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Survey & NPS Best Practices

Every company is looking for the most effective ways to measure customer loyalty and collect meaningful customer feedback. Net Promoter Score (“NPS”) is often the metric of choice. The Net Promoter Score is derived from the answer to a very simple question: “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or a colleague?” While using NPS to assess the customer experience seems fairly straightforward, there are lots of tips and tricks relating to survey delivery and analysis which can help your business get the greatest possible benefit from this endeavor. Once you have your NPS survey responses, input the total number of detractors, promoters, and respondents into Gainsight’s NPS calculator to calculate your NPS score.

On July 9th, 2015 at 11am PDT, Tracy Zundel, Gainsight Sr. Customer Success Manager and Certified Net Promoter Associate, will take you through the ins and outs of a successful NPS program.

In this 60 minute webinar we will answer:

  • What are some pitfalls to avoid when using NPS to measure customer loyalty?
  • Who should you be surveying and how frequently should that take place? 
  • Are there communication strategies that will help increase response rate?
  • Is it valuable to evaluate NPS by customer segment?
  • What should you do with your survey results once you have them?

You don’t want to miss this webinar so register today. Can’t make the live broadcast? Register anyway and we will email you the video and slide deck after the webinar.