Customer Success: The Revenue Team’s Secret Weapon

In the early days of customer success, the movement was all about stopping churn. In a subscription business model, you can’t have your customers leaving every month or year—you need a way to put a stopper on it. Enter Customer Success Management.

Meanwhile, the Sales function was iterating on the same playbooks it always had: growing revenue through new logos. But it’s since become clear that in order to win in the new economy, you need to be optimizing for revenue growth both through new logos as well as within your customer base. That means both Sales and Customer Success need new missions—and new strategies.

Gainsight has teamed up with Altify to bring a new vision of revenue growth driven by strategies and playbooks you’ll learn about in this webinar. Join Bob Slaby, Chief Customer Officer at Altify, and Bryan Hamblin, Chief Sales Officer at Gainsight to gain insights and actionable tactics for how you can begin to transform customer success into customer growth at your company.

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