful One-Two Punch

Having used Gainsight at previous companies, Max included the customer success platform in Fountain’s list of options to evaluate. Once the team discovered that Fountain could also use Gainsight PX (previously Aptrinsic) – a product experience platform - Gainsight and Gainsight PX emerged as Fountain’s choice of customer success platform.

“Fountain was preparing to pursue a funding round, which meant we were thinking about scale, hypergrowth and repeatability. Gainsight ticked all the boxes”
Max Woolf, Head of Global Customer Success and Support

Fountain’s evaluative process convinced the team that Gainsight’s UI was more mature and provided a much broader toolset than the other solutions in consideration. Gainsight took a smarter approach to customer health, supporting both NPS and customer effort scores (CES), along with custom surveys. Max also appreciated being able to map the customer journey for onboarding. Plus Gainsight PX has a deeper, more thorough usage analytics solution than others Foundation assessed. Together, the platforms provided a powerful ‘one-two punch’ to bring product analytics into the Customer Success environment.

“With Gainsight, we can do things like understand customer health and launch CTAs off renewals. Using HTML to integrate customer success workflows with product analytics for a single view is very powerful, enabling our CSMs to take customer conversations to another level. To achieve the same results without Gainsight PX, I’d have to implement a tracking solution that required Fountain’s Product and Engineering teams to be part of the implementation process”
Max Woolf, Head of Global Customer Success and Support

Impact: Elevating Customer Engagement

Fountain’s customer-facing teams are already using the combined power of Gainsight and Gainsight PX in sophisticated ways. For instance, it tracks 90 days trailing usage; if usage declines, a CTA launches alerting a CSM to investigate. “This gives us an early warning system for potential churn, helping ensure that Customer Success Managers aren’t caught by surprise,” says a member of the team.

At the same time, Fountain’s CSMs are empowered to engage in higher level, strategic conversations with customers. If a CSM notices users getting stuck in a certain stage of the funnel, she can immediately reach out to recommend options for quickly optimizing the applicant flow. Fountain is looking forward to using Gainsight and Gainsight PX as it continues pursuing its extreme growth potential.

“Gainsight’s platforms are perfectly oriented to the scale we plan to achieve”
Max Woolf, Head of Global Customer Success and Support