Jamf Increases On-Time Renewals by 10% and Per-CSM Renewal Capacity by 50%

Jamf is an enterprise management system for Apple products with more than 13,000 global customers managing nine million devices. With a huge customer base that renews on a rolling basis, renewals are a crucial part of company health. Their cloud-based solutions included both annual and monthly billing options, so it seemed like they could never get on top of the sheer volume of renewals. They needed visibility into account information and forecasts as well as automation to streamline and add consistency to the process. In this case study, you’ll discover how Gainsight helped Jamf to:

  • Improve on-time renewal rates and renewal accuracy
  • Increase on-time renewals for EMEA by 10 points
  • Increase renewal capacity per rep from 200 to over 1,000 accounts annually
  • Create a hands-off renewal process with powerful automation
  • Relieve CSM workload so they could focus on growing relationships and finding expansion opportunities
  • Provide a single source of customer data to the entire company