Leanplum Gains Support for Its Sophisticated Customer Success Vision By Replacing ClientSuccess with Gainsight

Leanplum helps mobile teams orchestrate multi-channel campaigns that drive engagement. Using in-app messaging, push notifications, email marketing, and more, these teams can create stronger relationships between their brands and their customers. Since its founding in 2012, Leanplum has experienced explosive growth and today works with over 100 top brands, including Tesco, Tinder, and Zynga.

While the elegant, easy-to-use Leanplum mobile marketing cloud sets it apart, the company’s Customer Success team plays a key role in helping mobile marketers accelerate growth and achieve success. Through an ROI-driven approach, the Customer Success team partners with its clients to help these innovative mobile marketers boost daily active users, drive more conversions, and increase app usage. The team’s decades of vertical and mobile expertise help clients reach the full potential of the Leanplum platform and their mobile marketing.

Challenge: Optimizing the Customer Success Journey

“The job of our more than 20 Customer Success Managers is to ensure that our customers get value from utilizing the Leanplum platform.”
Nick Resnik, Director of Global Customer Success at Leanplum

Through a tailored partnership model, Leanplum delivers personalized support to every client. It starts by learning about each client’s needs and goals so the Customer Success team can recommend high-impact strategies that help grow the client’s business.

Like every sophisticated Customer Success organization, the Leanplum team takes advantage of Customer Success software designed to ensure it operates effectively and efficiently. However, its first Customer Success platform, ClientSuccess, fell short. Leanplum chose ClientSuccess as their first Customer Success platform, prior to Nick joining the team, largely because it was easy to get started and met their needs at the time.

“While we appreciated the easy-to-use nature of the ClientSuccess platform, the tradeoff was that we were constrained. As we evolved our Customer Success organization to be more data driven, the solution wasn’t able to serve our needs.”
Nick Resnik, Director of Global Customer Success at Leanplum

Lack of robust, flexible reporting and limited ability to create custom business rules and health scores meant that Leanplum was hamstrung when it came to predicting churn and optimizing how Customer Success Managers (CSMs) interacted with customers throughout their lifecycles.

Wanting the right software to drive his strategic vision for how Leanplum’s CSMs work with the company’s clients, Resnik started researching his options.

Solution: The Sophisticated Gainsight Platform

As he evaluated Customer Success platforms, Resnik felt Gainsight stood apart. In addition to Gainsight’s industry-leading reputation, he was impressed with the platform’s robust functionality and flexibility. Seeing the power of an independent database with a business engine and framework wrapped around it made Resnik realize this was the platform to enable his vision.

“With Gainsight, I knew we could develop a more elaborate Health Score, create any reports we needed, and significantly enhance and automate the CSM workflow,”
Resnik, Director of Global Customer Success at Leanplum

Impact: Automating and Improving Essential Customer Success Measures

Since going live with Gainsight, Resnik has already expanded the Health Score to incorporate more data. The score comprises 14 sub measures, 13 of which are automated. The other measure is a subjective CSM pulse. At the same time, Resnik has automated seven stages of the customer lifecycle using Calls-to-Action (CTAs) and playbooks, as well as customer onboarding success plans.

Moreover, the flexibility of Gainsight has enabled Resnik to enhance the Customer Success organization in newfound ways. With Gainsight, he’s been able to define quarterly Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for each CSM, such as one success story and ensuring clients are using three engagement channels. Using tags, the Gainsight dashboard, and a simple rule that runs nightly, CSMs can easily track and calculate these OKRs. With the previous solution, CSMs had to track these in a spreadsheet and tally them up by hand. “We hadn’t even planned to use Gainsight in this way, but it’s saving our CSMs a ton of time,” said Resnik.

Combined, Resnik anticipates these features and changes will help streamline processes, improve customer onboarding, and reduce time to value for clients. “Going forward, I expect all of these improvements will help us predict and reduce churn,” he concluded.