Developing a World Class Customer Success Organization Image

Developing a World Class Customer Success Organization

Is your company adopting customer success but doesn’t know where in the organization it fits? Should customer success live under sales, marketing or product? How should you account for customer success? Watch Lincoln Murphy, Customer Success Evangelist, as he deep dives into issues such as:

  • The common mistakes when starting out (and how to avoid them)
  • How logical customer segmentation is key to effective coverage levels
  • Why the ideal characteristics of CSMs vary across customer segments (and how to plan for that)
  • And much more…

In Lincoln’s previous webinar, “Developing the Ultimate Customer Success Strategy” he discussed the value of implementing customer success at your company and why minimizing your attrition rate through customer success is imperative to any modern business. This is the next evolution of the discussion, taking the theory into practice.

After the presentation concludes, Lincoln will answer questions from the audience during a 15 minute Q/A session.