Gainsight helps RingCentral strengthen customer relationships and increase retention

"Solving churn is about changing to a customer-centric mentality. Gainsight is a partnership that can help you change that focus."
- Tim Wilbourn, Director of Customer Retention and Strategy

Customer Success is complex. It's intertwined with every functional department from Sales to Product to Support to Marketing. It requires deep integration with data from several sources.  There's no way to implement Customer Success without a company-wide transformation. It's never going to be a "plug-and-play" solution. You can't fix churn with a band-aid.

At a company of the size and scale of RingCentral, implementing that kind of change becomes even more complex. For example, RingCentral's post-sales organization is responsible for 360,000 customers. But in Salesforce, that's actually about 800,000 active objects. Attending to this massive customer base are roughly 260 Account Managers and 13 Customer Success Managers. At RingCentral, CSMs are specifically tasked to larger, enterprise customers and focus almost exclusively on enablement and implementation. They're extremely high-touch. Those CSMs handle about 450 accounts total.

Account Managers at RingCentral focus half their efforts on renewals and upsells and the other half on enablement. Enablement is a major leading indicator of success at RingCentral. When customers achieve deeper integration with the full suite of product offerings, they're much less likely to churn. Enablement and a general focus on adoption is what ensures it.

"We wanted to move from being a reactive company to a truly proactive, customer-centric company, so we made a change to Gainsight to make that happen."


Maintaining proactive touch with 360,000 customers and 800,000 active Salesforce objects is not a simple proposition. Couple that with the fact that RingCentral is truly an international enterprise with thousands of employees worldwide and a heavily customized Salesforce instance, and you'll start to appreciate the challenges faced by the post-sales organization as it looked to move to an enterprise Customer Success mentality and technology solution.

RingCentral has a high number of lines of custom code in its Salesforce instance, which originally made the implementation of Gainsight challenging. With that kind of pain point in implementation, would Wilbourn still recommend the platform? Without hesitation. "The teams love Gainsight. They've never seen anything like this before and it's only the tip of the iceberg," he said. "When we start to bring in usage data and launch CoPilot, and we're going to see a night-and-day difference."

"The short-term pain forced us to stop doing bandaids and do things correctly. Change from being in startup mode where you just patch things together to being a full-on enterprise organization. In the long run we're going to have a better cleaner view."


Gainsight is the only truly enterprise-level Customer Success platform. RingCentral chose Gainsight over the course of a three-year search during which the company looked at all the players side-by-side. The unmatched rules engine and platform capability combined with the knowledge base of the Sales and Product teams is what helped RingCentral settle on Gainsight.

Using Support data, usage data, NPS, and order history, RingCentral built out an effective Health Score in Gainsight. It tells them exactly how customers are using the product so they can make the best possible offer instead of making random guesses. Gainsight even partnered with RingCentral to produce a click-to-dial technology built into the instance. Now, every CSM and Signature AM at RingCentral has fully adopted Gainsight and uses it in their day-to-day. Overall, license adoption is 70% and growing.


"CTAs have been crucial to contract renewals and resolving support cases that have gone long. But as we bring in usage info, we'll truly get into that proactive mentality by giving our agents the ability to predict the future of each account."

Gainsight CTAs facilitate 95% touch rate every 60 days

RingCentral implemented a robust system of CTAs to trigger strategic touch points with customers. For AMs with 300 accounts, they should be touching all of them within 30-60 days. For AMs with 2,500 accounts, each one should be touched every 4-6 months. Before Gainsight, that level of touch was simply not happening. It was 100% reactionary and 100% manual based on whatever emails happened to appear in the inbox every morning. At one point, RingCentral had 8,700 accounts in the control module and 6,200 of them hadn't been touched in the previous twelve months. After Gainsight? 100% touch rate. 95% are touched every 60 days.

"The results have been astronomical. Those agents that we tested with this have seen an increase in bookings, NPS, and CSAT simply by focusing on a touchpoint strategy. It has nothing to do with sales or marketing promotions. It's just calling the customer."

RingCentral improves workflow with click-to-call within Customer360

If that level of touch sounds impossible, or at least a major strain on CSM or AM workflow, Gainsight has tools built-in to make it easy. CTAs are issued automatically, and all are visible within the Dashboard alongside progress reports and long-term and short-term plans. The actual call can be placed with one click instantly within Customer360 without having to do so much as switch tabs. Plus, each touch point is logged. In a test run, the AMs using Gainsight saw major gains in NPS, customer satisfaction, and bookings compared to the previous mean.

"Through CTAs and Playbooks, the actual time to take an agent from never having done this before in their life to being one of the best Account Managers we have, that time is no longer years–it’s months."

Gainsight Playbooks reduce time-to-value for new employees

Gainsight is capable of much more than augmenting your team's basic functionality. It's a transformative investment. At RingCentral, it's allowed the post-sales organization to massively reduce the onboarding ramp for new hires. As a large, multinational corporation, RingCentral needed to ensure consistency across a diverse pool of workers. Using the same proven playbooks and CTAs across the organization has not only allowed new workers to produce faster, but with much more positive and predictable results. At RingCentral, the groups that have leveraged Gainsight the best have seen the highest reductions in churn since implementing the product.