Sprinklr Measures Outcomes That Matter, Gets Proactive in Risk Management

Sprinklr is an enterprise social platform that helps businesses manage their customer experiences at scale. In 2017, they realized that they were lacking a consistent way to measure customer health and zero in on root causes of risk and churn. They needed a way to proactively manage risk and improve their renewal forecasting. This change required a company-wide shift in the way Sprinklr approached customer relationships and health indicators. In this case study, you’ll learn how Sprinklr leveraged Gainsight to:
  • Carry out a health scoring framework based on three criteria: Value, Adoption, and Relationship
  • Monitor customer engagement to predict churn
  • Establish consistent process across their team and company
  • Continuously track the impact and ROI of their product
  • Make interactions between CSMs and customers more meaningful and impactful
  • Create a single source of customer health that keeps the company aligned