Gainsight Equips Templafy and its Partners to Deliver an Outstanding Customer Experience Across the Lifecycle

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2014, Templafy solves what it calls Document Anarchy with a platform that helps enterprise employees create on-brand, compliant and personalized business documents. In just a few years, it has become a global market leader within its category, validated by blue-chip enterprise customers on every continent. With over 600,000 licenses sold globally, Templafy continues to rapidly grow. In just the past year, it quadrupled new revenue and doubled its staff and is seeing growing demand from Fortune 500 companies.

The company prides itself on offering a product that naturally integrates into its customers’ daily routines and makes their work lives easier. To that end, the Customer Success team – headed by Monika Juskaite – is dedicated to helping enterprise clients adopt and use Templafy in the best possible way for a smooth customer experience.

Challenge: Needing a Single Source of Truth Across the Customer Lifecycle

Within six months of the Customer Success department being created, Monika began looking for a solution that provided a central source of truth about each customer. The search was triggered by an assessment of the Customer Success group’s role within Templafy and in the customer lifecycle.

Templafy’s Customer Success Managers (CSMs) don’t handle implementation or commercial transactions. Instead the company relies on a select group of implementation partners to set up the solution and create content for customers. This allows CSMs to focus on playing an advisory role, helping customers realize the full value of Templafy. Meanwhile, numerous other stakeholders are involved throughout the customer lifecycle, including pre-sales, business development, account management, and account executives.

“With so many people involved, we needed a single tool for building processes and workflows, and sharing and viewing all customer-related information”
Monika Juskaite, Head of Customer Success Team

Solution: Gainsight Onboarding Perfectly Complements a Powerful Solution

Initially, Templafy considered using Salesforce and other internal project management tools to address its needs. However, this option fell short. “We probably could have kept our customer information in one place with that approach, but we wouldn’t have been able to automate outreach and make our CSMs as efficient as possible,” explains Monika.

Monika appreciated that Gainsight natively integrates with Salesforce and so many other solutions, and that it supports complex data integrations. “We could connect all the tools we rely upon and Gainsight could make sense of all the data,” continues Monika.

Taking advantage of best practices and expert guidance

Taking advantage of Gainsight Essentials Onboarding – a proven process based on hundreds of implementations – helped Templafy get up and running on the platform. The Gainsight onboarding team kept the process moving along smoothly, giving Monika and the Templafy implementation team guidance on how to prepare for every step.

Monika found great value in working with a partner that took a consultative approach and served as an advisory that knows the industry in and out.

“The Gainsight team shared examples and suggested possibilities we hadn’t even considered in terms of how we could best use Gainsight. They guided us on best practices and workable approaches,”
Monika Juskaite, Head of Customer Success Team

According to Monika, it was valuable to be implementing and configuring the Gainsight platform as she was building her department. “We were able to figure out what we needed to create, change and automate to best support our team structure and vision,” she continues.

Equipped for customer success

Templafy uses a variety of Gainsight features. “We needed a solution that was so easy and intuitive that people use it without thinking about it. That’s exactly what we got with Gainsight,” says Monika.

With Timeline, Templafy’s team can view and share updates, notes, and summaries in a single location to better understand a customer’s history. According to Monika, every customer-facing person at Templafy wants to use Gainsight because of Timeline. “We love Timeline. Even our service and delivery heads want to give up their existing tool and switch to Gainsight.”

The Customer Success 360 view provides everyone involved with customers clear visibility into the customer lifecycle. The customer teams also find great value in Calls-to-Action (CTAs) based on lifecycle stages and different risks.

“We anticipate CTAs to have a significant impact as we continue building out the Customer Success team. Already now we are easily managing hundreds of customers using Gainsight. Further automation will make our jobs even easier”
Monika Juskaite, Head of Customer Success Team

Impact: Templafy Can Easily Scale its Customer Success Team for Future Growth

Templafy is fortunate to not be suffering an issue with customer churn. Instead, it is applying Gainsight to deliver the best customer experience possible without burdening all the people involved in making that happen.

According to Monika, increasing the efficiency, transparency, and scalability of the Customer Success team is huge. Gainsight makes it easy to share important details with Templafy’s implementation partners, who play a significant role in the customer lifecycle.

“Being able to share dashboards with people who don’t have a Gainsight or Salesforce license – like our partners – is incredibly valuable. Plus, they can easily share information with us, such as responses to our surveys. Gainsight gives us endless possibilities to make processes more efficient and transparent”
Monika Juskaite, Head of Customer Success Team

Templafy is still building out its Account Management team, and is looking forward to Gainsight helping them identify opportunities based on usage. “I think Gainsight is going to be the next Salesforce. It’s such a valuable platform that so many teams beyond Customer Success can use across our business. My goal is to make Gainsight part of everyone’s daily lives,” concludes Monika.