Grow Your Top Line with Customer Success Metrics Image

Grow Your Top Line with Customer Success Metrics

Did you know – Companies with customer success teams and metrics have 24% lower churn and 20% higher market capitalizations.

Have you invested in Customer Success, but are uncertain of how to measure its efficacy and link it to corporate numbers? Are you a Finance executive who is evaluating investments in customer success?

To make your Customer Success team a key revenue driver for your company, a measurement and optimization process and solution is critical. In this webinar, we chat with technology company benchmarking expert Lauren Kelley about what metrics and processes to put in place. Get answers to:

  • What are best-in-class companies measuring related to Customer Success?
  • How do you gather customer data from different systems?
  • Why customer success metrics now matter and how they’ll boost your bottom line

When: Recorded May 1, 2014 | 1:00 – 2:00 PM (Pacific)
Who: Lauren Kelley, CEO – OPEXEngine; Allison Pickens, Director of Business Operations & Finance – Gainsight