How Imprivata Utilizes Gainsight to Create Add-on Pipeline

With Gainsight, we’re able to efficiently operationalize our Customer Success processes and keep focus on the success of our customers. This translates into success for our business. Last year, we identified over $15M in add-on opportunities.
— Tony Lenox, VP Worldwide Customer Success & Support

Imprivata Captures $15M of Add-on Pipeline with Gainsight

Imprivata provides a suite of technology tools to the complex and highly-regulated industry of healthcare. They are the “front door” to all patient medical history, allowing clinicians to serve more patients per day and helping them achieve better outcomes. Secure messaging, patient identification, and access to medical records are just some of the ways that institutions rely on Imprivata solutions.

For Imprivata’s three on-premise products, most customers buy hardware, licenses, and an implementation package upfront and then have yearly maintenance contracts. Imprivata additionally offers one SaaS product, also managed in one-year contracts.

The opportunity to grow our business was really clear. Partnering with Gainsight means we have the software, strategy, and best practices to help us achieve it.
— Roelf Kuitse, Manager, Customer Success Team


To serve more patients per day and improve patient outcomes, Imprivata’s customers needed someone to quarterback the post-implementation journey. To champion this need, Imprivata formed a Customer Success team in 2014 and partnered with Gainsight in early 2015.

The Customer Success function has three objectives. First, increase renewals by driving adoption of Imprivata workflows and partnering with IT teams to build new workflows. Second, expand accounts by identifying opportunities to add more value for hospitals. Third, create advocates by delivering an exceptional experience and ensuring customers recognize value.

Imprivata prioritized building out programs for their most strategic practices. To support their large and growing number of small physician practices with no named CSM, Imprivata is now focusing on using Gainsight to build a seamless, tech-touch journey.

When I began leading our Customer Success team at the start of 2017, Gainsight was new to me. Less than a year later, I cannot imagine my job or my team without it.
— Roelf Kuitse, Manager, Customer Success Team


Since each Imprivata product may have its own lifecycle, health metrics, stakeholders, and strategy, it’s important to be able to manage them independently. Gainsight’s Relationships functionality empowers Imprivata to implement a unique approach to each product according to its distinct needs. Imprivata CSMs then build Success Plans for each product to record, plan, and track progress towards customer objectives and internal strategic goals.

To identify and manage customer risk, Imprivata leverages Cockpit and Scorecards. They’ve configured automated CTAs in Cockpit for events like Priority 1 Support Tickets (total loss of access to patient medical records), NPS detractors, and sudden drops in utilization for certain products. To track product utilization over time, they’ve configured data-driven Adoption Scorecards. Imprivata has found it important to have health calculated differently for each product. For some, high utilization is great. For other products like Imprivata’s Confirm ID, high utilization isn’t as important. A solution like Confirm ID is necessary to meet DEA requirements for the electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS), and there isn’t an “up and to the right” usage trend that signifies adoption. The Scorecard for this product is configured to account for this.

To track meeting notes and updates in a centralized place, CSMs use Timeline. This facilitates account transitions and gives managers oversight into CSM activity and the number of manual touch points a CSM is making with each customer. It’s also invaluable during escalations, when stakeholders all across the organization need to see granular details on what’s been happening at the account.

For the tech touch program that is being actively built out, Imprivata is investing heavily in CoPilot and Surveys to automate key customer touch points and collect actionable feedback from the customer throughout their journey.

We’ve seen impact across the board. Our strategic customer planning helps drive retention, our growth efforts have sourced millions in pipeline, and our NPS is exceptional for the industry.
— Tony Lenox, VP Worldwide Customer Success & Support


By taking a proactive approach to customer risk and strategic account planning, Imprivata has maintained a 98% revenue retention rate for the last three years.

In the last year, the Customer Success team has been attributed with over $15M in add-on pipeline. These leads were the result of the strategic work of CSMs to meet customer objectives, build trust, identify the need for other Imprivata products, and then turn those leads over to Sales.

Imprivata’s customers are now far more willing to advocate the need for others to invest in their solutions. Thanks to more touch points and outcomes-oriented account planning, Imprivata’s Customer Success team has helped increase NPS for North American customers by 19 points, from 24 in 2014 to 43 in late 2017.