Samanage Reduces Customer Churn by 50% Based on Best Practices and Guidance from Gainsight Professional Services

Founded in 2007, Samanage has been consistently recognized as providing one of the world’s premier IT service management (ITSM) platforms, used by thousands of companies. While IT service management isn’t new, the company strives to innovate and provide exceptional customer support to change the future of internal services in smart and meaningful ways. To that end, it believes in delivering added value to its customers by always looking for ways to deliver a better solution and customer experience.

Samange’s dedicated Customer Success Team is integral to ensuring customers get the most from their ITSM solution. Unlike most companies, Samange’s customer success managers (CSMs) carry a growth quota. Each CSM’s goal is to encourage adoption and health, and in turn, account growth.

Challenge: Struggling to Manage Customer Churn

Samanage adopted Gainsight in 2014 to better understand its customers and their health. When Ryan van Biljon – the VP of Sales and Services – assumed responsibility for customer success, he learned the team felt Gainsight was a helpful tool but they weren’t getting what they needed from it – the ability to manage churn. Van Biljon saw the value in Gainsight and the fact that his team was already bought in, but the CEO needed him to prove it using data.

“Our CEO is an engineer at heart and always wants the latest and greatest technology. He believed in Gainsight from the beginning. But in his role, he needs fact-based justification for how we spend our budget”
Ryan van Biljon, VP of Sales and Services

Van Biljon knew Gainsight is the recognized leader in the Customer Success solution space and that thousands of companies have used the platform successfully. That’s when he realized the problem was not with Gainsight but how Samanage had implemented it.

Solution: Harnessing the Expertise of Gainsight Professional Services

Van Biljon engaged Gainsight Professional Services for guidance and assistance deploying the Gainsight platform to serve Samange’s needs. Knowing that van Biljon’s main focus was reducing churn, Professional Services configured the platform so the customer success team could understand the health of an account based on product usage.

“Gainsight showed its commitment to our success, sharing best practices and helping us figure out how to solve our problem. The Professional Services team guided us on how and where to focus our time with our customers. What we discovered in the course of the retooling was that we had made the mistake of not feeding the right data into Gainsight. Professional Services made sure the platform was configured to give us a more accurate view of customer health”
Ryan van Biljon, VP of Sales and Services

Impact: Reducing Churn and Growing Business

Samange’s churn numbers had been rising but with Gainsight configured to gauge customer health accurately, the churn numbers started dropping almost immediately. “Those initial changes made a massive difference. Gainsight allows us to easily zero in on accounts at risk, empowering us to take remedial action and improve the health of those accounts. The platform provides the essential insight our CSMs need in order to reduce churn,” says van Biljon.

With Gainsight tuned appropriately, Samanage has reduced churn by 50%, saving the company hundreds of thousands in annual churn-related losses. “Our churn rate is now in single digits , which is unheard of in our industry,” continues van Biljon.

By directly tying churn prevention to Gainsight, van Biljon was easily able to prove the value of the platform. As a result, renewing the Samanage contract for Gainsight became a no-brainer, according to van Biljon.

“Without Gainsight, our CSMs wouldn’t be able to identify the accounts at risk. Now churn management is second nature to my CSMs and Gainsight is part of their DNA, enabling them to focus on growing business with existing customers”
Ryan van Biljon, VP of Sales and Services