Imprivata Drives Customer Retention and Account Expansion by Gamifying Customer Success Using Gainsight

Imprivata provides a suite of technology tools to equip clinicians in the complex and highly regulated healthcare industry. Over 2,000 healthcare organizations worldwide rely on Imprivata solutions to enable fast and secure access to medical information. By doing so, they empower their clinicians to serve more patients per day and achieve better outcomes.

Imprivata sees the purchase of one of its innovative products as the start of a partnership with its customers. When customers achieve high ROI and faster time to value, they trust Imprivata—and that trust paves the way for Imprivata to protect revenue and find new opportunities. This goal is captured in their customer experience mission statement which is a shared mission for the entire company: Provide a signature customer experience in order to build customers for life.

Challenge: Mapping Customer Success to Business Goals

Imprivata’s Customer Success program is designed to apply collective knowledge to every customer interaction with the goal of delivering true ROI. For clinicians, that means streamlined clinical workflows, efficiency, and simplicity. For IT, that means lower overhead, fewer help desk calls, and streamlined processes.

This is great in theory, but the team has to identify what they can do to map customer outcomes to internal business outcomes that can be adjusted and tracked over time. Roelf Kuitse, Director of Worldwide Customer Success points out that a high NPS score and consistent annual recurring revenue (ARR) are “macro” goals for the organization, but a CSM doesn’t have direct influence over these goals. The CSMs also have to have something they are measured against that drives the customer outcomes they expect. This is why he and his team focus on “micro” goals like driving an on-time renewal, securing a success story, proactive engagement prior to an upgrade, and driving event attendance. These all serve two purposes: they drive customer loyalty and outcomes as well as influence positive company goals.

“I couldn’t draw a solid line between a CSM’s single action and a change in our top-line goals. It wasn’t possible to tell my CSMs, ‘Our NPS is a little low; go fix it’ or, ‘The utilization of product X is lagging; bring that up 10% by next week.’”

Kuitse needed a way to align his team’s processes and each CSM’s activities to Imprivata’s customer retention and revenue growth objectives.

Solution: Make Micro Goals Fun and Tangible for CSMs

As Kuitse brainstormed ways to evolve the Customer Success program, he was focused on enabling the following core changes:

  • Align CSM goals with customer outcomes to create accountability and increase customer loyalty.
  • Equip CSMs to achieve incremental—or micro—goals aligned to one or more macro goals.
  • Clearly show each CSM how they were performing.
  • Enable managers to identify areas to focus coaching with each CSM .

This served as the foundation for Kuitse’s new process and program aimed at motivating CSMs to execute the micro activities that impacted the macro goals of customer retention and account expansion.

That’s when Kuitse had an “a-ha” moment: He could gamify Customer Success using the flexible Gainsight platform his team was already relying upon. “The Gainsight platform can be used in many ways. It’s a matter of figuring out how to take advantage of the prescribed actions like automated emails, survey sends, and more to creatively run your processes,” he explained.

Kuitse turned to Gainsight to put his idea into action, which hinged on associating success points he had created with outcomes, milestones, and activities. A process came together using Gainsight Calls to Action (CTAs), Playbooks, Timeline, Milestones, and reports and dashboards to support Kuitse’s vision.

Because CSMs work in Gainsight every day, Kuitse integrated the tracking of success points into their workflow. CSMs can view a Gainsight dashboard to see how they are performing each day. If a CSM sees that they are tracking in the wrong direction or a manager sees that a CSM needs help, the dashboard allows them to narrow in on what needs to be addressed quickly and effectively.

“Micro goals and their values give our CSM leadership the levers needed to influence the direction of the team, while enabling them to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty,”

Impact: Imprivata’s CSMs Exceed All Company Goals

Now each Imprivata CSM is assigned a “point goal” associated with micro goals—like securing a sales strategy meeting and getting a response to a NPS survey—along with specific quotas for critical outcomes. In the first year the new program was rolled out, these outcomes were directly tied to helping the company achieve an NPS of 52, influencing opportunities of $12 million, and driving 80% utilization of products owned.

The Gainsight Scorecard shows each CSM how they are tracking to their goals

Within nine months of program launch, Kuitse’s team had exceeded the program goals and measurably impacted the company’s top-line goals. The NPS score was 57, CSMs had influenced $15 million in opportunities, and the net retention rate for the CSM team’s customers was 99.8%.

“Using Gainsight, we track everything our CSMs do in the context of their workflow and proactive engagements, while making it fun for them to execute on their responsibilities and contribute to strategic corporate goals,”