SurveyMonkey Standardizes Global Workflow and Reduces Time to Process Renewals by 67%

“When you are scaling to support thousands of customers, you need to have a good sense of what’s going on with each customer. We let Gainsight manage a lot of that work for us.”
- Jeffrey Coleman, Director of Customer Success SurveyMonkey

Company Overview

SurveyMonkey is the world’s leading online survey platform, with more than 3 million survey responses every day. SurveyMonkey has revolutionized the way people give and take feedback, making it accessible, simple and affordable for everyone. Customers include 99% of the Fortune 500, academic institutions, organizations and neighborhood soccer leagues everywhere. The company has more than 700 employees worldwide with headquarters in Palo Alto, CA.

SurveyMonkey’s Customer Success team has historically been focused on transactional engagement with B2B customers with responsibility to process renewals and manage upsell. However, within the last year the team’s portfolio of customers has broadened, now including larger enterprise customers.

SurveyMonkey’s Challenge

When SurveyMonkey’s Customer Success team priorities evolved from B2B transactional customers to higher-value B2B customers, they needed a solution that was capable of both scaling operations to the thousands of low-touch customers and focusing their workflow on the right high-touch customers. SurveyMonkey needed to automate customer success processes for their transactional customers so that the Customer Success team could pay more attention to the more valuable, strategic customer relationships.

The Solution

SurveyMonkey performed a thorough investigation into the technologies available and narrowed its evaluation down to three customer success solutions. SurveyMonkey ultimately chose Gainsight for its workflow functionality and because of the synergies Gainsight could provide with Salesforce.

Jeffrey Coleman, the Director of Customer Success at SurveyMonkey, reasoned that the decision to choose Gainsight was two-fold:

“For starters, I really liked the fact that it was a native Salesforce application since there is a lot of benefit for us to integrate into that environment. The other reason Gainsight made the best choice was because its calls to action were the best at telling the customer success managers (CSMs) what they needed to do at any given point in time, and allowed us to make sure that it actually happened.”

Calls to action (CTAs) within Gainsight help CSMs focus their time on the right customers and with the best message. Being able to provide a consistent way for CSMs to manage customer relationships and connect customer-facing activities directly to the person who is responsible for doing them was a key consideration for choosing Gainsight.

The Benefits

Increased Efficiency of up to 67% with Automated Processes

SurveyMonkey’s initial focus was to use Gainsight to more efficiently keep track of transactional details to cover its large number of smaller customers. As their philosophy has evolved to focus on fewer, more strategic efforts, it was important for the Customer Success team to have a good sense of what was going on with their transactional customers so no balls were dropped.

Gainsight was set up to track all of these smaller customers and create automated CTAs that trigger when a customer actually needs a CSM, or someone else, to do something. Gainsight ensures that team members are aware of the timing on renewals, extra seats needing to be invoiced, and upsell opportunities that need to be recorded in Salesforce.

Coleman suggested that his team’s new processes through Gainsight are “about as automated as you can get.” The team not only got ahead on invoicing renewals, but managed to do it with 50% of the people they previously needed.

“We were able to cut the time to process and send an invoice to about a third of what it would normally take. It’s great, it’s huge for us. For one of our product lines, we were processing three months behind the actual renewal date, and now we are two months ahead.“

Expanded View of Customer Health

With improved efficiency through automated processes leading to less time required to process renewals, SurveyMonkey’s Customer Success team is able to reallocate resources into more strategic enterprises. The team revamped the health scoring system for its customers through Gainsight to help CSMs focus their time on the right opportunities.

Prior to Gainsight, SurveyMonkey used the percentage of seats filled as its only metric to gauge customer health. With Gainsight, the team now tracks the number of surveys their customers execute, how frequently their customers send surveys, the number of responses their customers gets on surveys, and how many distinct users there are. This more nuanced view of customer health helps CSMs know which accounts are actually at risk and which are not a priority.

These new health scores not only aid CSMs to know who to reach out to, but also assist them in understanding what the conversation should be with that customer.

“We can now look at the percentage of active users and see what that means in terms of the overall customer health score. It determines what phone call you need to make and what you should bring up to the end user,” Coleman stated.

SurveyMonkey is able to reduce churn due to low adoption trends by tracking customer health on a more granular level. Poor customer usage habits trigger CTAs that reinforce proactive customer outreach.

Global Alignment on Customer Data and Processes

Gainsight helped unite SurveyMonkey’s global team of CSMs by providing a common set of mechanisms and CTAs that standardized workflow and information. By using Gainsight’s Customer 360 view and Cockpit, everyone on the team has the same data and is using it in a more cohesive manner.

“Everybody gets the same CTAs and everybody looks at the same data. It’s no longer your Salesforce reports versus mine; it’s now Gainsight 360 and your Cockpit page. That's where we go.”

SurveyMonkey is aligning itself across the globe by driving the development of strategic relationships with its enterprise customers using Gainsight’s Success Plans that track customers reaching certain ‘pillars’ in the relationship that indicate they are ready for more strategic conversations.

“This provides a common way of organizing our team around strategic customers… even though they are approaching some of these problems in different ways, they are still working off the same success criteria and pillars.”

By centralizing customer data and scaling team operations, SurveyMonkey has seen immediate value from reducing renewal processing time, expanding customer health metrics, and driving the development of strategic relationships with enterprise customers.