Customer Success is About Value, Not Data Image

Customer Success is About Value, Not Data

Have you considered deploying Customer Success technology but are intimidated by the condition of your data (or lack thereof)?

You’re not alone – some of the biggest hesitations to moving a Customer Success project forward involve the state of customer data, including:

1) Our data is dirty – we’re not ready to touch that beast.
2) Our data is everywhere – I’m not sure where to begin.
3) We don’t have any data.

Watch as Gainsight Chief Customer Officer, Dan Steinman, discusses how Customer Success technology can help your team get proactive about your customer relationships, standardize touch points, and build a scalable foundation for your company’s Customer Success operations.

Specifically, we’ll cover:

  • Consolidate risks and opportunities to consistently resolve with Customer Lifecycle Cockpit
  • Communicate centrally to ensure nothing slips through the cracks with Calls to Action
  • Collaborate across all internal stakeholders with Customer360 Sales, Support, and Mobile views

When: Recorded September 11, 11:00 AM PST
Who: Dan Steinman, Chief Customer Officer, Gainsight