Make 2016 the Year You Conquer Customer Success Image

Make 2016 the Year You Conquer Customer Success

2016 is just around the corner — and that means it’s time to set your business New Year’s resolution. But why settle for one generic goal like reducing churn or raising upsell? Why not resolve to make 2016 the year your organization invests in your customers as a major business driver?

In this half-day virtual event, “Make 2016 the Year You Conquer Customer Success,” you’ll learn from the leading minds in Customer Success, including Lincoln Murphy, Gainsight Chief Evangelist, Allison Pickens, Gainsight VP of Customer Success and Business Operations, and Barr Moses, Gainsight Senior Manager of Business Operations.

During this free online event, you’ll learn:

  • Why 2016 is the perfect time to make Customer Success a strategic initiative
  • How to get started implementing a Customer Success strategy
  • How and where to start building a best-in-class Customer Success team