Equipped with Gainsight, Logicalis Customer Success Generates $1 Million In Managed Services Opportunities Per Account It Touches

Founded in 1997, Logicalis Group – headquartered in the UK – is an international IT solutions and managed services provider. It excels at helping customers across industries harness industry-leading technology from companies including Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, and ServiceNow, along with innovative services, to realize powerful business outcomes. Its more than 4,500 employees worldwide include highly trained service specialists who design, specify, deploy and manage complex IT infrastructures and solutions to meet the needs of thousands of global customers. The Logicalis Group has annualized revenues of over $1.5 billion, from operations in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Africa.

Knowing that good service goes well beyond signing the contract, Logicalis closely follows the experience of its customers to ensure full use of all the solutions and services they purchase. The goal of its services team is to deliver extraordinary value to increase customer loyalty while helping develop new business for Logicalis.

Challenge: Deepening Customer Relationships to Surface Revenue Opportunities

While Logicalis started as a technology implementation provider, it saw the market shifting away from hardware installations around 2011. To keep pace with customer needs, it successfully evolved to become more services-oriented, earning recognition as one of the top 75 outsourcers by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals.

With this pivot came the need to proactively serve customers in order to drive new revenue growth, triggering the company to create a customer success practice inside its services division.

Though Logicalis is a global company, it operates separately by region. Starting in the Latin American office, the first step was completing Customer Success Manager (CSM) training. Once Carlos Alves – Services Manager of Logicalis Latin America – and his team earned the Customer Success Manager Certification, he based his organization’s customer success process on a proven Business Value framework. This helps IT organizations understand motivations and desired business outcomes, while enabling them to engineer and employ an effective approach, and communicate the value in proposed technology investments.

At a high level, Alves is responsible to Logicalis for expansion pipeline. He knew that by becoming experts on Logicalis’ customers’ solutions and environments, his CSMs could help drive solution adoption, show customers the value they can generate from their technology investments, and encourage more services engagements.

“We wanted to deepen our relationships with customers. Cultivating and maintaining strong relationships with customers ensures high levels of customer satisfaction and ROI recognition, leading to renewals and growth opportunities.”
Carlos Alves, Services Manager of Logicalis Latin America

Alves and his team are accountable for reaching a certain opportunity goal but were struggling without a purpose-built tool. “We needed a tool to help us find white space opportunities within a customer account and generate more leads,” says Alves.

Solution: Enabling a Global Customer Success Initiative with Gainsight

Alves first equipped his customer success team using a tool recommended during its customer success training. However, as his team scaled to interact with a growing number of customers, CSMs struggled to keep up with responses and account follow-up. Alves also found it hard to manage and maintain control of the customer success process. “The tool wasn’t designed to support a growing customer success practice and interactions with lots of customers. As a result, I couldn’t easily track customer interactions and issue escalation,” explains Alves. In turn, he and his team resorted to manual processes.

Knowing the team needed a purpose-built tool, Alves researched true customer success tools, including Gainsight. After a thorough evaluation of the tools and how Logicalis could grow with the vendors, he selected the Gainsight NXT platform.

According to Alves, the main factors for choosing Gainsight NXT included scalability. “If we wanted to successfully scale our customer success initiative globally, I knew Gainsight was the right tool for that,” says Alves. He also liked the flexibility to use multiple CRM systems within a single platform. “Our geographies use different CRM systems, and we needed the ability to connect to all of them. Gainsight essentially serves as a hub for those connections, giving us a framework and model for all our regions,” he continues.

Alves also appreciated the large community of Gainsight users and wealth of resources available to customers.

“Access to experienced users, thought leadership, and best practices meant we could accelerate our learning curve in establishing a mature customer success process”
Carlos Alves, Services Manager of Logicalis Latin America

Using the Business Value framework as the basis for his customer success process, Alves designed relevant workflows, activities, and calls-to-action (CTAs) within Gainsight NXT. Everything related to customer success plans is inside Gainsight, and all interactions with customers are recorded in the Timeline. Whenever a customer success manager identifies and flags an opportunity with a customer, Gainsight NXT automatically opens a ticket inside the CRM system, which notifies the account manager about a major commercial opportunity. Avles created a dashboard that allows him to monitor the activities his CSMs are executing and understand the health of every account.

Calling upon data from across the organization, Alves implemented customer health scores comprising eight criteria including customer satisfaction, NPS, license utilization and key metrics tracked by the services organization. These scores get updated automatically throughout the customer lifecycle, and are displayed in the main Gainsight dashboard, enabling Alves and his CSMs to easily determine which customers need attention.

Impact: Contributing to Millions in Revenue Growth

The CSMs on Alves’ team work closely with customers to develop success plans outlining their business goals and strategic direction. Then they continually assess, document and analyze their customers’ progress toward those goals, employ best practices to meet them, and ensure their solutions are optimized for maximum value. In one case, an account’s CSM helped a customer better understand and tap into the full value of its technology contract with a vendor, ultimately earning Logicalis an award for Adoption Partner of the Year from Cisco. In another case, Alves’ team helped a health insurance company implement a Microsoft solution to streamline an essential process, leading to Microsoft awarding it for the best partner solution in Latin America.

The top KPI Alves tracks for customer success is opportunity generation, specifically the number and value of the opportunities that the customer team generates. Since implementing Gainsight NXT, the team has generated on average $1 million in opportunities per account that it has touched. Considering that the Latin America office is working with 600 customers and the customer success team is currently engaged with just 40 of those accounts, Alves and his team can potentially drive millions more in opportunities.

Alves plans to use Gainsight to maintain ties with customers where CSMs won’t have a large presence.

“We’re not yet using the Journey Orchestrator capability of Gainsight at scale but plan to do that for customers for whom we can’t execute high-touch customer success. That way we can automatically and proactively be engaging with them based on triggers like health scores.”
Carlos Alves, Services Manager of Logicalis Latin America

The Latin American office also calls upon the information in Gainsight to drive productive discussions in internal meetings with account managers. “It’s essential for all of us to be aware of what is happening with our customers. Gainsight is like our intelligence database, allowing us to collectively understand the situation with our customers so we can make plans to improve relationships and drive further value from them,” says Alves.

When the UK and US regions decide to start using Gainsight in support of their customer success initiatives, they can leverage the process and workflows Alves already established for the Latin American office. “Gainsight NXT enables us to easily scale and power our customer-centric strategy across the globe,” concludes Alves.