How to Run a Cross-Functional Quarterly Business Review Image

How to Run a Cross-Functional Quarterly Business Review

Your Quarterly Business Review (aka Executive Business Review) is often a make-or-break moment in your customer relationship.

If you nail it, you can proactively solve the challenges that are the seeds of future churn. If you fail, your relationship just might fail too.

A properly-executed QBR/EBR is the culmination of months of effort from many individuals and teams. It’s an incredibly strategic moment, which is why so many people struggle to pull them off seamlessly. You need involvement from Product, Sales, CSM, Support, and others—but you can’t have representatives from each team present at the meeting. You need data from many different sources, but you need to orchestrate it in a way that makes sense for the customer.

And you need to do it all at scale.

How do you involve the right person at the right time in the QBR/EBR process? How do you share information effectively? And how do you scale your system proportionally for your high-touch clients and your long-tail?

Join Kellie Capote, Senior Manager of Strategic Customer Success at Gainsight, and Josh Lowy, CEO and Co-Founder of Hugo, as they help you solve your QBR/EBR strategy for high-touch and long-tail customers.

Get advice on:

  • Who needs to be involved in meetings and in what capacity
  • How to orchestrate the flow of information between teams and clients
  • What you need to accomplish in every meeting
  • And much more!