Gainsight Helps Fleet Technology Company Handle Rapidly Growing Customer Base

KeepTruckin’s remarkable growth has challenged its Customer Success team to provide a consistent experience across its rapidly growing customer base. Coupled with the incredibly fast pace of the trucking industry, where even the smallest delays can mean lost profit, KeepTruckin Onboarding Project Managers (OPMs) and Customer Success Managers (CSMs) needed a tool to support proactive outreach to address customer needs. The teams also recognized that having more granular and timely account details could help them better understand the needs of each customer and better position KeepTruckin as a strategic, trusted partner. With Gainsight’s purpose-built functionality, ease of use, and baked-in best practices, KeepTruckin easily came to the conclusion that buying rather than building was the fastest and best path forward. Learn more about Gainsight's impact in this case study.