ServiceTitan's NPS Increases 28 Points Through Improved Product Adoption

"Gainsight has helped boost product adoption by empowering CSMs to deliver personalized experiences to customers via multiple approaches from high-touch success calls to scalable, low-touch email outreaches."
— Brittany Habel, Customer Success Operations Manager

ServiceTitan, an end-to-end field service management software for contractors, put driving adoption of their software among customers as their utmost priority. Their in-house solution was gathering data, but they quickly discovered that there was too much information and no good way to turn it into accessible, actionable insights. They needed a way to easily consume this information and enable their CSMs to proactively drive adoption within their accounts. In this case study, you’ll learn how ServiceTitan used Gainsight to:

  • Decrease month-over-month average churn by 35%
  • Increase NPS score to 60—a 28 point increase
  • Analyze and understand the data collected by their in-house solution on a metric-by-metric level
  • Create a single source of customer data
  • Identify features yet to be adopted by customers on an individual level
  • Trigger automated outreaches based on dips in customer activity
  • Track adoption over time in custom reports