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Aligning Sales and Customer Success

For subscription businesses, it’s abundantly clear that your customers have choices (and power) like they’ve never had before. There are many reasons why customer accounts can be “at risk” and if you are in the unfortunate position where a customer churns early, you probably will not achieve the desired lifetime value.

All of this makes aligning Sales and Customer Success critical. You need to sell the right level of your product to the right type of customer. Otherwise, you’ll be in danger of downsells and churn.

Join these three speakers in a webinar on the topic of aligning Customer Success and Sales:

  • Dan Steinman, GM of Gainsight EMEA
  • Jennifer Yorke, Managing Director of EMEA Client Success at Bazaarvoice
  • Hannah Godfrey, Founder of Godfrey Group

Have you set up clearly defined prospect and customer segments? Have you established a proper Sales to Customer Success handover process? What type of feedback loop have you created? Tune into the webinar to find out the challenges of aligning Customer Success and Sales departments, as well as the means to solve those challenges.