Leanplum Gains Support for Its Sophisticated Customer Success Vision By Replacing ClientSuccess with Gainsight

Leanplum helps mobile teams orchestrate multi-channel campaigns that drive engagement. Using in-app messaging, push notifications, email marketing, and more, these teams can create stronger relationships between their brands and their customers. Since its founding in 2012, Leanplum has experienced explosive growth and today works with over 100 top brands, including Tesco, Tinder, and Zynga. But a lack of robust, flexible reporting and a limited ability to create custom business rules and health scores meant that Leanplum was hamstrung when it came to predicting churn and optimizing how Customer Success Managers (CSMs) interacted with customers throughout their lifecycles. In this case study, you'll discover how Gainsight helped Leanplum:

  • Expand its health scoring system
  • Automate much of the customer lifecycle
  • Expand the breadth of customer engagement with CSMs
  • Define, optimize, and track OKRs for CSMs
  • Improve CSM efficiency
  • And much more