Lifesize Increases Efficiency and Sees Immediate Results after Quick Implementation of Gainsight

“Our Gainsight playbooks help us drive our Customer Success team’s calls to action based on changes in customer behavior. That’s how our team manages their day to day. Gainsight allows us to scale Customer Obsession in a very effective and super efficient way, and, most importantly, it helps us achieve our goal of earning customers for life.”
- Amy Downs, Chief Customer Success and Happiness Officer

Company Overview

Lifesize connects people to make the workplace great through a unique integration of plug-and-play HD camera systems and HD phones with award-winning, cloud-based conferencing software. Lifesize’s audio, web, and video conferencing solution is designed for the demands of today’s modern enterprise, yet fully accessible to businesses of any size.

The Lifesize Customer Success team focuses on making the transition from purchase to implementation and adoption as seamless as possible for customers. The team, who named themselves, “The Dream Team,” ensures customers get the most from their Lifesize solution by teaching IT admins and end users the ins and outs of the product and assisting customers to best implement their use cases. Ultimately, it is the team’s job to keep customers happy throughout their relationship with Lifesize, allowing the company to deliver on its core value of Customer Obsession.

Lifesize’s Challenge

Two years ago, Lifesize was an on-premise hardware company making the transition to a cloud-based solutions provider. To help with the transition, Lifesize added Amy Downs to its executive team, as its Chief Customer Success and Happiness Officer. Downs was tasked with helping to build a customer-centric culture.

She recalled, “When I came to Lifesize, my mission was to help each and every Lifesizer understand the important role they play in delivering Customer Obsession.”

Lifesize created the new Customer Success team less than a year after launching its cloud solution. Initially, the team used spreadsheets and Salesforce cases to manage their workload, which was hugely inefficient. It was almost impossible to keep up with the growing number of customers (more than 2,500 since the launch of the product). It was obvious something needed to change to deliver Customer Obsession at scale.

“Gainsight allows us to aggregate customer data from multiple data sources to make intelligent decisions on how to provide the best service imaginable to our customers. Gone are the days of trying to pull incomplete data or lacking visibility into the overall health and relationship with our individual customers. Because of Gainsight, our customer engagements are so much more meaningful, allowing us to deliver greater value to them every day.”

The Solution

Lifesize chose Gainsight to deliver Customer Obsession at scale and earn customers for life. The team was impressed with the depth of the product and the ease of implementation. The intuitive nature of building playbooks based on data driven events allows the Customer Success team to easily manage their day-to-day activities.

Downs recalled, “When we first looked at Gainsight, I remember putting the phone on hold during the demonstration, high-fiving with the Customer Success team and celebrating. It was as if someone took what I had been thinking in my head about how to deliver amazing service to customers and built a software product that delivers it!”

Lifesize knew it needed a solution to amplify the efforts of its Customer Success team to keep up with its aggressive growth and retention goals. They were drawn to Gainsight because it was a application, requiring much less integration than other solutions in the space. Amy Downs made the business case to the executive team about the overall benefit Gainsight would bring to customer retention and to living the ideal of Customer Obsession. Lifesize leadership immediately realized that investing in Gainsight was an obvious choice and decided to move forward with implementation.

The Results

Smooth Implementation Led to Quick Value Recognition

One of Gainsight’s biggest selling points for Lifesize was that it was a application. As a heavy Salesforce user with a complex implementation, the team knew that they would be able to get Gainsight up and running more quickly than they would with other software solution providers whose closed systems require quite a bit of integration. Lifesize believed that Gainsight would help them realize value much faster than other Customer Success solutions on the market.

“We knew we needed to implement something that we could get up and running quickly, and I think the time to realize value for us was much quicker with Gainsight than it would have been with other solutions. The fact that it was fairly easy to implement and didn't take a ton of ongoing management has been a major benefit.”

When it came time to implement Gainsight, the company sent multiple representatives to Gainsight’s Success Express, a multi-day live implementation workshop. Within weeks of the workshop, Lifesize was able to use many different features within Gainsight and quickly saw value. Following Success Express, Amy Downs was delighted that the implementation was a seamless process and management of the solution was minimal. Lifesize is able to spend time on driving more value through the solution and improving how they serve customers rather than managing the solution. “It’s simple,” she says.

In addition to the Salesforce partnership and Success Express workshop, Lifesize attributes its success with Gainsight and high adoption rates within the team to three key factors. Downs shared these key factors: “A team of folks who are true believers that the only way to build long-term success for our business is through growing and retaining customers; a dedicated Customer Success operations person who understands data and technology; and an ongoing commitment from all of Lifesize to deliver our core value of Customer Obsession.”

“Gainsight allows us to put customer information at the forefront of our business, helping us to be more intelligent in how we serve customers and deliver value in our products and services. It makes our engagements with customers so much more meaningful.”

Gainsight Fixes Inefficient Processes and Helps Lifesize Manage Workflows

Lifesize’s Customer Success Advocates (CSAs) are in Gainsight every day. Having customer data all in one place and tasks triggered in Cockpit helps them manage their days around the highest priority customers and issues. Lifesize has tied all of its product usage data, survey responses, ticketing information, and other sources of customer data into the Gainsight platform and has developed playbooks that trigger calls to action (CTA) that show up in a CSA’s Cockpit.

Previously, the Lifesize Customer Success team used Salesforce support tickets, which was a difficult process. Now with Gainsight, they have a comprehensive dashboard that allows them to better manage the volume of customers in their portfolios.

Gainsight’s ability to push data – rather than forcing CSA’s to pull data from a variety of sources – and increased visibility gives Lifesize’s CSA team a more proactive way to manage their customers. The CSA team is also excited about the efficiencies CoPilot brings to the business. With the recent launch of their Core offering, targeting smaller purchases, Downs’ team is able to automate the Lifesize Customer Obsession experience at scale for this segment of customers.