Gainsight Positions UJET to Realize Its Customer Success Vision

Founded in 2015, UJET is a modern cloud contact center software company with leading innovation in smartphone-era customer support on the web, phone, and mobile apps. The UJET platform delights end users with any-time, anywhere access and simple smartphone functionality and elevates agent performance through context-aware solutions for voice, chat, image, video, and text. Customers today expect effortless connection and fast results. UJET created the platform to ensure an exceptional support experience for everyone involved: customers, support agents, and supervisors.

Just as it equips its customers to drive better contact center experiences, UJET believes in empowering them to achieve the best results possible in the shortest amount of time. To that end, this fast-growing company has built a Customer Success team dedicated to onboarding, retaining, and growing customers.

Challenge: Setting Up a New Customer Success Organization to Succeed

UJET’s Customer Success organization is divided into three roles: the Service and Delivery Team handles implementation, Customer Success Engineers provide technical support, and Customer Success Managers (CSMs) drive adoption and renewals. Knowing that the company is on a fast growth trajectory, Amanda Schmidt, VP of Customer Success, and Laura Powell, Sr Manager of Global Customer Success Operations, made it a priority to invest in the Customer Success experience.

As Laura explained, the vision was to ensure streamlined operations even as the Customer Success team scaled. “We knew the time to do this was while the team was still relatively new. It’s better to think about how to position your team to scale before it has started to grow. ”With new people joining the team and roles continually evolving, Amanda and Laura wanted to establish a standard, consistent and centralized onboarding process. “We don’t want to rely on tribal knowledge and suffer the consequences when important information isn’t captured,” continued Laura.

Solution: Gainsight Onboarding Paves the Way for Success

Knowing it’s impossible to deliver exceptional customer onboarding experiences without a robust tool, Amanda chose to go with a proven solution. In her prior roles leading the Customer Success organizations at Adobe and Marketo, she had used Gainsight. “Amanda knows it’s difficult trying to build a tool like this and felt confident Gainsight would help us get our arms around disparate data and enable us to take action on insights,” said Laura.

Getting up and running with expert guidance

To pave the way for using Gainsight, UJET tapped into Gainsight Essentials Onboarding – a proven process based on hundreds of implementations. Before engaging with the assigned Gainsight Onboarding Customer Outcome Manager (OCOM), core members of the UJET Customer Success team completed the content-rich Gainsight training modules online. As Laura explained, this training was incredibly helpful in her new role as a Gainsight administrator. “I appreciated that the training covered everything in depth and allowed me to review course materials at my convenience, as often as I liked.”

UJET’s dedicated OCOM helped Laura move forward with confidence. “Our OCOM took a human-first, collaborative approach to get us onboard. Whether he was helping configure our Salesforce instance to work with Gainsight, or just talking me through the ins and outs of using Gainsight, he went above and beyond,” continued Laura.

To complement the Essentials Onboarding, Laura attended the Gainsight Pulse user conference where she got the chance to interact and network with thousands of Gainsight customers. In addition to picking up helpful insights from existing Gainsight administrators, she walked away with practical examples of using Gainsight to the fullest.

Laura continued to tap into the Gainsight community and support as needed. “I continue to feel very supported post-onboarding, getting quick, thorough and personable responses.”

Now the UJET Customer Success team can provide its members with playbooks and templated emails and surveys that enable them to hit the ground running while following consistent processes. The Success Plans enable team members to easily share milestones with customers throughout the onboarding process, while also gaining a tangible way to show their work and effort with customers. “Gainsight enables repeatable processes, which really helps us streamline activities while enforcing a consistent and high quality of service to our customers,” explained Laura.

Similarly, Laura finds tremendous value in Gainsight’s pre-built reports featuring rules and templates. “I was able to easily edit them to get to value quickly. It was like the difference between baking a cake from scratch versus buying one from the store,” she said.

Impact: Ready to Scale with Confidence

According to Laura, Gainsight made it possible for UJET to develop many new processes. For instance, the company standardized the customer onboarding and offboarding process, Executive Business Reviews, and risk management procedures like those associated with an increase in support tickets. Moreover, the Customer Success team is now tracking quarterly Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Previously, it took Laura two to three hours to give an OKR update but with Gainsight she can build out a report in the Gainsight dashboard in minutes.

At the same time, Success Plans streamline task management while enabling transparency and accountability.

“Our CSMs can more easily share their plans with customers, and our management can more easily see what they are working on”
Laura Powell, Sr Manager of Global Customer Success Operations

Gainsight Timeline is also a big hit. As Laura put it, “Timeline is the tool I’ve always wanted. It’s easy to use and accessible, allowing us to see all customer activities categorized by type so our team can keep things moving along, even if a CSM leaves.”

Providing visibility across the Customer Success team is vital to UJET’s long-term success. This visibility helps the company anticipate its customer’s needs, reducing the potential for customer frustration that might lead to churn.

Hand in hand with getting a better view into support tickets, customer sentiment, and product usage, Customer Success has a more accurate picture of renewals, forecasting, and health scoring.

“This positions us to better predict potential churn and proactively prevent it”
Laura Powell, Sr Manager of Global Customer Success Operations

The Customer Success team can also more efficiently work with UJET’s Business Operations and Sales Operations groups. “Because we all work from the same playbook, we are better able to work together at essential moments.” said Laura.

Perhaps most importantly, Gainsight equips the UJET Customer Success organization to deliver an outstanding experience to every customer. According to Laura, without a system like Gainsight, companies fall victim to the squeaky wheel issue: They pay attention to the loudest or biggest customers while quieter and smaller customers get overlooked. “We wanted a tool that helped us keep our sights on every customer—even as we grew—and know when and how to reach out them strategically. With Gainsight, we can give needed attention at scale across the board because the dashboard and CTAs show us everything we need to know for each customer.”

Going forward, Laura and Amanda expect to use Gainsight to quantify time spent on tasks at the CSM and account level. “As our company grows, we will greatly benefit from the transparency we get with the Gainsight Timeline, Calls-to-Action, and playbooks. We won’t miss a beat with any customer’s experience, no matter what changes we experience internally,” Laura concluded.