Resultados Digitais Drives Scalability and Accountability with Gainsight

Resultados Digitais is a SaaS company based in Brazil that provides a digital marketing automation platform to their customers. They have a base of customers serviced directly by their own Onboarding and Customer Success team and a customer base managed through partners. These groups are then further segmented into low, medium and high-touch based on contract value.

Resultados Digitais and Gainsight partnered to build out an impactful Voice of Customer (VoC) strategy consisting of three components: Listen, Act, and Analyze. We’re excited to highlight Guilherme Lopes (Co-founder and Customer Success Executive), Bruno Giacomelli (Customer Success Operations Manager), and Laryssa D'Alama (Client Services Director) whose quotes and data you’ll see within.


"Gainsight’s integrated suite of tools helped us scale by providing an objective way to track the quality of customer and partner implementations."
- Guilherme Lopes, Co-founder

Resultados delivers over 1,000 onboardings per quarter, so it was critical for them to have visibility into the success and satisfaction of these projects. They also wanted their Implementation Success Managers (ISM) to feel accountable for the success of each customer and partner by tying a piece of their compensation to an Implementation Satisfaction score.

At the end of every implementation, a Gainsight Survey is automatically sent to key stakeholders at the customer or partner. The short survey includes one CSAT question plus two short open text questions to understand any lingering concerns the customer or partner may have.


"When negative feedback comes in, Gainsight makes it easy for our Implementation team to act quickly and collaborate. That way, we can ensure every customer and partner is ready for success."
- Bruno Giacomelli, Customer Success Operations Manager

If a response contains any concerns or a poor CSAT score, a Call-to-Action (CTA) is immediately triggered to the Customer Success team manager. They then use a Playbook to collaborate with the project’s ISM on the best course of action. The ISM then executes those next steps, or the issue can be escalated higher up if needed.

Analyze to Drive Impact

"When we replaced some of our manual onboarding calls with training videos, we saw that Implementation CSAT actually went up. This validated a decision that’s let us increase the number of implementations per rep by 28%."
- Laryssa D'Alama, Client Services Director

Resultados Digitais keeps track of their month-over-month feedback scores using a Dashboard that management examines as part of a monthly review. It’s a strong overall indicator of performance for the Implementation team, and their best benchmark to track the efficacy of new initiatives.

For example, Resultados Digitais recently replaced 50% of manual training hours in each implementation with videos. They noted that the Implementation CSAT for those projects actually went up. This validated their investment in scalable training assets, which led to a 28% increase in capacity per ISM.

The Implementation CSAT is also used to identify top ISMs, so they can be recognized and advanced within the organization. The average Implementation CSAT per ISM is directly tied to their variable compensation for the quarter, giving them a strong sense of accountability over the score.