3 Keys to Improve Product Adoption and Cut Churn Image

3 Keys to Improve Product Adoption and Cut Churn

Product adoption is one of the few surefire leading indicators of churn.

Whether you’re on the Product team or the Success team, it’s your job to improve adoption—or watch your customers leave.

But when you have so many internal organizations jockeying for the client’s attention span and almost all your day-to-day interactions happening digitally—generating dozens of data streams, how do you respond to each client’s unique roadblocks with the product experience. And how do you do it at scale?

There are three pain points to product adoption in SaaS and there are three key strategies to overcome them. Join Gainsight’s COO and CTO of Aptrinsic, Allison Pickens and Mickey Alon, as they reveal the keys to better product adoption.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Improve alignment between Product and CS teams
  • Drive more effective engagements with your customers
  • Collect and leverage the right data signals to get insights
  • And much more!