Rosetta Stone Enterprise & Education Division Increases Annual Recurring Revenues While Empowering CSMs to Handle Double the Number of Clients with Gainsight

Trusted for 26 years by top organizations, Rosetta Stone provides innovative digital solutions that equip people at home, in schools, and in workplaces around the world to learn foreign languages. As a leader in technology-based language and literacy learning solutions, Rosetta Stone makes learning a new language second nature. Millions of learners in more than 150 countries have already used the company’s technology to gain the confidence that comes with truly knowing a new language.

Consumers can take advantage of numerous Rosetta Stone consumer solutions. While businesses and government organizations purchase Rosetta Stone Enterprise, schools call upon various Rosetta Stone education-tailored offerings through the company’s Enterprise & Education (E&E) division. The E&E offerings are entirely subscription-based SaaS solutions, making renewals a major focus. The company supports businesses and schools through a Customer Success team staffed by 50 individuals.

Challenge: Struggling to Work Meaningfully and Efficiently

The E&E Customer Success team within Rosetta Stone is focused on driving customer satisfaction, renewals and retention. It starts by ensuring a successful implementation and then guiding customers to use Rosetta Stone as effectively as possible.

To serve different customer types, the Customer Success team is organized into three tiers. Top-tier Client Success Managers (CSMs) are more hands-on with a smaller number of accounts; mid-tier CSMs are implementation specialists for the duration of the contract; and the lowest tier CSMs act as a sales contact for customers.

Embracing a high-touch approach, CSMs went out of their way to assist clients. Yet without a true Customer Success platform, the team wasn’t able to handle core activities in the most efficient ways possible. Plus, it needed a straightforward way to share its impact on the business at large.

“We wanted a solution that equipped our CSMs to execute upon our Customer Success vision more efficiently, so we could scale the business in a meaningful fashion.”
Steven Doty, Enterprise & Education Sales Operations Analyst at Rosetta Stone

Solution: Enabling Automation through the Gainsight Platform

Initially, Rosetta Stone explored ways to address the problems in-house, such as by building a health scorecard. According to Doty, this was challenging because the company had to identify commonalities between customers and leading churn indicators, but were doing so based on expectations and gut instinct rather than data about ideal product usage. This realization triggered the search for a solution, which led Rosetta Stone to Gainsight.

The entire Customer Success organization uses Gainsight each day to plan activities based on Calls-to-Action (CTAs), manage risks and plan meetings with clients, and conduct analysis using Timeline. The Timeline feature enables CSMs to perform quantitative analysis on types of interactions, which drives client health scores and determines risk levels. The platform also enables the team to manage and move data around in the Salesforce instance, merge and pivot complex datasets, and build out meaningful client metrics. With a centralized source of accurate information about each customer, CSMs no longer need to refer as much to Salesforce and other systems.

Rosetta Stone also takes advantage of Bionic Rules within Gainsight to blend data from multiple sources more efficiently and effectively than it could in the past. A far cry Gainsight, it was impossible for me to combine or aggregate that data meaningfully. We could not survive without these views and reports.”

The Customer Support team greatly appreciates the automation enabled by Gainsight. By segmenting customers within Gainsight based on product usage, license usage, and enrollment data from various systems, Rosetta Stone can better analyze and understand its customers’ needs. It then uses Gainsight to automatically email clients who need a nudge.

For instance, using the Journey Orchestrator feature within Gainsight, it automates service-related communications on behalf of the sales team to launch onboarding and to notify clients about upcoming renewals. The company can opt whether to send a communication such as a newsletter or a personalized outreach from a specific CSM or sales rep, helping drive impressive open rates. It can even reach out to customers at different stages automatically to ensure an ongoing dialogue and provide them with relevant information.

Impact: Handling More Customers While Delivering Better Results

The automation enabled by Gainsight is essential to scaling the Customer Success team within Rosetta Stone. After implementing Gainsight, Rosetta Stone saw higher productivity from its CSMs because it was better able to organize activities and reduce redundancies, eliminating the need to further scale the team. “Instead of each CSM running reports and figuring out where to focus, Gainsight highlights the clients that truly need attention. In other words, we’ve gone from being reactive to being proactive and focused,” explains Doty.

Now Gainsight notifies CSMs about new implementations based on triggered events and Salesforce records associated with orders. This has significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the handoff from sales to client services, while enabling the Customer Success team to more confidently assign client services.

The Customer Success team also uses Gainsight to more effectively manage and mitigate potential issues with its client base. CTAs for new business and renewals help CSMs more efficiently keep track of customers. In fact, the Gainsight Account Manager assigned to Rosetta Stone helped the company pivot recently to devise an indicator of potential customer issues, such as churn.

“Gainsight has helped us better focus on potential issues in our customer base by building out a scorecard that accurately captures the overall health of individual clients and entire verticals,” continues Doty. Plus, Gainsight has helped drive more business. “The solution has also helped us increase our upsell opportunities by efficiently identifying and automatically messaging clients that need more licenses.”

Most recently, Rosetta Stone moved its voice of customer programs to Gainsight. Whereas it previously used seven different vendors for scheduled and ad hoc surveys, the Customer Success organization now manages all of them through Gainsight. “This data is now centralized and shared with Customer Success management regularly, and is a major determinant of how effectively we’re delivering on our mission,” says Doty.

When asked to summarize the value of Gainsight, Doty concludes,

“If you want a modern Customer Support organization, you need to use Gainsight. No other option comes close. Gainsight is the only way to get all needed functionality and interoperability in one suite while benefiting from consultations with Customer Success experts.”